Demon Kingdom part 3

copyrights belongs to Lady Adara


After a while, Ezri learned where Erac kept his papers, and when she had time for it, she sneaked into the slave master’s chambers and studied them. Lori acted as a link between Ezri in the mistress’ chambers and Elayne in the training pits. They had made her training more intense; Erac apparently had something on his mind for his blond female warrior. Ezri had seen him inspect some old maps and she was trying to find those and learn what they were.

Zri knew about those maps, but she had her own affairs. The mistress seemed to handle most of the dealings with tribal leaders and higher lords. Ezri knew that the mistress had started to dream of her own female guard and that Elayne should be part of it. For far too long she had had to keep male guards around, and now there was solid proof that a female slave could be as deadly as a male, if trained well enough.

Of course, male guards provided some other benefits; namely, avoiding those moments where she wanted entertainment. Zri really hated boredom; it usually ended up in bloody violence or rough and intense sex. Sometimes it was both. Zri got really erratic when bored, and Ezri feared that she might even attack her to get some enjoyment from her suffering. While Zri had shown to be quite a hedonist, she had a strong sadist side as well.

Ezri had once seen the mistress pick some guard from the line up, push him into her bed, and when not satisfied, find more painful games for him. None had even tried to calm her down, and Ezri didn’t sleep well for several nights after that scene. Screams of agony rang in her mind, and images of a face twisted in pain flashed when she closed her eyes. All the while the mistress reveled in it, moans of passion mixed with laughter and the young guard’s cries. Zri drew intense sexual pleasure from this encounter. Breathless but exhilarated was when Ezri feared her the most. Ezri was now motivated to keep the mistress happy in other ways, lest she turn her sexual desires in Ezri’s direction. This lizard skinned female seemed to embody cruelty, rivaled only by that of her husband, possibly surpassing him.

Ezri finally found those maps that Erac had studied so much. The first was clearly made by humans, and it was well worn already, delicate and yellowed, the edges curling. There were some demon ruled areas in the south, but there was also a mage tower, and it seemed to belong to the blue mages. Even Ezri knew those markings, but she couldn’t imagine what Erac planned. The second map was made of some kind of rodent hide, a large rodent to be sure. It showed several routes deep into the ground, to the forbidden lands of the Great Underdark, home to the drow. Ezri had heard tales about the underground cities and the drow who lived there. It was better to leave them alone, as they were tough warriors and didn’t take kindly to someone in their lands.

Ezri’s thoughts were cut short by footsteps from the corridor. Heavy footsteps. It must be Erac himself. It was late already, so Ezri blew her small candle out before moving to a dark corner where a smaller servant door led to the corridor. She might sneak out from there when Erac walked in. The slave master walked into his study, wearing just some cloth around his waist. He was already drinking his favorite wine, thick and black in color. Ezri never dared taste it; it looked so repulsive when she had had to pour it into his goblet. He seemed to like it, but to her it was something out of a nightmare. Ezri was just about to sneak out from the room when she noticed that there was now a guard outside. She would be seen if she stepped into that corridor now. She would have to wait in those shadows and hope that Erac needed nothing from her corner.

The slave master seemed to be drunk already, and Ezri could only guess as to how much he had had. She knew that a few new barrels had arrived there today, and Erac had started to enjoy it early. Erac sat into his chair and looked at his papers on the table. Normally he would have smelled the weak scent of candle smoke lingering in the air. He might have also noticed that someone had messed with his papers. But Ezri was lucky tonight; he didn’t notice anything.

He activated some light sources, skulls with softly glowing orbs inside them, taken from his waistband. They gave a nice soft glow to his study. A few moments later, she noticed that he was waiting for something, and she started to get nervous. She couldn’t hide the whole night in this small servant alcove without good reason. She would get into serious trouble, should she be found missing from her “own” chamber. Footsteps were closing on his study and Ezri peeked into the corridor. Elayne was being escorted to a late night meeting with Erac and the young thief could only imagine why. Now there were two guards in the corridor while Elayne was told to enter the study. Ezri stood there in the shadows and watched her blond friend walk in front of his table.

The table looked to be old, maybe made from oak, stained dark, deep carvings all around it. Ezri thought that it could be from a chapel or a smaller church; the figurines around it looked religious. It didn’t fit well with his other items, but maybe that was one of Erac’s ways to mock the religions of humans. It was still big and heavy, so it served well enough for this half-breed slave master.

“So, girl… I have seen that you can use a sword and shield well… while having other talents… really lovely appearance… I have a few plans for you and if you have success in these missions… you’ll get rewarded… now, take off those awful clothes and let me see your body…”

Erac talked slowly and his deep voice was booming more than usual. Elayne just stood there, listening to what he said and obeying his command without hesitation. She didn’t even care if anyone might see her naked body. In her mind, she was dishonored. It was all the same to her if she had walked in there fully naked. Her pride had been crushed and here her only worth seemed to be her beauty or her skill with a sword.

“Yes… really lovely… appearance… come closer girl… I’m sending you and your darker haired friend on a mission… well… I won’t tell much about it yet, but you two… give me an opportunity to bargain a few good deals if you two pull it off…”

Erac continued and motioned Elayne next to him so he could see her closely. The blond woman saw that all too familiar lust in his eyes, had seen it many times before. Some males had that lust, but wouldn’t even try to satisfy it. Others did, when darkness arrived and the slaves were locked in their cells. All that made her break or go hard on the inside. Elayne couldn’t stop it from happening, so she just endured it. And now even the big man himself apparently lusted for her body.

Elayne boldly took initiative and moved to sit on the edge of the table, legs fully open and reaching her arms to his waist cloth. It barely hid something enormous under it. Elayne pulled the cloth open and Erac’s dual cocks jumped up, like snakes rising to smell the air for prey. If the blond woman was surprised, she didn’t show it, and her hands just started to rub those thick shafts slowly.

“Yeeeesss… good girl… I’ll send you and your friend to get a key… a key to my fortune… it will provide me such profit that I can get a more suitable fortress for myself… no, fortress with a palace…”

Erac growled while feeling Elayne’s slender hands moving along his shafts. Her slim fingers were wrapped around his cocks as far as they could go. Erac let the slave girl play with his members, and had to admit that if Elayne looked really sexy from the distance, it was nothing compared to her close and fully naked. All that training had made her body even stronger; her perky tits had gained more firmness to them, and her slender body was like a crown jewel. He hoped she would prove as pleasing a sex toy as her friend was.

Erac stayed quiet and let Elayne choose the moment when he would enter her. His members became rock hard and already flames of lust burned deep in his eyes. Elayne knew he was ready, and that he’d enjoy this much more than sex with any other slave. The blond woman moved herself to sit on his lap and let those thick members find proper angle for penetration. Elayne felt the thick knobs search their way into her body, and she tried to relax herself as much she could. She groaned softly when both of the menacing poles gained entrance into her and Elayne felt them stretch her to her limits. While she moved up and down on the members, Erac stared at her the whole time and grunted from pleasure, watching this young blond woman impale herself with his cocks, taking both of them inside her tight body.

Ezri watched from the shadows and shivered even from thinking about it. She had had to try one of those cocks earlier, and she knew that Erac had taken Lori in that same room. Now it was Elayne’s turn to be taken by him. For a long while Erac let this slave girl please him, rocking her hips on his cocks much faster than before. She groaned and panted more heavily, as finally her body allowed these cocks to slide as deep into her as possible. Erac was groaning too, moving his hands on Elayne’s hot body. Her skin was sweaty, so soft, so hot and smooth, that it felt like silk to his rough hands.

Erac dismissed the two guards, and a few moments later the corridor was clear. Ezri could finally sneak out and get to her own chambers. She was about to do that when she heard Erac’s deep growl, and she saw the huge male get up from his chair. He kept his cocks buried deep into Elayne’s body as he pushed the blond woman on her back on his table. A strong hand moved to her throat and Ezri heard Elayne’s breathing grow more difficult. Erac grunted heavily, feeling control again in his hands, feeling her submit to his will. He kept his left hand on Elayne’s throat, while moving his poles in her holes with hard but calm thrusts. His right hand moved on her body, rough fingertips squeezing her tits, pinching her nipples, then moving to her belly and slowly from there toward her womanhood and thighs.

Ezri shivered from the fear that she might end up in the same position Elayne was now. She hoped that Erac wouldn’t want to tear her apart just yet. Those two cocks of his were too big for her young body to handle, but Elayne and Lori were bigger and had been stretched by other males here, so it was easier for them. The young thief snuck into the corridor from the small servant door. She felt a little bit sorry for Elayne, lying on that table, basically nailed by her throat to it and a huge half-breed male ramming his dual cocks into her.

Erac licked his lips while enjoying the feel of this woman’s insides. She felt really smooth and tight around his cocks. Her physique was nicely toned and she could control her body better now.

“Yess… no wonder the Lords were interested in you and even paid what I asked… I should move you into the finest brothels in here… and there… you would make lots of gold for me…”

Erac spoke with his raspy voice while feeling Elayne’s body become tighter. Soon after that, she reached her climax. She trembled strongly and gasped as much air as Erac would allow. He kept his hand on her throat the whole time. Elayne was feeling the two cocks rub her inner spots, and she couldn’t block all the pleasure from her mind. She couldn’t breathe right; this male seemed to enjoy keeping her in that position, while denying her air. She started to fear that he might crush her throat accidentally, or wouldn’t let her breathe for too long, when he reached his own climax.

Elayne had mixed feelings about that. One side tried to fight back and stay alive as long as possible. The other side was more open for death and an end to all this suffering. Her honor was fully tarnished; she was more a whore to these males than fighter; and maybe there wasn’t a way back to their own home after all. It might be just fool’s hope, and the truth might be that they would die here sooner or later.

Ezri moved as silently as she could in the corridors when someone grabbed her. A guard had been in the shadows of an alcove Ezri hadn’t noticed. The guard knew very well whose slave this young girl was, and that she was forbidden fruit to him. But what made it worse for Ezri was that she was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. She would get into serious trouble if the mistress were to find out. Ezri was pulled into an old servant corridor where another guard waited. They were the same guards who were outside of Erac’s chamber. The second guard got up when he saw the young slave girl being pulled in. Zri’s personal pet slave was caught sneaking around, and Erac might not be finished with Elayne very soon, so they had time.

Ezri was still a pet slave and harming her would be bad for them, but a little bit of fun wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Ezri was pushed between the two guards and she felt their greedy hands all over her body. Her clothes were pulled off of her, and the male guard who caught her taunted her to call for help and then tell the mistress what she had been doing in Erac’s private chambers. Ezri bit her lower lip, knowing that she would have to pay for their silence. That was nothing new in here, and it even kinda proved why there were so many half-breeds. They seemed to have constant sex drives burning in their veins like hot lava, making them use every female they possibly could.

Ezri was pushed against the wall face first and felt her hips pulled slightly outwards. She felt a strong hand on her neck, pressing her head against the wall, and the male behind her sliding his cock directly on her womanhood. Ezri felt that rough surface stone wall against her cheek, its coolness making her nipples turn hard and pointy. The thief girl felt the guard’s hot breathing on her neck just before his own baton found her silky passage. Ezri shivered slightly from it and tried to keep her mouth shut as much as she could. The male behind her was already panting a bit, so eager to enjoy this young pet slave. She was something more than regular guards would usually get in their clutches. When he finally got to put his hands on her, he planned to enjoy it. If he got punished for it, so be it. Well worth it, and well worth the risk.

Ezri felt the male’s hard and long shaft move inside her pussy, while his hand squeezed her perky tits. She kept her own hands on the wall where they had landed. The slave girl smelled how awful these guards reeked. This first must have eaten something foul; his breath stank like his whole mouth would be rotting off. He groaned against Ezri’s lovely neck, while thrusting his cock deep into her again and again. His pace was increasing slowly, as he seemed to enjoy the feeling of how tight and lovely this young girl was. She was tiny, slim figured and so insanely pretty… at least, for these half-breed males, who hadn’t seen women like Elayne, Lori, or Ezri before. All other people around here seemed to be more or less half-breeds, and purebloods were a rarity.

Erac groaned and slowed his pace to enjoy his slave as much as he could. Both his hard shafts were stretching Elayne to meet his size, and her body was proving to be quite adaptable. It would be a shame to lose her in the upcoming mission, but the benefits were far greater than this new toy of his. If things went as he wanted, he could get a better place to live, and from there, build his domain, getting plenty of slave girls from all around the demon-controlled area. He leaned forward to lick Elayne’s lovely nipples, hard and pointing upwards. With every thrust he made she cried out, trembling and whimpering. Her body was so different than his wife’s, so soft, smoother than finest silk; even her sweat tasted like sweet nectar to him.

Elayne could do little other than keep her legs open for him and take it all. She felt these hard dual cocks fill her holes and slide so deep into her that it hurt and burned. She was partly relieved that he didn’t take her with blind reckless abandon and make her faint from the pain. At this slower pace, though, she felt every movement that he made inside her body. Once Erac had her stretched out, it made everything a little easier, but the fact was, she still couldn’t handle those poles like his wife had learned. Just the size of these dual cocks caused some parts of her body to go numb.

He finally released his hold on Elayne’s throat and the blond woman took a long inhale. Air hadn’t tasted so good for a long time, almost like a small divine revelation for her for those few heartbeats. Then Erac turned her around on that table and Elayne’s legs were now on the floor and she was leaning against the table with her shaky arms.

Erac grunted with his deep raspy voice and again thrust his huge cocks into her. He slammed his hard members back into the trembling blond woman’s body and made her cry out with hints of several emotions – pain, pleasure, fear – all mixed into one long desperate sound. She felt so hot around his cock that Erac stopped for a moment, just to enjoy the feeling. Holding her tightly with his hard cocks nearly all the way in her, she didn’t know if she could take much more. His hand moved up, feeling her slender body under him; then reaching her hair, he pulled her head backwards, causing her back to arch. Her arms didn’t touch the surface of the table anymore, so she tried to find some other point from where she might get support, and placed her hands on her waist. Erac groaned from the pleasure of forcing her body to feel more pain while filling her holes with his hard cocks.

Ezri tried to keep silent, but while the male guard kept shoving his member into her, it rubbed her inner spots and eventually, though she tried to fight back, her body betrayed her mind, and waves of pleasure were making her tremble. The guard pulled his tool out of her. He was panting heavily already and from the looks of it, he was about to cum inside her, but he wanted to continue with her later on and a little break was good for now. The other guard pulled her on the ground, on her hands and knees. He loved to see her young slim body in front of him when he slid his rock hard member into her wet womanhood. Ezri panted softly while trying to keep her voice down. The second guard groaned from pleasure and from how hot and moist this slave girl was. No wonder the mistress took this one to be her pet slave. Nobody had told her what had happened to other pet slaves over time, and Ezri might have been more worried for her own life if she had known.

The thief girl couldn’t stop all her moans as she lost control over her body while the mating continued. Their members weren’t as big as some males had in here, so it was easier for her, and in a way, more enjoyable. The guard behind her groaned and kept muttering how hot this young slave girl was. Her womanhood was so silky smooth, so hot and wet at the same time. His hands moved on Ezri’s lovely back, making her tremble again. She bit her lower lip just to keep her mouth shut, so others wouldn’t find out what was happening in here. There were only two outcomes if that happened: one where they would want to know why Ezri was in that corridor at this time of night and with these guards; and the other where her night became a lot longer, while she was forced to let male after male use her. She didn’t want to end up in that situation, so she tried really hard to keep her voice down.

The first guard stopped his friend before he went too far with her and said that he wanted to do her again. His friend didn’t want to pull himself out of this young slave girl just yet, but there was little time to fight, so he moved off as he was told. The first guard lay on the floor and pulled Ezri over to ride his hard member, so he could watch her from that angle. The thief girl was placed onto the right spot and whimpered slightly while she was pulled down and this hard pole slid deep into her once again. Strong hands on her waist moved her up and down over his cock, while Ezri placed her arms on his chest for support. From that position, she felt how easily his member went so deep into her. She could control it a little bit by rocking her hips. She just wanted him to shoot his load already so they would let her go. She had to try harder to make them cum in her; the longer this continued, the higher the risk of getting caught by others.

Ezri felt her body on the edge of its own climax, and though she tried to prolong it, it hit harder on her and made her slender body tremble even more violently than before. The other guard moved in to shut her mouth with his cock and keep her quiet. His friend who lay on the floor was groaning from the pleasure and felt the young slave girl’s womanhood become even tighter. It pulsated around his cock and he gasped for air while slowing his pace down. He couldn’t believe any other female could have felt like Ezri on his lap right now. Her slender body shook strongly from waves of pleasure, her lovely milky white skin was hot and sweaty, her lovely firm tits were even more perky, her nipples rock hard and pointing slightly upwards. He would gladly serve Erac and Zri rest of his life if he could get this slave girl just for himself.

Elayne groaned harder, while Erac rammed his poles deep into her holes, making the blond woman cry from the pleasure and the pain. The slave master drank more of the black wine from his goblet, while keeping Elayne’s upper torso up in the air and her back arched. Her hands couldn’t find any good places for support, so she tried to keep her own body aroused by rubbing her own clit with her right hand and playing with her nipples with her left. Every thrust made her cry out loud. She felt both of those hard members going deep inside her, impaling her roughly, stretching her body to let them to go deeper bit by bit. Her body was shaking from the pleasure and ripping pain. These dual cocks rubbed her inner spots hard and drove her further and further away into waves of insanity.

Erac enjoyed the feeling that this slave’s body offered to him, this soft and warm flesh wrapped tightly around his cocks, pulsating maniacally. After a few fierce thrusts in a row, she was again much closer to her climax, but Erac denied that to her and slowed down again. The blond woman’s flesh smelled very nice; she was sweating heavier by now and droplets started to fall on his table from her body. Erac leaned forward and licked Elayne’s sweaty shoulder and neck. That caused his cocks to slide as deep they would go into her, and the blond woman gasped air into her lungs. She felt Erac’s hot tongue move on her shoulder and neck, licking her sweaty skin like it was covered with the nectar of the gods.

The guards were enjoying Ezri’s lovely firm body as much they could. Then, the guard who lay on the floor felt like his game was played and his ammo was about to be used right there, right then. He groaned and rammed his cock as deep as he could into her womanhood and shot his seed inside her womb. The second guard noticed that his friend had released his load, but he didn’t want to wait any longer for his turn and pulled Ezri up. The first guard was still shooting his slimy seed when Ezri was forcefully pulled off of his lap, the rest of the juice waves shooting onto her belly and thighs before she was out of range.

The second guard just pushed Ezri on her back on the floor and climbed over her. With one thrust he was deep inside her again. This young slave girl’s womanhood felt even hotter and wetter, thanks to his friend. Ezri moaned softly while placing her hands on this guard’s chest, while he continued to take her as intensely as his friend moments ago. The thief girl felt the cold floor under her, heavily panting male over her, and his hard member sliding in her pussy with a fierce pace. She kept her one hand on his chest while biting the other hand’s fingers to keep herself quiet. She wanted to cry out from the pleasure, cry out so hard as her climax grew closer. She panted heavily from this sweaty male’s body feeling so strong over her, overpowering her, making her submit and be just a whore to him, taking his hard member into her tight pussy and soon feeling another male shoot his load into her.

It didn’t take long, as the second guard was already almost in an insane sexual frenzy. He could barely keep his mouth shut when his juices started to flow. His body froze completely, and Ezri reached her own climax at that same moment. She shook violently on the floor while the second guard pumped his seed into her like his friend earlier. For a moment, Ezri didn’t know where she was, with whom she was and if she was in danger or safe; she just lay there and barely kept herself from fainting. The guards got up and dressed again. They didn’t care about Ezri; she was just one lovely body to fuck and that was all. Before they went back to their post, they told Ezri that she should crawl back to her chambers before another noticed her. Then the guards moved on and left the tired Ezri on the floor.

She had to rest for a while before getting up from the pool of slimy sperm. Ezri picked up her clothes from the ground and moved silently toward the bath area where she could wash herself clean again. She couldn’t let anyone see her in that state, and she needed to be more careful next time while sneaking around.

Being pressed against the heavy wooden table had caused Elayne’s legs to start going numb. The two thick rods constantly thrusting inside of her only made it worse. Suddenly, Erac picked up the pace and rammed his mighty cocks deeper inside her, well beyond what she thought she could tolerate. Elayne knew that he was close to his own climax, and maybe now she would be allowed to reach her own. It had been building for much longer now, so it promised to be a big one. The two rock hard cocks rammed faster and faster in her, almost ripping her apart with such blinding pace that she cried out loud and saw stars in her eyes. Even while her body screamed from the pain, this insane mating made her tremble from pleasure. Elayne’s mind couldn’t take it for much longer. Every nerve ending cried out to her, pain, pleasure, heat, pressure. All at once her body shook uncontrollably as wave after wave crashed through her; her vision blurred and narrowed, and then her eyes rolled up and she couldn’t see, only feel as her body continued to shudder with each crest.

Erac grunted and growled like a huge beast, took a few last thrusts, then finally unloaded inside her. Elayne shook violently and seemed to scream as loud she could, but no sound came out of her mouth. Erac let her slump down against the table while feeling his dual cocks pump wave after wave of his juices into her holes. He panted heavily and watched this lovely ass in front of him, so white and smooth skinned, firm and round. She might be better in the brothel than in the fighting pits, he mused… maybe less chance to ruin her soft skin in there too.

He pulled his cocks out from the blond slave, temporarily sated by her services. Erac sat down on his chair and drank some more of his wine while watching how tired this human female was. These humans were too weak for his taste, but fun as toys like this. There was good reason why Zri was mistress of the house. It seemed she was the only one who could handle Erac’s dual cocks. She had more stamina than these human females, so her position as an mistress wasn’t threatened. Elayne, Lori and Ezri were more like toys for Erac. They couldn’t satisfy his needs separately, but maybe next time he’d take all three of them at the same time; maybe then they would be able to satisfy him in one way or another.

The slave master called his guards to get Elayne off his table and return her to the training pit. She had served well enough this night. He could now continue planning his moves for the near future.

A few days later, Elayne and Lori were ordered to see the shaman. She had some pretty strict orders from the master of this camp, and she had prepared some odd herbal mixtures, talismans, and a few items most likely of demonic origin to aid her in fulfilling them.

She ordered them to undress, so she could monitor the process while doing her work. Both of them were ordered to drink several odd looking, awful smelling and absolutely terrible tasting herbal mixtures. Lori had no idea what she had mixed in that awful goo that they were forced to take. After that, they were ordered to lie on some beds and wait for her. Lori remembered seeing a few rotting corpses laying on the same beds just last night, and disgust filled her mind. But the order was given and they had to obey. She didn’t tell Elayne what had lain on her spot before; it would have made no difference.

The old crow came to the girls and painted some occult symbols on their skin with a severed finger. It looked to be her dark arts tool, as it had small runes drawn on it, and a few metallic studs had been inserted in it for some unknown purpose. The shaman started to chant with her raspy voice, painting their bodies with oily black colored symbols, placing more of those ritual tools around both of them. Lori felt something start to happen. It started as a tingling around their bodies, then became a severe pain. Both of them tried to scream, but no sounds were heard from their mouths, like something had gagged them completely.

Elayne and Lori now lay on beds, shaking violently from the burning pain that they felt throughout their bodies, growing stronger and stronger. Lori was the first to faint from it; Elayne endured it a little bit longer until darkness wrapped her, too, in its claiming cloak. The old shaman continued her work on these ladies; it was just the beginning of a larger plan. She chanted demonic charms and bound something into these ladies after they fainted from the pain. Transformation wasn’t an easy task for races who didn’t have the right biological traits.

When the girls finally woke up, they quickly noticed that their bodies had transformed to look like drow. The old crow seemed pleased with her work and threw some new clothes at them – drow styled leather clothes.

“Master sends you two on a mission ..into great Underdark… like there is something “great” in there… just death… listen up girls and remember… if you decide to escape… know this, that this transformation has to be reversed within a certain time, and if it’s not reversed on time… you die…simple as that… but also your young friend will pay for your escape or for your failing… her fate will be really… oh, what do I care what you two do… you must just remember that the transformation has to be reversed within a certain time, and if you fail… your friend in here will pay the bill…”

The old crow spoke while picking out some small insects from her hair and then eating them.

“There’s a merchant with wagons who is paid to escort you into the only free trade city between the drow and us… your task is to locate the old trader in there… half-breed… he has a necklace that Master wants back very badly… kill the trader and get the necklace…”

After they had dressed, she gave yet more potions to each of them.

“I can’t make your eyes see in the dark without damaging them permanently… Master has forbidden that… you have to use this… with this potion… that eternal darkness won’t affect you, as you can see in there like it would be day in here… It works for a limited time for you… so get things done before you go blind…”

The old woman gave her warnings and then sent both of them out to the yard, where a sturdy merchant wagon waited. The driver seemed to have some ogre blood in his veins, and his guard men seemed to be just like Erac’s bastards. They weren’t very strong looking, but were strong enough for the job they were assigned. Erac had paid them to keep this merchant from betraying him and selling these women to another slave trader for a fast profit. Erac had connections all around the region, but there was still the possibility that these traders and merchants would betray him when it suited them. Everyone played just for themselves, not for a common good. Loyalty could be bought, and if someone paid better or had other benefits, loyalties could be turned around.

Ezri relayed all that she learned from Eric’s maps to Lori. While on a healing visit to the training pits Lori managed to talk with Elayne on the matter. Neither knew what to expect from Erac, and this transformation to look like drow was a surprise for them. It also ensured that the ladies wouldn’t try to escape from the merchant’s hands. It would mean certain and most likely very painful death. It was just another cruel way to die in here. It seemed any death here would be cruel and painful.

They were told to climb into the merchant’s wagon as fast as they could. The merchant didn’t want to waste good daylight when they had a tight schedule ahead of them. The merchant was a large male, with strong arms and loud voice, perfect for the trading business. The wagon was half full of random items, various things that he sold around the wastelands. He had two wagons, one driven by him, the second driven by his slave. Guards were either scouting ahead of them or escorting the wagons, all while riding some kind of odd mix of lizard and demonic ox-like animal. Strong and fast. Lori suspected they were created magically, or from who knew what kind of beasts demons brought with them from their realm, to invade the human realm and make it theirs.

The wagons were pulled by lizards, just like Erac had in his stable. Only good merchants had enough money to buy such beasts as these. Or someone who had really good connections to high level demon lords. The wagons were built to be strong enough to endure the speed of these lizards. The heavy wheels would easily crush any weaker person who might end up in their way. They were like moving cabins, small portable trading posts.

The wagons started to move, and their small caravan headed toward the wastelands. Elayne and Lori hadn’t seen outside of the thick stone walls for ages, but there was little to see – just ruined and cursed ground that was deeply scarred from vicious demon wars a long time ago. Nature seemed to be corrupted by demons and there was scant green left. The sky was different too; everything was corrupted and made to fit better for this new ruling race. Demons.

The days were hot just like they remembered from that day when fate had dropped them here. Hot and dry. The wagon walls were covered with cloth that kept the dust out of the trade goods. The merchant had planned their route for safer areas, and they stayed at small outposts at night. They were less dangerous than camping out in the open, and the merchant managed to conduct a little trade along the way.

The merchant had told the girls to stay in his wagons and out of sight for security reasons. Erac’s guards stayed near the wagons to ensure that the master’s plans were going forward. Outposts had their own small time leaders, and they always took some kind of payment for trading and rest. The merchant didn’t want anyone to know about the two lovely girls that he had hidden in his wagon. There was a risk that an outpost leader would like to take one of those girls for himself as a payment and the merchant couldn’t accept that. They weren’t his property, nor was he willing to pay the loss from his own pocket.

Elayne and Lori had little to do while moving. They tried to figure out what that old shaman had done to them to make them look like drow. Skin color had changed completely. Their eyes looked like drow eyes, but they didn’t have the ability to see in the pitch black darkness. They saved that potion for the moment when they would be underground. Lori had studied the books in the mages library about transformation into another race, and while it seemed to be safe for them, it wasn’t as perfect as what the shaman had been able to do. She had demonic tools to aid her, so maybe that was the key. Lori was curious to learn the secret behind this, maybe she could make it safer for them, for the transformation to be as perfect as if they were born into that race.

Maybe that need for reversing this charm was built into it just to keep them from escaping from Erac’s hands. Elayne was more worried about whether they would have time to get back. If they managed to get that necklace but died while coming back, Erac would still get the necklace and Ezri might still be doomed.

Both women had things to think and worry about while they were moving toward the entrance of this pitch black underground world. They knew little about it, but from what they managed to hear from the guards, after humans had fallen under demon rule, there was war between drow and demons. The war was still active. They were headed to the only free trade city, a place where summits between factions of demons and drow were sometimes held.

There was sparse information about who attacked first and where. The only thing the guards knew was that the war was still going on. Though cooling down for years now, it only needed one small spark to get hot again. Elayne couldn’t understand why Erac would want them to kill some half-breed in the trade city; that would be seen as an act of aggression and cause war again on the surface.

They had been traveling already four days. That evening, they arrived at an old stronghold. It was clearly made by humans a long time ago. The mighty stone walls were in bad shape after many years of neglect. The only reason its walls were still up was this hot and dry climate all around them; instead, it was still in use as an outpost. It was a larger place than the others, and the merchant apparently had his own stable there. When they got the wagons in front of his stables, they started to unload the goods into the storage building and replace them with newer items. The merchant was getting new stock that could be sold better in the trade city. Elayne and Lori were led inside the storage building while the guards unloaded the wagons.

The merchant informed them that they would spend this night inside the stronghold and sleep indoors for a change. It felt luxurious to be indoors compared to the small cramped wagon; the merchant’s items took plenty of the space and girls just felt like stowaways.

The merchant had a nice storage building; it was strong and could stop a small riot easily. This merchant liked to see his property secured, and he kept well trained guards on his payroll. The girls were led to a room in the side of the storage area, that they couldn’t escape from without serious help. The windows were small; walls were thick; door was sturdy. The room felt more like a jail than a regular room for them. Still, it was a lot better than that uncomfortable wagon they had been in for so many days.

Erac’s guards were outside the room. They had a weaker position than they did while traveling here. Now, there were a lot more guards, and the merchant had the upper hand if he wanted to do something. Erac’s guards were apparently okay with the situation as long as the merchant didn’t kill or sell the women. They tried to steer clear of the merchant; there was no need to draw undue attention.

In the evening, when darkness had fallen over the stronghold, Lori and Elayne were led into the merchant’s room. He sat there, behind his table filled with various items, small statues, jars and so much more. He was looking at his ledger and apparently having a pretty good night. The numbers seemed to favor him this time.

He lifted his eyes off his book and looked at the girls pushed into his private room. The merchant closed his book and put it aside. He told the girls to come closer, as he wanted to see them more easily. Only a few lanterns hung here and there, giving a dim light to the room.

“I looked at your master’s plan for your mission… if you two wanna use his plan, I’m certain that you will fail… Erac might have some connections around these lands, but he don’t know anything about drow… if you wanna survive… you listen me… I’ll help you two… for the price…”

The merchant eyed the ladies. Both of them looked very nice. After all those travels, even common tavern wenches who slept with everyone looked nice enough, but these girls were something fresh and he wanted a taste of it.

Lori looked at Elayne and started to open clasps from her dark leather clothes. Elayne followed, and the merchant just smirked like it was a pleasant bonus, seeing what these girls started to do.

“That… is just a part of the payment… both of you… I need certain objects from this half-breed colleague… and your debt to me is more or less paid…”

Elayne and Lori weren’t the first women led in here to give pleasure to this big half-breed merchant. He knew that he would be able to use these slaves to his advantage in one way or another. From this stronghold it took two days to arrive to the entrance area and underground. It might take around the same time to travel into the trade city. For a while, he had planned to steal these slaves from Erac and have some fun with them before selling them to anyone who would pay a high enough price.

He let the girls undress fully, and then spun his finger in the air, commanding them to turn around slowly. The women obeyed his command, letting him see their naked bodies. The half-breed merchant appeared to like what he saw. He got up from his chair and moved to the side door, pushing it open to let these two fine looking little birdies enter his most private room, and joining them while closing the door behind him.

Elayne and Lori waited for him in the middle of the room and helped him get undressed. Piece by piece the merchant’s clothes were removed and his scarred skin was revealed. The scars looked like some kind of burning, from fire or acid, so much that he had to have been standing in a rain of it.

The merchant was pleased how these two women, who looked so much like drow females, served him without saying a word. Their touches on his skin were soft and gentle; their slender hands knew what to do. When his trousers were pushed down, his cock was revealed to these ladies. His pride and joy. It was nice sized, but still just normal for a male of his height. It wasn’t as huge as what some males had in here. Maybe the night would be a bit easier on the girls.

The merchant smiled as Elayne knelt in front of him and started fondling his semi-hard member with her small hands, pressing kisses on it and licking its shaft. Lori’s hands moved over his body while he pulled her face toward him to kiss her. For several nights he had dreamed of this, and now he was going to take his time with these slave girls and enjoy it as much as he could. Lori answered his kisses, but she was more following his lead, dispassionately, though that did not matter to him. For him it was all the same whether these girls enjoyed this night or not; his own pleasure was first in his mind.

Elayne worked as best she could in front of him. His member grew in size and length, until it was fully erect and ready to do its worst to any womanhood offered to it. He lifted Elayne up to give her a strong and passionate kiss. The young knight felt his arm around her, preventing her from bending backwards. Lori was in no better position, kept close by his left arm while she rubbed his hard cock, watching him give most of his attention to this other drow girl.

He could only dream of having a real drow female in his bed. He wouldn’t have been interested in having some slave drow girls, were he able to have a pure noble blooded female. But dreams were dreams, and that one was really difficult to fulfill. Maybe someday it might even happen. Of course, he would like to keep his life afterward as well; it would kinda kill the pleasure of the whole idea otherwise.

The merchant pushed the girls toward his bed, big enough for all three of them. Maybe bigger – perhaps the merchant fetched more company for himself on other nights. He jumped between them, lying right away on his back, and telling them to play with his pole while he decided who would be first to have his pride and joy inside her slender body. The half-breed merchant felt how nicely Elayne’s and Lori’s hands felt on his cock, slender fingers wrapped around it, moving along its hard shaft, soft lips pressing kisses on it and tongues licking it in turns. He would have liked to have known their original form – blond, redhead, brunette or something else maybe? Still, it looked very nice to have two dark skinned beauties rubbing his rock hard pole and making him groan from pleasure. Then he had to pick one into which to sink his member as soon as possible. He told Lori to climb over him and show what she could do with her hips. The sorceress obeyed, though what she really wanted to do was cut his throat open and make him drown in his own blood.

Lori climbed over him, and while leaning forward with her left hand, placed his cock at the gates of her womanhood with her right. Elayne’s hand played at his large balls while Lori started to slide down, rocking her hips side to side to ease his thick member into her pussy. The merchant groaned, feeling this soft young woman’s body accept his pole. To the sorceress, this thick member felt even longer and bigger than it looked as it went into her. She bit her lower lip while slowly moving up and down on his lap, rocking her hips from side to side and making him groan louder. His rough-skinned hands moved on her thighs, his grip strong, muscles tensing visibly on his arms. While not as buff as some soldiers, who trained all their free time until their muscles looked like small mountains on their bodies, this merchant was still quite a strong man.

He groaned again while playing with her lovely firm tits, pulling her against himself so he could kiss her roughly. Tonight, this moment, he owned both of these girls, and planned to use them like his property. Lori could do little except submit to his wishes, trying to serve him as best she could. While she moved her body on his lap, the merchant easily thrust his pole into her, while bragging about his strong body. He could easily fuck them both and more, if he wanted.

Elayne moved to Lori’s side, letting her slender hands move on the sorceress’ body, hoping it would help her enjoy it. She already knew a few small tricks and spots that gave Lori pleasure when touched in the right way. Elayne’s hands moved softly on Lori’s back and sides, arousing her with gentle touches. This man wasn’t handsome enough for their tastes to get them going himself. Anyway, it was clear from the beginning that the merchant just wanted pleasure for himself, and didn’t care if these slave women enjoyed it.

The merchant rammed his cock into Lori’s tight pussy with steady thrusts, until rolling her under him and pinning her there. His large body pressed her against the unforgiving bed, making it hard for the sorceress to breathe. Strong hands held her shoulders while he rammed his spear deep into her silky passage. Lori cried out loud from every thrust he made. The young sorceress started to fear that she would faint under this huge male and he would just carry on fucking her.

Elayne saw how bad a spot Lori was in, unable to move at all under this male who grunted like a bull over her. His pole sank deep into her womanhood time after time. Elayne tried to help her friend by luring him to take her and enjoy her body for a while. It didn’t take long for the merchant to push Lori away and pull Elayne in front of him. He liked the sight of her moving on all fours for him. Her nice lovely bum was up in the air just for him, and her slim waist just made her figure even sexier.

Elayne knew what she was doing. She knew perfectly well that he was going to hurt them both. She felt his hands taking firm hold of her waist and his thick menacing pole touching her womanhood, before it made Elayne scream sharply. The merchant rammed his hard member deep into the woman and groaned loudly from the feeling around his pride and joy, of another woman opened by him. Elayne clawed at the bed linens with her fingernails like she would try to get away from him, but that wasn’t an option anymore.

The merchant’s ogre side had awakened, and it made him act like a sex crazed bull in heat. Elayne trembled from the pain, squeezing bed clothes into her fists hard, and allowing this male to take his enjoyment from her. The thick member moved inside her pussy with long and steady but fierce thrusts. Every thrust caused pain in her, and she cried out loud just like Lori did moments before. Slave girls before them must have had a hard time with him, they thought. He panted heavily and pulled Lori up by her hair, so he would be able to kiss her and feel her soft lips against his. He didn’t even want to be gentle to these slave women. He just enjoyed using their bodies. He would have lots of fun with these females if he had the opportunity to steal them from Erac for himself. Night after night of rough mating with both of these slave women sounded really good.

Elayne felt his thick member slide inside her, rubbing her inner spots harshly, his roughness toward them suppressing any pleasure that she might have felt. The merchant was the only one enjoying this mating. He loved feeling Elayne’s slender but strong body under his hands. He let his one hand move on her smooth darkened skin, running his fingertips across, enjoying its softness. Her long white hair was nicely tied and revealed a bit of her neck, so thin and perfect it could have been made by the gods themselves. Her firm tits were moving with his thrusts as he rammed his member into her wet womanhood. The merchant really loved feeling her silky passage tightly around his pole, and wanted to fill her womb with his slimy seed. A few more fierce thrusts made it happen. While groaning loudly from the pleasure, he shot his load deep into Elayne’s body, causing her to tremble and pant heavily.

After he had unloaded his juices into the slave woman, it was time to make sure that he would be ready for a second round. He rolled down to sit on the edge of his bed, pulled Lori before him, and told her to make him hard again. The sorceress obeyed silently and started to rub his cock with her slim hands, wrapping her fingers around its slippery shaft and licking it clean, tasting the strong salty taste of his sperm and Elayne’s moisture.

The merchant smiled and leaned back for a while, then shifted further onto the bed and told Elayne to sit on his face, so he could lick her pussy. Lori ran her hands along the shaft and took it as deep into her mouth as she could. She saw Elayne get up and sit on the merchant’s face, back toward Lori, leaning forward on her arms, looking tired. In that position, she had most of the weight on her knees and controlled her position with her thighs, while keeping her arms supporting her upper torso. Elayne panted softly while she felt his wild tongue moving on her pussy. He seemed to like the taste of his own juices oozing from inside of her; it made him even hornier, if that were possible.

That helped a lot of Lori’s work. Soon, his spear was rock hard again. The merchant didn’t want to leave that position, instead pulling the sorceress up with his one hand. Then he ordered the girl to start riding him again. Lori didn’t like it, but she had no choice. Either she did it willingly, or he would take her even more roughly. At least she could try to control his eagerness.

The young sorceress climbed over him and let his cock slide deep into her womanhood again. It went easily into her, making her groan softly. While Elayne still sat on his face, panting stronger and keeping her balance, Lori started to ride his member. She rocked and twisted from side to side, doing as many tricks with her hips as she could think of, just to please him more. His hard member felt as menacing as it did the first time Lori had to take it inside her body.

Elayne groaned a soft and long desperate groan; this horny male had found her sweet spot, making her tremble from the pleasure. The young knight felt her body shake and her skin go burning hot while he kept plying this spot with his tongue. But then he gave less attention to it, and the waves of pleasure quickly weakened. He seemed to know how to torture her through that spot.

Lori rode his cock, panting more and more, feeling this thick member inside her pussy and rubbing her inner spots. It kept Lori wet and aroused, but it would take a lot more than this merchant was able to give to drive her to sexual insanity, even if he weren’t more interested in his own pleasure than whatever enjoyment these slave women got.

Then Elayne felt a powerful surge, like a sudden lightning strike inside her, making her whole body tremble from the waves of a huge orgasm. She shook and groaned loudly, clasping the bed linens in her slender hands.

The merchant pushed her aside and sat up, lifted Lori’s arms onto his shoulders, and told her to hang on if she didn’t want to fall. Then he stood up, keeping the sorceress tightly in his lap, her legs hanging over his arms and his hard member still inside her womanhood. His groans deepened while he continued taking her, as effortlessly in this position as before. He barely broke a sweat while taking this slim figured slave woman, ramming his hard member deeper into her and moving her body in the pace that pleased him. Lori could do little more than hold on and cry out while feeling his hard pole slide inside her silky passage like a force of nature. Nothing could stop it. The merchant kept her in midair so easily that it scared her a bit. Lori kept her hands behind the merchant’s neck and let him control everything while keeping the young sorceress in his lap. His arms moved the dark skinned woman as if she were weightless while he made his pole go as deep as possible. The sorceress cried out from the pain with every thrust that he made, and the merchant loved hearing it. Lori was manhandled like a rag doll in his lap. She had no option but to submit to him.

The merchant started panting more heavily. But he still wanted to have some more fun with these girls, so he turned back toward his bed. He dropped Lori on it and pushed her onto her belly. Then he pulled Elayne roughly toward Lori and forced her to lay over the still sobbing sorceress. Lori felt Elayne pressed against her; while her soft skin felt nice against her own, she was worried what this brutal male had on his mind this time.

He smiled while looking at the two cute female butts in a nice pile in front of him. He just needed to pick one of them. It was a shame that he didn’t have dual cocks like Erac had, but he would manage just fine with one. He picked his next target. Lori and Elayne felt him come closer. Within a few heartbeats they would know what he had in mind.

Elayne gasped in horror when she felt those strong hands grab her, and moments after, his hard member was forcing into her darker passage. He grunted from lust and Elayne grit her teeth together as the pain hit her hard. It was a sharp, cutting pain, almost making her faint from it, until his pole gained entrance. Elayne sobbed and cried out from not only the pain, but also the humiliation of being forced to lay over her friend Lori while taking this hard member into her nether hole.

The male groaned at this new sensation around his tool. The tighter darker passage gripped him nicely, and every move inside her made the woman’s body shake from the discomfort. He moved with slow thrusts so he would have a chance to enjoy every feeling he got from her before pulling out.

And then it was Lori’s turn. The sorceress lay under Elayne and felt this male force his lance likewise inside her rectum. Elayne still panted from the after effects, but tried to help her friend somehow. They had to help themselves endure all this together and hope that merchant would be satisfied soon enough. The sorceress cried out just like Elayne moments before, her body trembling while pain filled every corner.

The merchant continued dipping his cock in their holes in turns. He couldn’t decide which one had the better ass. Both women were young, bodies fully developed, both slim figured and easy to manhandle in what ever position he desired.

After a while of that brutal game, the girls had gotten used to it and their cries had changed to more silent sobbing. The merchant didn’t bother to make them feel any better as his own climax was closing in. The moment of fireworks and thunderous roaring was upon them after all that rough assaulting. The merchant grunted and panted heavily, tossing Elayne off of Lori’s back and making the last thrusts into Lori’s lovely butt with loud roaring. He shot his second load into Lori’s darker passage and slumped over her like a huge bear. The merchant’s body felt so heavy that it almost crushed the fragile figured Lori under it. The sorceress could barely breathe, and his cock was still deep inside her ass.

Elayne noticed Lori in trouble and had to use all her tricks to get this awful sweaty male off of her. It took more effort than Elayne could have even imagined, but finally Lori was freed from that crushing situation and the merchant seemed to be satisfied at last. He fell asleep right away, his member resting on his muscular thigh, slowly softening. Elayne and Lori cleaned themselves a bit before taking some old blankets for their own use. The girls didn’t want to take a risk and go outside of this room.

Finally they had a chance for rest, at least for a few hours.