Adara – Message

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Amy had been instructed to personally deliver a message from House Relley into the hands of a local magistrate, and when she argued with Katie about it her noble mistress made it a direct order. Needless to say, Amy felt insulted that her friend pulled rank over such a seemingly mundane errand as carrying a message, especially as Katie was trying to find where their new friend, Nemi, had disappeared to and if a rescue was needed. The ranger didn’t enjoy being treated as common hired help, but in the end that is exactly what she is. The Relley family paid her salary, give her a small room and fed her from their kitchen.

She could argue with Katie as much as she wanted, but the fact was they couldn’t do both things at the same time without splitting up. Katie was more effective at cracking spells and Amy could find her way through any forest. While the facts might be simple, Amy certainly didn’t liked the situation they put them in. Katie had promised to wait for her blonde friend as long as she could, but Amy knew that if the mage found an opening in the portal spell she’d go through alone if needs be.

After working her way through bushes and along overgrown pathways, Amy finally reached the road to town. Amy liked visiting towns from time to time, but the thought of living in one made her stomach turn. Towns were dirty and smelly, and there was no way she’d willingly live in one for any time. It was a sunny and warm day, and it hadn’t rained for days. So while walking in the shade of the trees was enjoyable the ground outside the forest was dry and dusty. As she walked towards the settlement where the magistrate lived Amy imagined Katie already lazing around with Nemi and having fun in the old ruins while she, the long suffering bodyguard, had to do all the work.

Walking towards the gateway in the impressive town wall Amy noticed the guard was almost asleep at his post. It must be a quiet day at that gate, as the guard just lent against the wall and didn’t bother the woman crossing the drawbridge. Maybe he wanted to get inside, out of the heat and back to drinking honey mead, as he just nodded and let her walk past when Amy told him she had a message for the magistrate.

Amy knew roughly where the magistrate’s house was and picked up the pace. The less time she waste here, the sooner she could return to the forest and help her friends. The streets in the lower class areas were crowded, but when she entered the ‘rich’ neighbourhood where magistrate’s house was located, they were much cleaner and quiet enough to make walking to her objective easier.

Soon enough she reached the correct building and saw two men guarding the door. They were armed with spears, and the one nearest Amy reacted reasonably professionally when he saw the blonde approaching. She’d hoped delivering the message wouldn’t take much time as she was anxious to get back to help her friends, or beat the crap out of the two girls if they were having fun without her. The way she felt at that moment she’d like to do both – Beat them up first and then help them, perhaps…

Amy walked forward, waving the message scroll in the air. At least some guards in town were doing their job, but then again there’s a difference between guarding the town’s side gate and a rich magistrate’s front door. The guard relaxed when he saw the reason she was there, and the blonde felt happier walking towards the door they were guarding. She explained she had a message for the magistrate and asked if he was there? The guard nodded and replied that he had been inside earlier and they hadn’t heard anything about him leaving.

Amy climbed the few steps to the door where another guard was waiting. He’d been eying the maid who had emerged from the servants’ entrance earlier, but now both smiling guardsmen checked Amy out as she walked between them. She expected them to make some lecherous comment or tell a legendary bad joke, but no. Most likely they’d swap dirty jokes at her expense once she was out of earshot. It wasn’t like she care what they say anyway, as she’d heard plenty of lewd comments about her body, and done way more depraved things than those two jokers could imagine.

A young male servant lead Amy through the house and she arrived in a well-appointed dining room. The large table and fancy chair looked really expensive, so they’d either be imported from elsewhere or the town had gained a master carpenter. The blonde hoped to just drop the scroll off and leave as quickly as she could. After all, she’d be in real trouble if something bad happened to Katie as the mage’s safety is still her prime duty and the more she thinks about leaving her friend alone in the forest, the more she felt it was a mistake. Amy didn’t want to waste time here, but the magistrate’s servant didn’t seem to understand that she had to hurry back. He moves like he had all the time in the world, leaving Amy in the dining room to await the lord of the house.

Finally, a fat older man limped into the room, accompanied by his servant who introduced Amy to the Magistrate. The blonde ranger was anxious to leave, as all she could think of is the different ways Katie could get herself killed or injured, and how would she explain herself to Lord Relley if she brought his daughter’s corpse home? If the mages got mad and blamed her then most her remains would likely fit in something smaller than her meagre money pouch. Those, and other bad thoughts bounced around her head as she politely offered the message scroll to the limping fat man. He smelled awful and Amy wondered why the Magistrate’s robes had been given to this disgusting man. Most likely shady deals and pouches of gold finding their way into the “right hands”.

He took the message, but didn’t allowed Amy to leave straight away, rather he kept her there until he’d read it. Typically, the magistrate didn’t want to read without something to drink, so his servant fetched two goblets of his favourite wine, one for the Magistrate and the other for Amy. The ranger just wanted to leave and this man wasted her time with odd demands was already driving her crazy. Little did she know that magistrate was actually in a tight spot and the unexpected arrival of a nubile woman was a godsend for him. He had debts to a loan shark in the bad part of town, and if he didn’t pay his days as magistrate could be numbered. Indeed, his time amongst the living might be threatened, which would never do. So, realising the messenger was eager to leave, he’d acted with unusual speed and arranged for her to have a ‘special’ drink with him before she departed.

Amy realised she was being forced to accept the drink, when all she really wanted was to leave town and get back to help her friends. However, social niceties meant that once offered she couldn’t refuse the magistrate’s drink without causing insult and thus shaming the family she served. Amy had always disliked such made up honour codes, but she didn’t wanted to embarrass the Relley family even if it meant a quick drink to honour a fat and smelly magistrate before she went on her way. The fat old man might have pinned her down with his honour code, she thought, but what harm can one glass of wine do? For his part, the magistrate smiled at his prey as she stood all alone in his dining room. She looked perfect for his salvation, just a messenger, a mere servant from other family and therefore fair game. He nodded to her with a smile, lifted his goblet to his lips and pretended to drink from it.

Amy didn’t wanted to spend any more time there than she had to, so emptied the goblet of wine in one unladylike gulp. She didn’t noticed that her host wasn’t drinking from his glass, and anyway as soon as the liquid slid down her throat she clean forget what she was doing or that she has somewhere to go. Everything suddenly felt strange and she had no way of knowing that the magistrate’s servant had given her a glass of ‘Karrio’s dark wine’. There was no way the young ranger would have recognised the heady wine heavily laced with fast acting drugs that caused disorientation in its victims and in her eagerness to leave she’d hurriedly downed the entire glass of distinctive wine and fallen right into the magistrate’s trap.

Amy immediately felt dizzy. Everything was spinning around and soon enough she forgot why she was there and that she was in hurry to help her friends back in the forest. She started wobbling and the magistrate’s servant moved to hold her up before she fell. Drunk neat, the dark wine had quite a kick and made this young messenger easy prey for his master. The youngster took Amy’s goblet from her numb fingers and placed it on the table, all while keeping her standing as it was clear she’d probably fall down if he wasn’t holding her up.

The fat old magistrate was thrilled to see the instant effect ‘Karrio’s dark wine’ was having on the lovely young female. She’d be perfect for his purpose and well worth the cost of the expensive drug-wine she’d quaffed like water. Usually it was blended with other wines to give them a bit more kick at private parties and even then only a really weak mix unless the goal was illicit seduction. Wanting to be sure this sexy ranger wouldn’t give him trouble later, the Magistrate had told his servant to serve it neat. After all, what blondie can’t remember won’t hurt him. Overjoyed his plan was working, the old magistrate ordered his servant to take the blonde to his chambers and get her ready for the lustful games to come.

It was a while before the fat man entered his private chambers, and when he did it was with two other males – The trio having a heated discussion about the situation the magistrate was in. For her part, Amy was stark naked and waiting next to luxurious bed, unsure what they wanted from her. The magistrate’s servant had stripped her the moment they’d arrived in the bedroom then, as he carried her clothes into another room, instructed her to wait silently until his master was done with her.

The drugged ranger complied meekly, but heard enough to understand the magistrate was badly in debt to these two new men and bargaining for extra time to get his next payment together. Generously, he was currently offered Amy as a little something on account if they gave him more time. The strangers were obviously half-demons and had been eyeing the young blonde the whole time, and while they hadn’t said it out loud they were definitely interested in her lovely body. She didn’t looked like the usual brothel wench the greedy bastard normally offered as a bribe, so they agreed to give him a few days – But if he doesn’t produce some shiny golden coins then… well his days are numbered.

Amy didn’t have any say in the deal the Magistrate made with the demonic creatures and as his guests moved towards their lovely young victim the fat old man sat in a comfy chair to watch. Amy trembled in fear when she found herself trapped between the men. No… Beasts as they growled in pure joy to have such a fine woman within their power. Her skin felt soft and smooth, nothing like the bar and brothel wenches they normally fucked. This quivering blonde smelled clean and nice, like a proper noble lady perhaps? They didn’t bother asking if she was noble born or not, as her slim body was the only thing interesting them at that moment.

Amy felt hands moving over her body, caressing her bare skin like the men owned her. The hands kept exploring even when she pushed them away, and soon the drugged wine did it’s work and she no longer thought of actively fighting back. Removing their loin cloths, the men revealed their members to Amy. Then they pushed the lovely girl to her knees so she could get a closer look at their mighty weapons. Even with the drugged wine acting like a charm spell, the young ranger still felt things weren’t right and tried to cover her modesty from the brutes’ gaze. It didn’t help, as the demonic males loved her efforts to hide her beautiful breast from their sight, and thrilled by such passive resistance started giving her orders as to what she should do.

Kept on her knees, her first tormentor brushed his cockhead against her pretty lips and told her to open wide and let his tool slide inside her wet mouth. Amy tried to evade, but the men didn’t let her to move and soon the young woman was forced to obey the order she’d been given. Planting his hand on the top of her head, the half-demon groaned in pleasure as he controlled the speed her head bobbed back and forth on his cock at a pace that pleased him the most. The darker skinned male watched the blonde eagerly sucking his friend’s pole. His had become thick and hard just from rubbing against the lovely young woman and was clearly too big for her mouth. That didn’t mattered to him as he had other plans for her. He wanted to feel her tight fuck-hole around his spear as soon as possible, as he cracked open her sex.

Enthralled by Karrio’s dark wine the young ranger was blind to the unnaturalness of what was happening, but not how much the half-demons were loving the slim girl’s attention. The darker skinned male moved next to his friend so Amy could have both thick cocks to work on. She set about pleasuring the males in turn, sucking their knobs, licking and kissing their rampant shafts, all while her slender fingers were stroking the hard meat poles. The brutes loved the view, Amy’s mouth felt as near to heavenly as they could imagine, and once she proved to be a fast learner of erotic oral arts the men eagerly gave her more orders. The blonde’s deft hands continually massaging both members as her soft lips first caressed one cockhead before allowing it to slid into her mouth, then closed around the other man’s knob so her tongue could dance over it teasingly. Lust for her body enflamed both men’s veins with every passing moment, but it was the brown skinned thug who took things with their beautiful victim to the next level.

The brown skinned half-demon disappeared behind Amy, so she gave her undivided attention to his darker friend’s cock. He loved the feeling of both her hands worked on his flesh weapon as her lips engulfed its knob, then groaned in lust and she took inches of his cock into her wet mouth. Amy really was a quick learner, and eagerly did all sorts of nasty tricks to please him. Her head moved back and forth at a good pace, until his lust took control and he grabbed her hair to pull her head forward, forcing her to take his member much deeper into her mouth. With her slender figure, perfect skin and lovely firm perky tits the blonde must be from noble family, and he was getting off thinking how some nobleman’s daughter was eagerly sucking his massive demonic cock, and how ashamed her parents would be if such depraved behaviour was made public. The loan shark’s thugs didn’t bother asking the magistrate, as they knew fine ladies visited his office for various reasons. They just assumed they were correct, as the thought of sexually abusing a noble girl triggered their darker desires. Of course it was only an option, but it thrilled them anyway, as who wouldn’t lust after fucking a noble born woman, especially one this pretty?

The brown skinned male dropped to his knees behind Amy and decided to position her more usefully so he and his friend had the chance to take their enjoy from the young woman. Amy felt herself pushed and turned into another pose before her hands were pulled back. Soon enough she discovered why, as the brown half-demon slid his eager cockhead between her silky nether lips then speared her womanhood, stretching it to take his hard member. His dark friend held Amy’s head firm and enjoyed the feeling of her lips around his staff as she tried to squeal in surprise, then took greater pleasure from forcing his pride in her wet, welcoming mouth.

The men groaned with at both ends of the blonde ranger as they forced her to become a sex-toy for their vile pleasure. She had no say in what was happening. Her only option was to stay spit-roasted between them and let the men have their fun with her. The half-demon behind her kept his pole moving back and forth inside her, slamming it deeper into her pussy with every thrust he made.

After a while, the demonic male behind Amy wanted her all for himself, and the dark skinned thug was pushed away. The brown skinned demon groaned in lust, loving the tightness around his spear as he forced it even deeper into the slender young woman’s sex. She squealed most fetchingly with every violent thrust he made, panting heavily and moaning loudly as his member moved back and forth inside her. Enjoying the rough sex immensely, the man hilting his hard member in her pussy groaned with pleasure almost as loudly as Amy. Pushed onto all fours, he easily forced his pole as far into Amy as humanly possible. He trembled from the thrilling feelings of her tight womanhood massaging his tool, lust for her lovely body almost driving him out of his mind.

The half-demon placed his hands on Amy’s shoulders to keep her tightly controlled as he eagerly bumped hips with the smooth skinned blonde. As he pulled Amy towards him, he thrust his hips forward making the young woman cry out loudly every time. Pointing firmly downwards, her perky tits bounced back and forth in time with his fierce pace, and then the demonic male felt her body start to tremble. Amy’s vaginal muscles spasmed around his invading member and her pussy squeezed even tighter as she reached her own peak of pleasure and carnal fulfilment. For a while she was like hot wax in his hands and on his cock, her body squirming in front of him as her breathing became more intermittent than before.

The half-breed groaned with lust he’d never felt before and desperately wanted to release his seed inside the young blonde’s womanhood, tarnishing her honour forever. However, as much as it would please him to impregnate her right there and then he forced himself to pull out. He would not allow himself that pleasure, at least not just yet. This fair haired lovely was too enjoyable for just one fuck, and even he needed a small break to recover his stamina. He pulled Amy against his chest like he owned the young slut and mauled her perky tit, as if he was making the point she belonged to them now. The blonde trembled and panted heavily as he held her tight against him in a most uncomfortable position.

As one male stepped back the other moved in and dragged Amy to her feet. She felt the darker skinned half-demon’s hard chest against her back and once again she was grabbed possessively. For a while he was happy playing with her firm tits as he licked her neck, tasting the salty sweat on her soft, smooth skin. His rampant cock rubbed against her hips and her womanhood still pulsated from the earlier round. She couldn’t deny that her body was aroused from the brute force fucking and strangely she was enjoying the way they manhandled and abused her. While in that aroused state of mind Amy was unable to break free of the heavily drugged wine’s hold. Indeed, her arousal made the dark wine’s effects even stronger and soon she was submitting to the half-demons’ sexual demands more or less willingly.

For several moments the darker demonic male humiliated the young woman in front of her audience, making her submit to his lewd usage. Then, when he sensed she’d accepted his supremacy, he finally moved forward and pushed the ranger towards the magistrate’s bed. At that point Amy dared not oppose him and she silently obeyed his strict orders most diligently.

The blonde was told to climb onto the bed and place herself in a proper pose so her master could take her. Amy obeyed, crawling onto the bed and keeping the darker demon right behind her as she thrust her ass provocatively towards him. She no longer understood her own feelings. Some of this excited her. Made her to want to feel him deep inside her, taking her as rough as he wanted, making her scream in pleasure as she begged her master for more. In another part of her mind there was a nagging feeling that this was wrong, that her place was elsewhere, that maybe she’d forgotten something important. However, her lust for carnal gratification proved stronger than every other feeling and all she desperately wanted to do was please these demonic males in every way she could.

Amy’s breathing quickened as she felt her demonic master’s strong hands grasping her hips to position himself at the perfect angle to jam his hard pole into her already assaulted silken love-tunnel. His grunts from behind her sounded self-satisfied and the young ranger braced her hands and knees on the bed, eagerly awaiting his hard manhood slamming inside her so as to make her body tremble with more waves of pleasure.

The dusky half-demon slide his hands over Amy’s ass, savouring the feel of her smooth soft skin and her firm young buttocks. Cruelly, he made her wait for the pleasure she’d feel when he sheathed his sword in her pussy. The blonde trembled in anticipation, moving her hips in subtle way to lure him into give her the pleasure of his hard member. The demonic male didn’t fall into that obvious trap, as he intends to take her when he wants, at his own pace, and by his rules. Amy felt herself pushed down onto her elbows and eagerly thrust her hips up, desperate to feel his mighty member going inside her, mercilessly stretching her sex like his friend had done earlier. Frustratingly, all she could feel was the knob of his staff gently rubbing the entrance to her temple of pleasure, teasing her with its heat as he cruelly kept her waiting.

Suddenly, he slammed his hips forward and with one long and fierce thrust buried the full length of his rock hard cock deep inside her wet womanhood. Amy almost jumped from the bed in surprise and the demon had to grab hold to keep her immobile so he could fuck her brains out. Low growls behind her signifying the demonic male was enjoying his meat-pole pistoning back and forth inside her. Every fierce thrust felt like a whip lashing her pussy, as his cockhead forced its way even deeper into her sex, making her feel as if he were ramming a club up her pussy. The young ranger moaned, panted, and squealed in pleasure, then yelped loudly every time his pole went so deep she was terrified he’d tear her apart. The demon didn’t slow down as she screamed in pain, rather her fear made him even more eager to hurt her.

Amy shuddered from the waves of pleasure his thick pole was creating by rubbing every single sensitive spot inside her womanhood. Her moans became louder and longer, letting everyone know that she enjoyed been taken so ruthlessly. The dark skinned half-demon behind her kept growling, but it the tone was much deeper and heavier than before. She felt unbelievably hot and wet inside, and her silken pussy squeezed tightly around his hard spear, massaging the demonic cock in such a way that he found it difficult to keep his focus and not shoot his load inside his glorious young lover.

The half-demon kept his member moving back and forth inside the moaning blonde, slowing his pace somewhat to enjoy her tightness even more. Amy slumped onto her elbows and couldn’t imagine anything would ever feel as good again. Of course the drugged wine made her incapable of truly realize where she was and what was happening to her. Her body started to twitch and wriggle within his firm grip as the young ranger felt sexual pressure growing inside her again. She tingling all over her body as the dark demonic male kept punishing her pussy with his hard rod, which perversely was making her hornier and hornier.

The blonde groaned and bit her lower lip as she was pushed far over the edge of carnal pleasure. Lust really was driving her out of her mind and her hips kept thrusting back against his massive cock. Back and forth, sideways, twisting motions – Amy tried everything to increase the pleasure she was feeling. Eventually, her eyes rolled back in her skull and Amy knew she was about to have a massive orgasm if she could just get off a little more. The sadistic half-demon realised exactly the same thing and kept the quivering blonde balanced on the edge of fulfilment for so long that she almost went mad from the sexual teasing. Thrilling, mind blowing pleasure was almost within her grasp, but the male denied it to her.

Cruelly, the half-demon didn’t allow her to climax, rather he slowed the pace even more and kept the young woman on the very edge of orgasm. However, he didn’t bother teasing her for too long as he wanted some different fun with this eager young girl. Suddenly, he pulled his member out of Amy and before she could react forcefully threw her to the middle of the bed. It was clear both men wanted more fun with her, in yet another position.

The darker half-demon moved in front of Amy, while the brown demonic male stayed behind her. Eager to please her masters she set about sucking the dark demonic pole while massaging it with her hand. She could taste her own juices as her tongue danced around the dark knob, her slender fingers encircling the shaft and pumping it hard. Again, he was pleased with the blonde’s eagerness and loved having her soft lips around his cock, her wet mouth almost as hot as her womanhood had been. His brown skinned friend took his place behind Amy and once again slid his pole inside her welcoming pussy. He released a long pleasure filled groan as his hard member slipped easily inside her sex. This young woman’s body was really amazing, as her pussy still felt wonderful tight even after the stretching sessions they’d given it. Both males grunted and groaned as they spit-roasted the young ranger between them, enjoying the fact she felt even better than before and giving no thought whatsoever to the magistrate who was watching the whole depraved show from his chair.

Amy started panting heavily as the brown demon behind her kept ramming his thick spear into her cunt, rubbing all the tiny spots that gave her ultimate pleasure. His hard member felt big and strong inside her, making the young woman submit utterly to a desire for carnal pleasure. Her body rocked in time with the demonic male’s fierce thrusts, making them feel softer and therefore more enjoyable for her. The slender fingers of her right hand were wrapped tightly around the darker male’s rampant cock, working it lustfully as she realised she was truly enjoying the undivided attention of the two ruthless males.

Soon enough Amy was lifted from the bed and placed on all fours between the randy males. The brown skinned half-demon didn’t bothered pulling out even for a second, he just demonstrated his strength by lifting her from one pose to another. Amy’s slim body trembled with desire, wanting to feel his thick hard member going as deep as possible inside her doggy style. They way these males treated her made her feel even hotter than before, she loved being manhandled on the bed by these brutes. Amy looked at the man behind her as he rammed his cock in her pussy once again, crying out loudly as his sword hilted inside her, then screamed in lust at what his tool was making of her.

On hands and knees between the two demonic males, Amy cried out loud as the one behind her grunted and groaned as his flesh sword stretch her even more so as to make her a suitable sheath for his weapon of choice. She tried to move along the thrusts to make the vicious pace easier for her, but the demonic male was intent on using her like a sex-slave. This time she just a piece of meat for fucking and couldn’t do much but squeal until she was ordered to suck the massive black member in front of her. This time, both males were able to control both pace and how deep their tools went into her holes. One manhood ravished her silken passage, stretching her ready for further usage, while the other demon grabbed her head and tried to push his cockhead down her throat. All Amy could do was try to service both men as best she could while being skewered between of them.

The young blonde was mercilessly fucked at each end for a while, her every movement controlled by the horny demon’s strong hands, her body completely owned by the two men. Then, the dark skinned demon decided he wanted his rock-hard cock buried in her womanhood again. The brown skinned demon wasn’t ready to vacate her pussy, but his more dominant friend just pulled Amy off his cock as he moved her closer. The panting ranger found herself sandwiched between two males, with thick rock hard cocks impatient to penetrate her and blood boiling with lust in their veins. Having positioned her to his liking, the darker male under Amy slid his pole deep inside her pussy and started giving her a proper fucking.

The brown skinned demon decided he didn’t want to share the blonde’s pussy with another cock, so set about plundering her ‘virginal’ rectum for his pleasure. Instinctively, Amy clenching her asshole when the cockhead pressed against it, then screamed in pain as several inches of brown demonic sex-weapon slammed into her spasming rear entrance. Soon enough, pain began mixing with pleasure and Amy started squealing from the dark thrill she was getting from this rough double penetration. The first seconds had been filled with agony and had instantly pushed her to her limits, but now that slowly melted away and thrilling pleasure erased the harsh memories of terrible pain from her mind. Amy felt their hot breath on her soft skin, their greedy hands mauling her sweaty body, their massive cocks thrusting inside both her nether holes in ways that kept her body trembling with lust the whole time.

Her hips started moving like they had a mind of their own, taking both cocks at the same time despite feeling she was at her limits and fearing her holes would be ripped apart by the two violent brutes. Their thrusts were long and hard, not giving her time to breath as by they just saw her as a sex slave. Her purpose was to serve them, to pleasure them, to offer every hole in her body up for abuse.

Amy couldn’t think of anything other than the mind blowing pleasure she was experiencing. Maybe Karrio’s dark wine was causing it, but her own desire for new and thrilling sexual sensations kept her body wanting more. She felt like the whole world was rocking before her eyes and hitting on her like never before. Huge orgasms swept through her slender body making it shake violently, she was screaming in lust, her every muscle was spasming, and her holes clenched tight on both men’s cock. To the demons it felt as if a hand had grabbed hold of their poles and squeezed, making both males grunt in pain then moan in dark, depraved pleasure. The blonde started to shake as if she was having a seizure, which made it difficult to both fuck and bugger her.

The brown demon decided he wanted to fuck Amy in yet another position, so pulled his member from her asshole when he got the chance. He’d almost shot his load deep inside her rectum anyway and wanted to save his cum to taint her in another way. Thus, he decided to take a small break from enjoy her many physical assets. Amy enjoyed having room to move at last and started riding the darker demon’s fuck pole in earnest. Her hips moved up and down as she eagerly impaled herself on the full length of his tool, all the time moaning and groaning in obvious pleasure at having such a long hard manhood buried deep inside her pussy.

The half-demon behind Amy grabbed her arms and began pulling her off his friend’s cock. The dark skinned demon didn’t liked that his enjoyment was being ruined by having his blonde sex machine pulling away so abruptly, but calmed down when understood she’d be repositioned both of them to take more pleasures. Anyway, just lying on the bed allowing the blonde to ride him for her own enjoyment was too passive for his depraved tastes.

The young woman wasn’t sure what the demons had in mind, but it wasn’t like she had any say in the rape after all. The men got up on their knees, pulled Amy between them, and manhandled her until she was held up in the air between them at perfect fucking height. She got the hint there’d be more double penetration action for her, as both males obviously wanted their rampant cocks back in her pleasure holes and didn’t care if she got hurt while they were doing it.

The dark skinned demon was still in front, so slid his thick member inside Amy’s well stretched womanhood, while the brown skinned demon had reaming her rear in his sights. Soon enough the ranger was working her body between her inhuman lovers, moaning softly in pleasure while sharing long kisses with the darker half-demon. They held her up in the air like a feather as the two spears plundered her holes, her weight not slowing them down in anyway. In her deeply arousal state of mind the young blonde was even more impressed by their athletic destruction of her supposed noble virtue. She was being thoroughly fucked by two strong males who knew exactly how to use a woman to get whatever pleasure they wanted.

Amy’s hands grabbed the shoulders of demonic male in front of her and leaned back against the demon behind her, allowing both males to pick up the pace. Grunting and groaning, the men were making it a race to see who could make her to cry out loudest in pleasure, who has hardest pole, and how much stamina they had left after their marathon sex session. They were impressed the young blonde had taken everything they’d done to her and was still awaken and fucking them back. True her skin was really hot, she was slippery with sweat, and her voice was hoarse from all the ecstatic screaming she’d been doing, but most other females they’d double-teamed in the past would have fainted dead away by now. Of course, that never stopped the demonic males from carrying on raping them anyway.

The men kept Amy between them, bouncing her up and down however they pleased, their spears impaling her again and again. Both demons loved the feeling of this lovely young body trembling in their grasp like a sexy trapped bird, moaning like a common slut and allowing them to use her like a cheap whore.

Both men decided they’d had enough fun with her in an upright position, and realising he was close to climax the darker demon really didn’t wanted to blow his load in this position. He growled at his friend, ordering him to back off for a while and as he moved away Amy dropped to the bed on her back. The dark skinned demon gave her no respite and immediately lent over her and thrust so deep into her pussy their hips collided. Amy’s legs pointed towards the ceiling, her firm tits bounced along with his fierce rhythm, and now he had the leverage to start his final assault, intent on really breaking her with his massive black phallus.

The brown skinned demon took firm grip on her head, holding it immobile to allow him to enjoy the look on her face as his dark friend put everything he had left into a final violation. Amy didn’t disappoint, voicing lusty screams of dark pleasure while clasping her lovely thighs around his hips to force the demon’s cock deeper into her pussy as if she hoped his spine would melt, shoot through his mighty pride & joy, and fill her womb.

Grunting and growling, the dark half-demon slowed his pace as he didn’t want to stop his violation, well not yet anyway. Still, the fuse had been lit and eventually he surrendered to his nature and started ruthlessly fucking the young blonde. For her part, Amy just lay under him like a broken toy, barely conscious but still squealing loudly from the brutal pussy pounding she was getting. Her lovely firm breasts bouncing prettily to the rhythm of her moans as her tired legs slumped limply to the bed.

The darker demon pulled his cock from her fuck-hole and pumped it a few times as he knelt between the blonde’s trembling thighs. Then, groaning long and hard he started shooting his unholy seed over the soft skin of her belly. Amy felt the hot slimy liquid splatter across her stomach and tits and felt strangely proud she’d be able to get him to cum so hard. It was proof she’d serviced him well enough to please him and now was getting her reward.

When the dark skinned demon was finally satisfied with Amy, she was thrown on the mercy of the other half-demon. He didn’t waste any time taking what he wanted from her, roughly flipping her onto her belly in the middle of the bed and climbing over her. The young ranger felt his hot breath on her neck as he came closer, then he started licking her hot skin as he seemed to love the salty taste of her sweat.

The blonde didn’t try to avoid been taken. Just the opposite, she pushed her hips upwards so he could fill her waiting womanhood with his hard member that much faster. Her pulse was still racing and she was hoping the brown skinned demon wasn’t running out of stamina as she was eager for more orgasms.

Amy’s wish was fulfilled when the demon behind her guided his pole inside her roughly assaulted temple of pleasures. He pressed his chest against the blonde’s back and kept moving his member inside her. She lay there on her belly and moaned while working her hips against her demonic lover so she could welcome him as deep inside her as possible. She loved feeling his thick club moving inside her and hoped that he too would be pleased. At least he seemed horny enough and groaned into her ear as he licked her neck with his long tongue.

The half-demon picked up the pace and pulled Amy up from the bed. He enjoyed raping women in many positions so as to keep his prey unbalanced for as long as possible. Amy felt the pace getting stronger bit by bit as she was pulled backwards. His lance was lunging into the depths of her passion again and again. Her moans became stronger and the young blonde had no choice but to obey her master’s wishes. She followed every direction he gave her as fast as she could, desperate to kept his wonderful cock filling her sex. It was like a drug and she wanted even more thrilling delights, despite the excess she had already got from them.

The blonde found herself leaning on her forearms with her buttocks positioned up high. The brown half-demon grunted loudly while keeping his thrusts long and hard. Amy screamed out loud when his member reached the ultimate depth of her silken sex. It felt like he intended to force his cockhead through her cervix and spray his foul seed directly into her womb. All Amy cared about at that point was to please her masters and be rewarded by them. She wasn’t able to think of anything else, especially what might come from such a total defilement… A half-breed child.

The demonic male groaned and grunted behind the young woman who was eagerly offered her assets for his usage. Amy trembled and shook as so many strong and different feelings mixed inside her mind. His fierce thrusts gave her pain and pleasure. Lust for the demons’ massive cocks fought against fear of pregnancy. Everything became one big mess in her mind and she just let it happen.

For a while the brown skinned demon fucked the whimpering girl from behind, then he spun her around on his cock so he could look in her eyes and pulled her hips up to further ravish her womanhood. It felt like he was getting pretty low on stamina, and if Amy had been able to think straight she would probably been happy about that. Her body ached all over, and her most sacred area had been so savagely mauled it was almost entirely numb.

Undiscouraged, the brown demon’s pole kept pumping into his young victim at a hard and heavy pace. Groaning like the beast he was, he enjoyed the sight of his manhood repeatedly violating the lovely slender woman’s sex. For her part, Amy was so exhausted after the long session satisfying the two sexual beasts she just lay there and let him use her as a living sex-toy as she caught her breath.

The brown skinned demon didn’t wanted to stop, but even his depraved lust had its limits. He tried to slow his pace, allowing her to lay on the bed to prolong his pleasure a bit more, but her moaning, her lovely legs wrapped around his hips and her eagerness to please was too much for him. He couldn’t fight against nature and surrendered, hoping he’ll meet this young vixen again, and that it would happen sooner rather than later.

Like his friend before, the half-demon pulled his cock from Amy’s body before he unloaded his essence into her. It would be much more satisfying to destroy the young human’s honour by painting her womb with his seed, but the demons had a deal with magistrate – No planting their seed in fertile soil.

So he pulled out and moved forward to spray his seeds over her chest, decorating her firm and perky tits with slimy cum. It would have been so easy to forget their deal, fill the obviously noble girl’s womb with demonic seed and take her with them. After all, the Magistrate couldn’t tell anyone without showing himself to be in league with demonic creatures.

While the brown demonic male was getting off the bed his dark skinned friend had partially dressed and was talking with the magistrate, the fat human trying to negotiate a deal over what he owed them. Feeling dizzy, Amy pushed herself upright and realised she was unsure what she should be doing right now. Her body ached from the intense fucking she’d experienced at the hands of the demonic brutes, and that made it hard to concentrate on anything important.

The magistrate threw himself on the mercy of the half-demons and got a few days grace to get his payment together. Of course, if he fails they’ll take matters into their own hands and it won’t be some silly girl that will pay a horrible price. Despite wobbly knees and post-sex exhaustion the young ranger managed to get to her feet. Amy’s head felt weird from the drug laced wine that still held sway over her, and while she couldn’t say why she was there she certainly knew her body was still fully aroused. While the obviously important people were having an intense conversation she meekly stayed silent. She didn’t dare ask questions, so just stood there hoping someone would tell her what to do.

Satisfied, but without the gold coins they’d been after, the demonic creatures left and the magistrate turned his attention towards Amy. He called his servant over and gave orders to deal with the harlot and then throw her back on the street. She’d done her job and there was no need to keep her anymore. His personal servant nodded as this wasn’t the first time some lady’s quest to see the Magistrate had ended in a “private meeting” before being thrown back after vile deeds had been done. The blonde was lead to another room where the servant cleaned her most intimately, then ensured she drank an entire glass of bitter tonic to remove the effects of Karrio’s dark wine. Finally he helped her dress quickly before deciding it was time to get her out of the building.

Minutes later, as Amy was being pushed out of the front door, memories of her mission slowly started to return. At the same time, she quickly forgot everything that had happened in magistrate’s bed chambers. The guards made a really rude joke at Amy’s expense as she swayed on the top step, baffling her as to why they’d trash talk like that. Of course they knew exactly what the sexy blonde had been up to, as she wasn’t the first of their employer’s fuck-toys to stumble out of the door in a confused state, nor was she likely to be the last if thing go as usual.

With nothing more to do in town, Amy realised she was able to return to the forest and find her friends. As she remembered more and more about Katie and Nemi the last vestiges of the vile things she had done after drinking that wine in magistrate’s house slipped from her mind.