I. contact
II. patreon rules
III. commissions
IV. affiliates

feel free to contact us, no matter what :)


after upfront payment was introduced there is just one patreon rule left:

you get full access to all stuff of the ACTUAL and the LAST YEAR after the THIRD pledge arrived

since i get many requests for commissioned pictures, figured that i should write down all the details so i dont have to keep redoing it. every sort of finished work is handed out in normal web resolution


since 2016 i do commissions ONLY with existing girls and (maybe slightly changed) baddies, scenery changes are not a problem. but i simply dont have the time to create models and stuff that needs days over days, during that time i could produce so much regular stuff that it is simply not worth the invested time. sorry for that, but those are simply the facts :) these days commissions are limited to patreons-only as i simply lack time to do all the requests. waiting period is usually around 1-3 weeks


public commission: 50$

this is for pics with one or two characters and a little background scenery. prices vary with more characters or no background scenery, etc.

– commissions will always be public
– complete upfront payment
– limit for small sets is 10 pics

stories: depends on

if you like our stories and want to have your own commissioned story, just send a mail to


and ask for her prices. of course you can combine this, for example a short story and some pictures made by me. she is also always interested in getting your feedback :)


i keep it simple. you tell me what you want (and if i decide to do it) i do some rough drafts… if you agree with them then you pay half the commission fee. then i will do the posing, rendering and postwork and you get some watermarked lowress copies. you pay the remaining half and i send you clean copies. the final copies are for your personal use and are NOT be used for commercial interests. if you want to use them for commercial i will calculate it as private commission. at the moment i only accept paypal

as my overall sales are constantly raising, i noticed that my bmt shop offers the affiliate option. i just wonder… is anyone interested in doing that? maybe someone with a site/blog that has nice or better huuuuge traffic? i plan to start the affiliate thingie on january 2016, have to figure out how it exactly works. they manage all the moneysplitting and so on… so no extra work for you and me :) i am going to set the rate to 20%… that means for example 2$ for each sold chapter worth 10$ from my shop.

you wont get rich, but its a nice monthly bonus if you attract enough people :) if you are interested, feel free to send me a note