Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter1 released + Patreon update


long time no updates from my side :)

I. Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter1 release

new chapter is ready to roll out, 53 pics for 8 bucks

picture series, no story pdf within… but not that hard to get what happens :D

as usual… from our webshop or click HERE!

II. once again, minor patreon changes

minor change on patreon but people seems to love it. since last chapter i update there alot more frequently… not just something… the ongoing project pictures :D so whoever cant wait will get a weekly update of all finished pictures… IF they are interested to peak :) if not, wait for surprise surprise on release :D

thats it for now, enjoy and stay tuned! :)

Adara3D – Double Release!

Adara releases her two latest stories, each for just 6 bucks! :)

Traps, 76 pics + story pdf

Easy task, get the message scroll into hand of magistrate. Take your friends along the trip and eventually find fresh footprints leading deeper into woods, towards old ruins that are rumored to be cursed.. None knows what lurks on that area, something evil maybe? Or just old traps that belongs to demons.. They are always keen to meet beautiful female adventures..

can be found on our webshop or directly HERE!


Message Runner, 59 pics + story pdf

Hurry makes things even worse, you might wanna do your job as fast as you can, but get tangled into depraved deal and become a pawn in someones game.. To be used by others and then thrown away without hesitation.. Sometimes messenger is made to serve others more arousing ways..

can be found on our webshop or directly HERE!

enjoy and stay tuned! :)

meanwhile in the blog 33

juuuust a little update :)

patreons got their monthly candy today, 20 pics of random skirmish :D

and ofc two of them are freebies, enjoy…

okok… that for now… already working on next set, having fun with learning blender
AND sweating in a real hot summer :D

stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 32

some little updates… :)

i took more or less 2 days of break from all the 3d stuff and enjoyed summer… its needed from time to time. now i finished some commissions, here you can see the first line of pictures :) say thanks a lot, patreon! :D

now i am going for those elayne/ezri bonus pics and then starting the next set…
it all about Rinil & Lori & a library & … :)

stay tuned!

Thief Ezri – Untold Stories Chapter 1 released

Aaaaand here it is :)

This time its Ezris turn to have some fun… well.. or get someone to have fun with her :D 36 pics, 6 bucks as always

aaaand the preview pics

Get it from webshop or directly HERE!

enjoy! :D

Whatsup now/next? well the next days i am gonna do two patreon commissions, and yes they will be available for public :) especially one could be extra interesting, around 10 pics with elayne in her princess dress. my patreon felt it is used toooooo rarely :D

Next week i am also gonna finish up the bonus pics for the last two sets… as i already mentioned BOTH girls, elayne and ezri in combo! guess everyone prefers that instead of solo pics :)
after that its time for the next regular set, guess its Rinil or Lori, we havent finally decided that yet.

Thats it for now… enjoy and stay tuned!