Adara – Reporter

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Being a reporter isn’t the safest job in the world.  The salary could be higher, but at least everyone starts at the bottom and gets to do their fair share of shitty jobs during their career.  Fame and a better payday might be waiting in the future, but not all reporters get close to them while others just vanish without trace.

Rik is one such unknown reporter, and has had the bad luck to land an assignment in a small country with a reputation for chaos and mayhem.  When Rik and his girlfriend Sue entered the country there were plenty of claims of brutality against civilians in certain parts of the country, but in the vacation resorts everything looked to be normal.  There were no clues that the military had gone into overdrive, but Rik’s sources provided much-needed proof – Pictures, documents and even statements from the victims and their relatives.

Unfortunately, someone leaked Rik’s identity to government officials who ordered him to be arrested on sight.  Forewarned, Rik and Sue manage to escape their tourist hotel and hid in the local slums until they could find some way to escape.  All Rik’s evidence was stored in his phone’s memory, but as data transfer to the outside world was blocked he needed to either carry it out personally or find a way to send the data via a secure connection.

It turned out that waiting was not an option, as once again Rik was warned that government goons were closing in on his location.  He had no choice other than asking Sue to take the phone and meet Georgio, a contact who could arrange another safe house.  Rik would then follow whenever he could.  Sue wanted them to go together, but Rik was adamant.  He thought it would be safer for her to go alone while he wasted the time of any government officials that arrived by making them search for data that wasn’t there.

Sue did exactly as she was told – Get out of the building and avoid main streets as much as possible.  Unfortunately, Georgio lived many blocks away, so Sue had to move quickly while avoiding running on the open streets so as not to attract attention.  Many buildings were falling apart due to lack of maintenance and with only basic direction Sue had a hard time navigating to her destination through slums that were unknown to her.

Roughly half way to her destination Sue spotted three teenage boys goofing around in the street and effectively blocking her way.  Sue decided she had two options.  The first was to stay away from them, find a way around and hope they wouldn’t follow her.  The other was to walk through them and hope they wouldn’t stop her.  She decided on the latter, believing she could get past them easily, but Sue’s luck had been bad since arriving in the country and almost immediately the boys stopped her in her tracks.

They were obviously eager to get to know her in many ways.  Sue, on the other hand, wasn’t keen on their attempts to have some “personal time” with her and certainly didn’t want to spend “quality time” with all three of them.  Once the boys noticed she wasn’t interested in partying with them they mugged her instead.  Deciding she should pay for using their street, one of them grabbed her in a choke hold while another snatched Rik’s phone.  The third guy then explained that next time she should show them proper respect and, just as Sue freed herself from the chokehold, he punched her.  His fist hit her jaw hard enough to stun her and she dropped to the pavement.  Then the young street gangers ran away with Rik’s phone as she was struggling to get into a sitting position.

Sue was still sitting on the pavement when men in military uniforms arrived from either end of the street, leaving her no way to escape.  She was lead at the gun point to a military vehicle and things looked serious enough that Sue didn’t dare try anything.  They might just be hoping she’d do something to give them a reason to put a bullet into her.


While Sue was on the street trying avoid capture she missed the team of mercs that were sent after Rik and her.  The soldiers were well informed about the room where the fugitives should be, and while Sue narrowly got out Rik was trapped.  He heard someone at the door and as Sue had left only moments before he thought she’d come back.  Rik went to the door to send her away again, but got a nasty surprise when he discovered soldiers on the other side.  They didn’t waste time with a warning, they just attacked and after one good swing Rik dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.  The soldiers then started roughing him up and Rik finally started wondering if he was getting out of there.  Two of the soldiers were still manhandled him when their leader walked in and sat on the couch.

Rik was pulled up so the officer could have a face to face chat with him.  The pistol in the officer’s hand showed he was serious and not in a mood for being messed around.  He wanted the evidence Rik was supposed to have, but Rik decided to play dumb and denied knowing anything about any files.  The officer just assumed the files were with the girlfriend and shook his head at Rik.

– What kind of guy would bring his girlfriend into this kind of slum?  If you haven’t noticed already there isn’t anything to see here.  

The officer looked at the sobbing guy for a while as his men searched the room.  Then he told them to persuade Rik tell them where the files were hidden and if he didn’t talk make sure he commits suicide instead.

Rik was mortified when he heard that.  

The officer stepped into the corridor and started wondering how they could find the girlfriend while waiting for Rik to talk.  He could hear thumps and muffled voices from the room, but it sounded like Rik was still not being helpful.  Then another team informed him via radio that the female target had been picked up on the street and was on the way to the command centre.  The officer smiled to himself as he replied.  At least the second team had sorted one problem quite nicely.

Moments later, the second part of the officer’s orders was carried out and the exasperated soldiers left Rik’s body dangling in the apartment.  The officer knew that when the local police eventually find it they’ll ruling it a suicide.  The girlfriend’s fate was still open he decided, she’d either commit suicide, ends up the victim of a drive-by shooting or “be seen leaving the country”.  Whatever happens, she’d definitely disappear from official records one way or another.


Sue was already in the interrogation room when the officer arrived back at the command centre.  Most of her clothes had been taken away for inspection, so she was sitting silently on a chair wearing only bra and panties when the officer entered the room.  The first thing he did was place his cap on the table, then his sidearm next to it.  Seeing the gun Sue realises he could pick it up and shoot her any time he wanted.  She’d heard about these military centres and how people usually don’t come back from them.  Now she’s sitting in one wearing just bra and panties.

– You know why you are here?  You were caught spying and my team is hired to deal with…  certain things a regular army can’t do officially…  not even in a shithole country like this…  They can honestly say that they have no information about your location or what happens to you…  You not under arrest…  but you aren’t free to go either…  You can call me Marc and I’m your only chance for survival…

The officer explained, making sure Sue knew her situation was bad and rapidly heading towards a nightmare.  Marc told her that she could only help herself by telling him where the files are.  Sue explained that she didn’t know much about any files, but thought they were on a phone that was stolen from her moments before she was picked up by his mercs.

Marc didn’t entirely believe her, but she seems scared enough not to be playing with him.  His job was to contain leaks and squash any damaging info, so that just made another lead to be checked by his mercs.  The teenage boys were sure to sell the phone for extra money and his men knew everyone who fenced stolen goods.

Sue didn’t like the way Marc looked at her and was stunned when he ordered her to take off her remaining clothes.  She thought it was a joke or something, but he wasn’t in a kidding mood.  The look on Marc’s face changed fast and Sue froze in the chair, seemingly hoping he’d take back his words.  Within a heartbeat, Marc realised she wasn’t going to strip for him voluntarily, so he moved rapidly around the table and took a firm grip on her neck.

Marc wasn’t about to be soft and gentle with her.  He wanted to rape her right there and then, just because he could.  Sue trembled in fear and begged him to let her go.  He responded by pulling her up and forcing her to lean over the table.  In that position, Sue’s lovely body was fully within his reach and he could easily keep her in place.  Her skin felt soft and warm under his fingers.  Her panties were quickly pulled off and she was too afraid to move while he took his trousers off.

Her body looked lovely from that angle and Marc was enjoying rubbing his hardening cock against her buttocks.  it would be pure pleasure to feel her womanhood around his hard member.  Sue felt greedy hands moving over her body, a hard cock rubbing against her skin and heard him groaning softly as he took his place behind her and searched for a suitable angle for penetration.  He intended to make her feel every inch of his favourite interrogation tool.

Sue gulped air into her lungs when the thick manhood invaded her in a most demanding way.  In that position, she couldn’t resist at all and as soon as he forced the knob of his staff inside her tight womanhood he rammed his entire cock as deep as he could.  The sharp pain made Sue scream and her body trembled from his forceful assault.

Marc allowed her to get used to the thick cock inside her for a while, then forced her upper torso against the table surface again.  He grunted with pleasure and enjoying the feeling this woman gave him decided there might be a use for her after all.  He’d figure something out after he’d had his fun with her.  The best part was that she didn’t have any rights in this country and spies were often sentenced to death.  No long jury trials or anything she could hope to escape, just a military tribunal and that’s it if she doesn’t play ball.  Marc felt her shaking in his grasp and loved how her soft voice panted and moaned between squeals of pain.  From the way she was responding his manly way of taking her was obviously winning over her body and that was betraying her mind.  

Maybe she’d submit to a real man’s hands and enjoy being taken by an alpha male.  Maybe she’d been dreaming about something like this for ages while allowing that pencil neck boyfriend to fuck her with his worthless cock.  

Marc moved inside her body, feeling her hot tender body around his hard member, hearing her cries as, thrust after a thrust, she was pushed towards orgasm.  Sue was in the middle of a turmoil of feelings.  Fear, pleasure, horror and ecstasy mixed into one big mess inside her head.  She couldn’t believe it, but her body was already trembling from waves of orgasm.

Marc’s fingers moved on her back and went towards her bra.  It snapped open and dropped to the floor.  He turned Sue over on the table and took his time teasing her, rubbing his hard manhood against her tender clit.  Sue had felt it inside her already, but now she saw his cock’s menacing size it was no wonder she was having difficulties thinking rationally.  Sue lay in front of him, her thighs open as he took aim for the next round.  Sue couldn’t do much other than moan in carnal pleasure as his mighty lance sank slowly into her.  His hand started playing with her perky tits and Sue submitted to his will, allowing herself to be his fuck toy on that table.

He leaned forward to squeeze her throat while sliding his member deep inside her lovely body.  Marc groans were dark and raspy as he took his enjoyment from the captured woman.  It could easily be her last fuck.  He could shoot her any moment he wanted, but that would truly be a waste of good material as this woman was a real keeper.

Sue moaned and groaned like a cheap brothel whore and Marc enjoyed seeing her respond like that as she took his favourite toy deep inside her pussy.  Marc showed how strong he was by pulling her into his lap, where he kept fucking her as easily as when she was laid on the table.  Sue realised she was a ragdoll to him, a piece of meat, a toy to play with for a while until it was time to throw her away.  Despite that, the young woman cried out loudly as her body shook violently in orgasm.

Marc lowered her to the floor.  He didn’t want to shoot his load into her pussy, it would please him more to spray it over her face and tits.  Sue had surrendered to her lust and was eager to please in way she could.  From her kneeling position, she could stroke his cock as she took it in her mouth.  Sue wrapped her lips around his knob and teased it with her tongue while moving her head back and forth.  Slender fingers wrapped around his shaft, moving on its slippery surface, stroking the thick cock the whole time.  It tasted salty and Sue realised it was covered with her own juice.  That made her feel like a really dirty slut and some part of her enjoyed the feeling.

After a while, Marc reached his orgasm and tarnished her face with his salty semen.  His needs satisfied, he pulled his pants back on.  He smiled at Sue and told her to clean herself up a bit and get dressed.  It took a few moments, but she understood that bra and panties were the only clothes he’d allow her, not even shoes.  Marc drag her out of the interrogation room and into a corridor containing military supplies.  

She was lead to a door further down the corridor and told to go in.  The room was occupied by three members of the merc team and they were all curious to hear what their commanding officer had in mind.

– If you wanna live, you’ll entertain these guys…  It’s been a while since we had a decent camp whore here and you certainly fit the requirements for the job…

Marc said to the shocked woman with a smile on his face.  Her opinion wasn’t relevant and his team members were keen to get to know Sue.  She realised it would be useless to beg for mercy from this man, he’d made his mind up before she was tossed into the midst of the soldiers.

The officer walked out of the room with a wide smile on his face, knowing his men wouldn’t waste time inspecting her.  Sue’s bra and panties were removed in seconds and she was forced to her knees on the floor.  Scared, she froze in place while the three men undressed and argued over taking turns with her.

It didn’t take long for them to decide and the first guy was eager to test the new woman.  Sue was made to kneel on her calves and forced to take his hard cock in her mouth.  She tried to calm herself, hoping that if she played along they wouldn’t hurt her as much as they could.  Sue wasn’t sure she could deal with all three men’s lust, but she had to try.

The first guy was enjoying the feeling of her wet mouth around his cock.  Her soft lips on his shaft, her tongue licking the knob of his pole.  Sue tried to please him as best she could and it seemed to work as soon she was pulled to her feet and he went behind her.  Sue was told to bend over and quickly obeyed as it was obvious the fellow intended to penetrate her in that position.  Sue’s hand rested on her knees for support, then she moaned softly as his member slid into her quite easily.  He had nice big cock, but not as thick as Marc’s so Sue had an easier time as the man moved back and forth inside her pussy while he groaned in pleasure.

The other two men had moved away to allow their friend to have his fun first, but when Sue started moaning and squealing it lured a second man in front of her.  The man behind Sue grabbed her arms and held them against her sides, varying the pace he was fucking her while watching as the girl was made to suck his friend’s tool.  Sue tried to keep calm as the second man eagerly discovered if the woman with the lovely body could do deepthroat too.  

The men kept spit roasting her for several minutes, with the cock spending more and more time down her throat.  Sue wasn’t familiar with the position and while both men were grunting like mad bulls as they enjoyed themselves using her body she was having difficulty breathing and her legs started trembling.  The first guy didn’t want to spill his seed into her too soon and waste the opportunity to have more fun with the lovely woman.  He wanted to play with her for much longer, so took a break to allow the second man to have a proper go with her.

The blonde was pushed onto the nearby bed and positioned with her butt up high and her face pushed against the mattress.  The second fellow didn’t want to waste time and just rammed his cock into her wet pussy.  Sue howled into the mattress as the hands on her shoulders pressing her down.  He grunted loudly as he took the woman with fierce thrusts, moving inside her like he owned her.  She was like a slave, there to be used by him and all he wanted was shove his pole deeper into the whimpering woman.

Bit by bit, his fierce thrusts pushed her hips downwards and soon she lay on her belly, moaning loudly as he kept mauling her tender womanhood with his hard member.  Sue panted energetically and felt his body warmth on her back.  She couldn’t do much more than lay there and lift her butt slightly so his cock got a better angle to slid into her wet pussy.  Marc had already opened her up and made her wet, so these guys found it really easy to take her violation further.  This man took her with rough thrusts, seemingly wanted to go all the way inside her, until he groaned loudly and filled her womanhood with sperm.  He continued grunting in ecstasy as he pumped wave after wave of seed inside her then, once he was satisfied, he rolled off her.

The first guy was already waiting to have another go, but his friend took his time getting off the bed, so Sue got a moment of peace before his manly member was back in her womanhood.  He wasn’t gentle like before but rather just rammed his pole deep into her vagina.  Every violent thrust caused Sue some pain and she squealed even louder every time his cock abused some new part of her womanhood.

The soldier grunted like a mad man and whispered obscenities into her ear.  He told her he’d be fucking her every day for a long time, fill her whore cunt with his sperm again and again.  Day or night, she’d be taking his cock whenever he wished.  Sue started shaking from both pain and fear of his “promises”.  It could be her future, but thinking about it made her tremble in horror.  To be the camp whore for these men?  For how many men in total?

Sue’s thoughts were interrupted when the guy using her grabbed her hips, pulled her onto hands and knees with her butt up high again.  In that position, it felt like his cock was a spear impaling her so completely that it would go through her whole body and come out her mouth.  He was panting heavily as yet again he enjoyed the feeling of her womanhood around his member.  He felt her inner muscles twitch and tighten around his tool as she had another small orgasm.  Sue had already had several orgasms, big and small, but wasn’t counting and just hoped he would release his load soon.

Her wish was not granted and he kept taking her with long thrusts, variating his pace to prolong his own pleasure as much as he could.  Then, he reached forward, grabbed her thighs and forced her legs fully open.  Sue kept her face near the mattress as he lifted her into a very uncomfortable pose with her lower body up in the air.  It wasn’t a pleasurable move for her, but he enjoyed the change.  However, it eventually proved not to be a good position for him either as, compared to the earlier pose, he couldn’t get as much force into his thrusts.  Deciding he wanted something different he pulled out, released her legs and got off the bed.  Then he pulled Sue into a sitting position on the edge of the bed and made her suck his cock until he finally unloaded his semen into her mouth.

The third man had patiently waited as his eager friends were enjoying “quality time” with the girl.  Now it was his turn and as he moved towards Sue he told his friend to take a hike.  She realised she had to endure yet another fucking to satisfy this man’s needs.  He knew what he wanted and how he wanted it, lifting Sue up to his waist and keeping her in the air like her weight wasn’t worth mentioning.  Sue kept her arms on his shoulders for support as the dark-skinned male lowered her well used pussy onto his rampant cock.  It felt thicker and longer than the other men’s, so maybe he’d been happy to wait while his friends got her warmed up for him.  Sue cried out loud in both pain and pleasure.  Those two feelings were now mixed together so completely that she had difficulty deciding if she was crying from pleasure or howling in pain.  His mighty tool stretch her already aching vagina, then started rubbing those inner spots that gave her pleasure.  Sue felt she would go out of her mind as the man demonstrated his strength to her and his friends by bouncing her up and down on his cock at exactly the rhythm he wanted.

Sue couldn’t say how long he kept fucking her like that, but it felt like an eternity.  His lance started to feel really good inside her roughly used womanhood and her moans were mostly of pure pleasure now.  At first it felt strange when the dark-skinned man tossed her onto the bed again so he could take her from behind, but she pushed her hips against his hard member and felt the thrilling pleasure again.

His powerful body was over her and she loved the feeling his pole was producing as it moved back and forth inside her.  Rubbing all the spots that caused her waves of pleasure.  She didn’t care when his thrusts became more demanding, as her lust just wanted him as deep inside her body as possible.

The dark-skinned man felt her eagerness and changed positions again.  This time Sue was on her back on the sweaty bed before he rammed his pole back into her.  She moaned like a whore, groaned like woman mad with sexual frenzy and shook under him when another orgasm made all her muscles spasm.  He allowed the blonde woman a few moments to enjoy her orgasm, then pulled his member out of her cunt and forced it into her darker hole.  Sue didn’t realise his plan until it was too late and his thick cock was already on its way up her ass.

The young blonde screamed once, then tried to make things easier by relaxing as much as she could, but it still hurt like hell.  His tool slid deeper into her rectum and Sue was adrift in a sea of pain, convinced his cock was tearing her apart.  The dark-skinned man groaned loudly in pure pleasure as he took great enjoyment from the feeling of her amazingly tight asshole clenching around his hard member.

Sue wasn’t enjoying it anywhere near as much as he was and eventually the guy noticed.  He pulled his weapon out of her rear entrance and allowed her a few moments rest while he lay down on his back.  Sue was shaken from the assault on her dark-hole and her body was still aching as he positioned her to ride his cock.  Carefully, she placed herself over his pole and lowered herself to allow it to slid inside her wet cunt.  This time the man let her to do things at her own pace and moments later Sue was moaning again.  At first it was softly and her movements were gentle, but with every back and forth movement her moaning became louder and she rode his member more vigorously.

Pain almost entirely disappeared as Sue pushed herself towards the strongest orgasm she could manage in that position.  All the cards were in her hand – pace, angle, depth of penetration – and soon Sue’s moaning quickly became more erratic and she knew she would lose control of her body at any moment.  On the verge of another massive orgasm and she moved her legs forward and leant backwards, her hands resting on his legs for support.  Both started groaning and panting heavily.  Sue felt the surge building inside her and was about to explode really soon, but she also sensed the guy under her was about to shoot his load inside her.  That thought made her inner muscles tightened and the sudden pressure on his cock-head was last nail in his coffin.  He groaned loudly and started shooting hot juice deep inside her pussy, while simultaneously a mind-blowing orgasm made Sue’s entire body spasm in ecstasy like never before.

For few moments Sue didn’t know where she was, as the violent orgasm had shot her trembling body into seventh heaven, but soon she was dragged back to reality.  The third guy just pushed her off his cock and got off the bed as she rose into a sitting position.  At that instant, she felt really dirty and hoped her ordeal was over.  She’d taken care of all three soldiers and just wanted to be left alone.

Her hopes were crushed as a new group of soldiers walked in and wanted to join the party.  Sue started to realize exactly what Marc meant when he’d named her “camp whore”.  Her ordeal would not be ending anytime soon.