Adara – Ghosthunter

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A few days ago, Sue’s friend talked her into going to a ghost huntin’ meeting in an old abandoned house.  Sue wasn’t keen to spend a night in an old house while geeks tried to find proof of the afterlife, as to her it’s just a money making scam by the people who make geek toys.  “Box with a few lights and some kind of meter on it, 300 dollars please,” all so a few geeks could hear ghosts fart on their mic.

Sue’s friend had given directions to the planned meeting place, but standing in the middle of an old stone building she’s not sure they were right or if she’d even listened to them correctly in the first place.  The place looked to have been a hospital back in the day, but now it is abandoned and empty.  Sue started to feel like she’s in the wrong place, but decided to check if the other guys were around, probably sitting in silence in some darkened room.

The old building had indeed been closed down for years, as city officials couldn’t decide what to do with it – Fix it up and make it into a museum or just demolish it.  It had been an outdated hospital for people with “mental issues” and officially the place was closed down when newer and better facilities opened elsewhere.  The real reason was that illegal treatments had been performed on the patients, cruel experimental surgeries done on people who had no relatives to visit them.

Sue wandered around looking for her friend, but it was becoming clear no one was there.  Now somewhat lost, Sue found a door to the inner courtyard and decided she might find a way out there.  While searching the courtyard for an access to the street or any way back outside, Sue got curious about some doors to her right.  She noticed an old sign on the ground, but it was too worn to see what it said.  Intrigued and still hoping to find her friend, Sue decided to check what was hiding behind the doors.

She was surprised that the doors opened quite so easily.  Behind them were steel stairs leading down and Sue noticed markings painted on the wall that indicated there was a bomb shelter at the other end of the stairs.  Where else would geeks go than an old bomb shelter from a different era?  Of course they’d wanna see it.

It could be where her friend and the other geeks were, so Sue took the long stairs down into darkness.  Even though there hadn’t been any kind of maintenance done on the stairs for ages they were still sturdy, as they’d been built to survive explosions and the like.

When she finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs, she realised how stale the air was down there.  Sue wondered, how patients could have got down such a narrow staircase without help?  Seeing something like that in an old hospital felt very odd, like the patients would have be left to die while the employees hid in the bomb shelter.  Or maybe the unknown designer was some kind of brainfart.

Then Sue heard the familiar sound of water dripping into a pool.  A Rather common sound, but its echo made her curious enough to check it out and she walked carefully forward.  The tunnel led into a larger chamber and Sue felt, rather than saw, columns around the edge of the chamber.  She couldn’t see the other side of the room, but it seemed to be circular with pillars all the way around.  It was weird to think that deep underground there was a bomb shelter like this and nobody knew about it.  It looked really old and probably hadn’t originally been a bomb shelter, as its shape was unusual.

Sue hadn’t found her friend or the geeks there, but wanted to see the well in the middle of the room before she went back upstairs.  Just a quick look to satisfy her curiosity and then she’d go back.  She didn’t notice that this chamber wasn’t as abandoned as she thought and part of hospital’s dark history was lurked right there.  Sue didn’t know, but the hospital employees had hidden their experiments in that darkness.  There had been more corridors with rooms under the hospital, but before outsiders discovered the medical experiments most of these closed sections had been hidden behind thick brick walls, along with their unlucky patients.  Sue had walked right into the hands of some former patients who had changed over the years.  Patients who were now more undead creatures than living human beings.

They quickly surrounded Sue and prevented her from escaping the room.  She screamed as loud as she could in horror as the zombies revealed themselves.  All the experiments and different chemicals had kept their bodies moving, and the big question of “can this be called life or not” isn’t on Sue’s mind at that moment.

Sue tries to free herself, but strangely they are stronger than they look, so she doesn’t have any luck escaping the monsters.  At first Sue fears their teeth will start tearing at her flesh, but then she hoped they’ll at least kill her before eating her.  Being eaten alive by zombies isn’t something Sue wanted to experience, but her horror is even greater when she finds these creatures have something else on their mind other than ripping her apart and eating her flesh.  They obviously have carnal desires towards her and Sue can’t prevent them removing her clothes one by one.  These monstrous looking creatures seemed to like what they see and soon the only thing she has on are shoes and panties.  While she was being stripped, her undead assailants were removing their dirty and worn out clothes, revealing quickly hardening members.  Their time-worn bodies might look dried up and partly rotten, but their cocks appeared unaffected by the transformation.

They smelled really terrible and Sue was already gagging when they came near.  Kept on her knees as the males came forward, they introduced her to their pride and joys and then one started making her service his foul cock with her lovely mouth.  At that moment Sue would rather have been slowly eaten alive by these creatures, than being forced to please them with her mouth.  She couldn’t remember anything tasting more awful in her life nor invent anything worse than the foul stench of their cocks.  Her undead assailants were keeping their pace up and Sue felt their rotten fingers sinking into her hair, keeping her head bobbing at a speed closer to their liking.

The males’ grunting sounded unnatural, as might be expected from bodies that had suffered strange mutations and transformations over the years.  No matter how long they had been there in that forgotten underground vault, they still lusted for a woman and they certainly still knew exactly what kinds of pleasure a female body could give them.

Moments later, Sue was pulled from her knees and before she had time to think what was happening next, she was bent over and forced to suck one male and please another with her hand, while the third wanted to feel the lovely young woman around his hard member.  Sue felt her panties being ripped off by the male behind her and then his pole pressed against her womanhood.  She had to keep pleasing the other two males with mouth and hand, as whenever she slowed or stopped her pace she was punished.  It was clear to her that if she didn’t serve them, she would be killed instead.  These undead patients didn’t care if she was in pain or enjoying their mis-treatment, her task was just to serve them with her body until they decide to do something else with it.

Sue’s legs started to shake and she gasped air into her lungs as the hard cock behind her first gain entrance.  It felt so hard and stretched her womanhood to its limits.  She wasn’t given any time to adjust to its size and the young woman panted as much as she could while sucking the other male’s pole.  The undead creature growled weirdly behind her and seemed to be enjoying the feel of a woman’s silky passage around his tool again.

The creatures’ endurance seemed to be on a monstrous level as their thrusts were strong and the pace was high enough that, even as she groaned loudly, Sue feared for her life.  They could tear her apart or just fuck her to death, certainly both felt like possible choices for them.  It seems that after so many years without a woman around even undead creatures have needs that have to be satisfied.

Before Sue managed to reach an orgasm she was pushed onto her hands and knees on the floor and the males switch places.  A new male moved behind her while the other moved in front of her.  She yelped when this new hard member was rammed inside her vagina, but this time his pace was calmer, even if his thrusts did sink as deep as first guys.  Her face was pushed towards the third cock, every movement of her head being directed by the two other males.  Sue didn’t have much choice in the matter, while she was kept in that position.  One male ramming his pole deep inside her womanhood as another made her suck his manhood.  They pressed her head down further every time, forcing her to take the pole deeper into her mouth until she gagged at every thrust.  She could barely keep herself from throwing up and just breathing became a lot more difficult.

Sue tried even harder to service them and as their lust grew they wanted to change places again.  This time she was placed over the guy whose cock she had sucked and was made to ride his meat-pole.  Sue felt this new cock sliding deep inside her womanhood and it made her moan even louder.  She noticed that this made the males even hornier and she was able to control the moment, at least slightly.  She rode his cock, rocked her hips back and forth, side to side, twisted herself while making him groan as loudly as his friends had done on their turns.  For a moment, she could even forget how hideous these men looked and enjoy the waves of pleasure their cocks gave her as they became stronger moment by moment.

It took just a moment to let go and enjoy the cock rubbed her inner spots until her body shook violently with an intense orgasm as and a long sharp cry of pleasure burst from her lips.  Sue hadn’t recovered fully from that burst of pleasure when she was pushed backwards and the cock from her womanhood was forced into her darker hole.  That made her yelp, as she was unaware of what these males wanted from her next.  Panting heavily, she watched another undead male move between her legs and it became clear what he was planning.  Forced into a difficult position where she couldn’t resist Sue was soon gasping for air, while the two manhoods moved inside her, filling both her holes at the same time.  Her body shook from shock, pain and pleasure.  At first she didn’t know what she should do, cry out in pleasure, scream from pain, or try to wriggle herself free.

The horny males kept moving inside her, always varying their rhythm, making her body shake and keeping her mind constantly on the edge of insanity.  They had an endurance she had never seen or felt before and obviously could keep fucking her body until she died on their cocks from exhaustion.

Sue moaned, groaned and cried out loud while the horny creatures took their pleasure from her body.  It felt like they were continually using her for an eternity.  Two manhoods moving back and forth, both males grunting in pleasure while spearing their young prey tightly between them.  Stretching her to be as tight a sheath for their swords as possible.  Sue could only wonder where these undead beasts had learned skills like this.  Her body was shaking violently with waves of pleasure, while the fierce thrusts that went as deep inside her as possible added a layer of pain to the pleasure.

The third undead patient was obviously unhappy his friends were keep her just for their enjoyment.  So he pulled Sue out of their hands, placed her on her back on the floor and took his turn with her.  He pulled her legs up to her shoulders and leaned over her, impaling her in that position and making her groan wildly.  In that position his pole slid so deep inside her that she started howling out loud with every move he made.  Sue panted heavily between cries, groaned loudly as she felt his hard member go ever deeper inside her, so deep that it scared her with every thrust.

Sue realised she was just a ragdoll to them, a piece of meat they could take turns using.  Only one was fucking her now, taking her with long deep thrusts, but his friends would only wait so long for their turns.

Soon enough, Sue felt the man over her being pushed away and another taking his place.  One of them quickly jumped over her and slid his hard pole into her well stretched womanhood.  She had already started to be sore down there, but that didn’t slow these three males down at all.  They didn’t care about her pain or pleasure, they were just enjoying themselves in the moment, now they finally had a woman to use.

Sue submit to the situation and lay there, allowing him to take her anyway he wanted, feeling his hard tool moving in her silky passage with fierce thrusts.  It felt like he wanted to impale her fully on his hard member.  Sue grunted at every thrust, her voice started to become hoarse from all her crying and screaming.  She was tired and her body was already aching, but her undead assailants seemed to have endless endurance and their lust for a woman’s body was equal to their endurance.

The males were getting rougher towards each other and also towards Sue, who was moved into yet another pose for one of the males to continue where another had left off.  Sue was now on her belly on the floor and being taken from behind with steady thrusts.  Unnatural raspy grunts filled her ears, but at least in that pose she could actually get some kind of rest for a while.

It was painfully obvious to her that while the men’s bodies were ruined by time and strange chemicals, there was absolutely nothing wrong with their manhoods.  She couldn’t say how many orgasms the males had given her, nor if she actually wanted to be taken by those monstrous creatures or if her body had betrayed her by letting lust take over.

She tried to relax her body while fearing these undead patients were planning to keep this up until she was dead.  Would she then become one of them?  Was that even possible?

After a while, Sue was tossed to another male and, back on all fours again, submitted to her fate by offering herself to be taken from behind.  At least in that position she wouldn’t be crushed against the floor or have to stare into a rotten and dried face.   Already sore from constant rough abuse Sue got little pleasure from the sex and was starting to hoped that it would all be over soon.  It no longer mattered to her if she was fucked to death.

She panted and groaned while man behind her enjoyed the feeling of her womanhood around his cock.  Only the most basic functions were left in the undeads’ brains, like the animalistic need to mate with anything female and Sue’s slender body felt soft, warm and so very alive.  Sue doubted the former patients remembered anything from their past lives, but it wouldn’t have surprised her to learned that these three had been locked up as criminal insane rapists before ended up as guinea pigs in sadistic medical experiments.

While Sue had it a little easier in that position, it didn’t take long before one of the others wanted to have another round with her and Sue was in for a bit surprised.  She was pulled from the floor and at first didn’t understand what the male was planning, but soon enough she figured out his plans.  The former patient easily lifted Sue into his lap as her weight wasn’t a problem for his arms.  She put her arms on his shoulders to keep herself upright and felt his thick member slid into her once again.  The undead man grunted with pleasure as he moved her slim body, the young woman’s cunt feeling so hot around his cock as he enjoyed a view that was to his liking.  At the same time, Sue was terrified that his grip would weaken and she’d fall to the floor.  It seemed that wasn’t gonna happen as another horny zombie came behind her and a second hard manhood slid inside her darker hole.  Sue couldn’t do anything but let them have their fun as she cried out again and again.

The two males kept her in the air as their poles alternately moved inside her body, one cock sliding forward while the other almost withdrew, then slammed back into her as the first pulled out.  Hung in mid-air as the cocks went in and out the young woman realised she really was just a piece of meat for them to use.  Sue gasped air into her lungs as her body started trembling with lust yet again.  She was in pain and her body was tired, but it was clear that sooner or later they’d all reach their own orgasms.  What might happen after that made her even more scared as she was unable to defend herself in anyway.  Would the undead males kill her after taking their pleasure?

The zombie males were panting even more heavily than earlier as they were close to the moment when they would be spraying their seed into her, assuming that was possible.  held up in the air the young woman was a toy for them to fuck, until to her surprise the male behind her pulled out to make room for his friend who had been waiting his turn.

Sue was shocked as she leant suddenly backwards, right into hands of an undead male patient.  That was a really dangerous position for her as the only support keeping her up in the air were hands of these horny creatures.  One slip and she would fall back first onto the floor.  The zombie between her legs kept plundering her womanhood with his pole, while the other male zombie wanted to use her mouth for his pleasure and Sue had to endure agonizing moments in that pose.  One slip and she might be dead.  Their arms were strong, but she was really scared about the possibilities of what could happen that she actually forgot her own pain and pleasure.  She heard the two hideous looking zombie males grunting really weirdly and she was frozen with fear.

Sue was sure that her end was close.  They would unload their seeds in her and after that she’d be slammed to the floor.  If she was lucky the drop would kill her instantly.  In the worst case she’ll be eaten alive.

Sue found herself sitting on the floor in front of all three males and it wasn’t hard to guess what they wanted to happen next.  The guys were ready to see if the pipes were still working and their raspy voices groaned with increasing lust until their juices were finally flowing.  It wasn’t much, but they sprayed their loads over Sue’s face and body.  The young woman sat there feeling the slimy goo tarnishing her skin, slowly dripping downwards and making her to look really nasty.

Sue waited silently for the final blow to come, hoping that her suffering would end with one swift strike.  Surprisingly, all three males moved away as if to let her leave if she wanted.  She didn’t know what to think or do.  Nobody would believe her if she told anyone about this.  She didn’t want to admit she’d allowed rotten and dried up corpses to fuck her.  “Undead zombies like in movies”, she could imagine all the jokes others would heap on her about that.  Maybe it would be better just to keep her mouth shut about this?