Adara – Traps

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Katie got an errand to carry a message to the local magistrate, important enough to send her there personally and make sure the magistrate read it. Amy and Nemi agreed to go with her. For Nemi it was nice to see the world outside and get to know her new home. There wasn’t much to do in the Relley’s manor. Amy Yard was hired to be the family’s guard, but soon enough befriended Katie and became her personal protector – not a full bodyguard, but more like a trusted friend, keeping unwanted persons away.

The noble Relley family worked closely with the guild of blue mages. Many of their family had joined the guild, while others found their paths somewhere else. Katie’s studies benefited from their large library and that of her uncles and aunts. The knowledge in their library was priceless.

While en route to the magistrate’s estates, the girls noticed footprints. They were on the edge of the fairy forest, rumoured to be haunted by spirits of deserters from wars long ago. Lore spoke of old ruins where these men lived and died alone, now waiting to torment other living beings fool enough to enter their domain.

Katie had studied that area – it was near their own estate’s eastern border – but had found no formal records of deserters. Still, here were fresh footprints in the sand; someone had to have walked there recently, towards that fairy forest. Amy noted there were two people, and from size of the boots, they might be females or boys. They decided it wouldn’t hurt if they took a sneak peek, to learn something new or just prove there was nothing to fear.

The path led to a clearing with some old stone pillars. Katie was interested in seeing what they might be, but even more interested in the identity of the people they were following. Nemi reminded her that her message should take priority and that they could always come back, but Katie knew that Amy desired to see a bit of action, as lately their days have been less eventful. Katie’s own curiosity drew her towards Amy’s direction.

Katie noticed an old map lying on the ground, and other items around the clearing. The map was of this area, with this spot circled. The young sorceress was now worried about what had happened here. The prints were only a few hours old and ended here. The items told them that the owner must have been female. There were other prints around this clearing, none leading out from this spot.

The girls decided to take a quick look around the area. Nemi inspected an old stone pillar with writing on it – blessings and prayers. Katie looked at a stone statue, its head broken off. Clearly it had been here for centuries. This site had been used for some kind of religious purpose in the past, but no one knew why there was no mention in the books.

Katie and Amy tried to figure out the mystery of the stone statue, to find some markings telling who this might be and what they should do with this place. The ground under the statue had given way, making the statue tilt left. Amy wondered how much force it had taken to cut the head off solid stone. Or what kind of weapon would do that. This wasn’t nature’s doing.

Nemi found nothing useful from the stone pillar, and headed across the area towards her friends. There was a stone disc in the middle of the area, grass growing from cracks within it.

As Nemi neared the disc, she asked if they should go now. She thought they might have been fooled here by spirits; some of the powerful ones could make those prints, and the items could have been illusions.

Nemi’s foot touched the disc and something activated, pulling the helpless drowess into the air. A small whirlwind formed around her and sucked her through a portal before the others could respond.

Amy and Katie were shocked to see how quickly Nemi disappeared. They hadn’t even bothered to check the disc. Maybe the others had stepped on that trap too, and now Nemi was in there, too.

Katie felt guilty for Nemi’s capture. She wanted them to continue on their mission before looking into this. She hadn’t noticed the disc before it was too late. Amy and Katie tried to figure out how they could study this disc without being sucked through it themselves. The sorceress had plenty of ideas, but there were two things to worry about: Nemi’s safety, and that message.

Katie saw no other choice but to split up, and made Amy take the message. They might not have time to both save Nemi and carry the message together. But Amy was reluctant to leave another of her friends in the middle of forest by herself, especially when her duty was to keep her safe.

Amy had to pull rank on her friend and remind her that carrying that message was keeping her safe as well. And she could work with the disc and make it reveal Nemi’s location. Amy didn’t like her friend reminding that she was a hired guard, but she understood Katie’s reasons. Nemi could be in danger, and the message was important too.

Amy disappeared into the green forest. Katie was amused at how Amy always found her way in the woods, like she was in her own home. She guessed it was her ranger trade. The sorceress pushed those thoughts out of her mind and turned her attention to this disc. She’d crack its secrets out eventually, but hoped it would be soon.

Nemi woke up in a small cell. The drowess felt dizzy after the bumpy ride she had gotten from that nasty trap disc. Slowly, the dizzyness faded and she started to investigate her cell. The walls were stone, and steel bars stood between her and the corridor. It was empty, and old, but not so old that no one used it. She could smell a darker presense in here, somewhere. That made her worry, but then she found the people that they had been tracking.

In the cell opposite hers were two young human women, silent, as helpless as she was. Nemi tried to get their attention. The drowess hoped that her friends would find her and rescue her. They certainly would help these two as well.

Then Nemi’s sharp ears picked up sounds. Footsteps; someone was coming this way. It took only moments to see who was there with them. A dark demonic figure appeared in front of Nemi’s cell. The drowess was shocked to see that kind of dark entity here, and feared their purpose in being here. The demonic figure growled, pleased to see the newest victim of his trap. A nice looking drowess. A rare catch; really rare from the world under the sun. She would be a nice addition to his plans.

With one movement of his hand the bars raised. Invisible hands pulled Nemi up and forced her towards this demon. He looked old; his horns had lots of markings from battles. The closer Nemi came, the more she feared him. This was no low level demon, like she had seen in that perverted kingdom of the troll king. This was something else, an old veteran of many battles, and now he was collecting his trophies from his trap.

The demon cast hold spells on Nemi and one of the girls from the next cell, a magical cord from his hand to their necks, forcing them to follow him. If either tried to fight, that cord would tighten, causing pain that grew stronger as long she fought back. When they submitted, the pain would fade away.

The demon left the last girl alone in the cell and closed the bars. Then it was time to go forward with his plans. Nemi was able to speak with the other girl. She said her name was Gia and her friend was Maggie. The drowess whispered that her friends were coming, and they all would get free. Gia wasn’t sure if she would like to meet the friends of a drow, but wouldn’t say no to freedom.

Gia and Nemi were led into a bigger room, maybe the center of this dungeon. The demonic creature growled in broken language that all three of them would join as dark servants. Nemi didn’t like how that sounded. She remembered all too well her time as a slave for that troll king. The demon repeated that he would do a ritual and then they would all serve demons. Gia and Nemi were nervous about his plans for them.

Another movement from his hand, and the girls lost their clothes. Gia tried to hide her lovely assets from his eyes. She had more curves than Nemi, but the demon seemingly loved to see both girls were well developed. It was clear to Nemi how he planned them to serve after the ritual.

Though the demon was bigger than the girls, he was quite fast. Gia slumped down on her knees and Nemi was pushed against the wall for safekeeping. Demon had picked Gia to be the first new acolyte and Nemi had to wait her turn. He made sure with a binding spell that Nemi couldn’t wander off before it was her turn to join the ranks of followers of demons.

Once Nemi was taken care of, the horned creature turned his attention to young Gia. She was kept still on her knees while the dark skinned demon inspected her lovely round tits, nice, fresh and perky. Her body felt strong and trained; she would carry many children in her womb for him and his brothers. They always needed young and strong women for satisfying their needs.

Gia was pulled up and pushed towards an old stone altar. She was scared of him and begged him to let her go. She begged for her life and was terrified of what was going to happen. The demon laughed dryly while pushing the young woman onward. So many others before had made the same pleas, begging for their lives and offering whatever they had for freedom. All of them joined the ranks of dark servants and served happily for their masters.

She was pushed onto the altar, and a small charm ensured that she wouldn’t roll off during the ritual. The demon chanted in some old language, before a statue near the altar. Nemi was nervous and feared for their lives. She hoped Katie and Amy would rescue her soon. She couldn’t figure out what he was chanting, but it clearly was something that submitted the victim’s mind into servitude of these brutes.

The demonic creature released his spell into Gia and she trembled on the altar from the shock. Her cries were sharp, and at first sounded painful, but turned later into passionate and pleasure-filled moans. Nemi was shocked to see it happen, speechless and helpless, her fear of being the next victim getting stronger with every heartbeat. She had just escaped other slavery with the help from Katie and Amy, and now she was to be forced to join in some kind of cult.

Gia moaned softly while lying on the altar, barely aware of where she was. The demonic male turned her to a more suitable position for his usage. Her young body was so lovely and curvy, that he could resist her no more. He pulled her closer to his pole, and Nemi watched in horror how this male was going to impale Gia with his long member. His long and thick spear was hanging between Gia’s lovely thighs, and she was set up for his pleasure.

The young woman groaned softly, waking up to this reality. Gia felt the hard knob seeking entry into her body. There was nothing she could do, as a freshly made charm settled itself into her body, to make her a willing servant for the masters of dark arts.

The demon growled from pleasure as his tool slid slowly into this young woman, so nice and tight around his pole. Gia felt how, thrust by thrust, he went deeper into her. It felt really long, longer than it looked. It really scared her to feel it moving inside her body. The demon lifted her hips up in the air, and her weight offered no strain. Gia groaned from pain with every thrust, as that spear stretched her womanhood over her limits. Strangely, she felt her body adjust itself to his pleasure.

Nemi was horrified at how this demonic creature picked Gia up from the altar as if weightless. The young pale-skinned woman rocked back and forth in front of him, taken like he wanted. He controlled the pace, how deep his pole went, and Gia’s position. Nemi heard her every cry, moan, groans and saw how her tender body trembled within his strong hold.

Gia was pulled up into his lap, and she placed her hands on his shoulders. She couldn’t understand how it was possible, but it was still happening. His long member slid deep into her time after time and started to feel good for her. Her lovely round tits were swinging along with the pace, adding enjoyment to his view. The creature of darkness groaned loudly from the carnal pleasures that he got from her. This woman was a real gem – young, strong body, lovely round tits, and pleasure he rarely saw or felt.

The demon wanted to see how eager Gia was to please him. Her moans had changed a lot, and she moved against him more willingly now. He moved onto the altar on his back and gave Gia a chance to ride on his long pole as much as she wanted. She took the opportunity eagerly and moved herself over his pole as fast as she could. The demon growled from the pleasure. This woman was a real vixen; after geting her hot enough, she almost impaled herself with his lance. Her womanhood had been stretched to meet his size. Indeed, she could be one of the best acolytes they had ever had.

Gia continued until her master had enjoyed her enough. He certainly loved to watch this young woman ride eagerly on his pole, her nicely round tits moving with her rhythm. That alone made watching her pure pleasure. She panted heavily, her body trembling, and the demon decided that it was time to end the ritual. As enjoyable as Gia was, he had two other girls in there, so he wasn’t going to waste all his energy on one.

Gia was pushed aside and the demon got up from the altar. She would be a fine addition for their acolytes and her initiation should have been finished now. Gia panted heavily, feeling proud of herself, that she was allowed to serve her master and to feel his mighty manhood inside her body. Her legs were still shaking when she was pulled away from the altar. She hoped that she would be allowed to serve him again soon.

Gia was placed in front of the female statue, and the demon started to chant yet another charm on her. Suddenly she felt the air around her body grow cold, and then smooth fabric against her skin. Dark acolytes robes had been created on her from thin air, and she loved their feel.

Now it was time for the demon to turn his attention towards the lovely little drowess in safekeeping on the wall. Nemi had seen everything that had happened to Gia, and she could not say which thing scared her the most – that dark ritual, or his huge manhood. The demon walked to her and pulled her from the wall. She could do nothing to stop him.

Nemi was pushed towards the altar and forced to bend over it. She leaned on it while the demonic brute prepared to take her from behind. The drowess trembled from fear and tried to beg for help from Gia with her eyes, but she stood there motionless, seeming to await commands from her master.

With one fierce thrust the horned beast rammed his pole into Nemi’s womanhood, making sure the drowess felt his power and might. She cried out loud and sharply as pain sent shockwaves throughout her body. His pace was moderate, but still demanding, and Nemi could sense his lust. His left hand came to play with her firm tits, while his other hand was tightly on her throat, keeping her in that position, like a toy for him. A fuck toy. The demon groaned and growled behind her from the pleasure, loving the feel of Nemi’s tight womanhood stretched around his pole.

Slowly the demon’s pace grew faster, and his spear pressed deeper into her body. Nemi had slumped against the altar, her mind filled with strong waves of pleasure. Her body shook violently as her orgasms built up one after another. She barely recovered from one before another would explode inside her, making her moan loud and long. Nemi could think of nothing else but the carnal lust awakened inside her. The demon held her lower body up in the air, also enjoying how easily she came. She twitched and shook, her womanhood tightening with each climax, pleasuring both of them.

When the demonic creature noticed how passive she had become, he pulled his manhood out. It was time to start the dark ritual on her. The demon turned Nemi on her back, and lust filled his mind as he looked at her naked form, so lovely, so firm and slim figured. He started his chants, and Gia joined in, watching him make this drowess into her sister. The dark skinned beast growled ancient words, drew symbols in the air, and released the charm on the helpless woman.

He could resist his own lust no longer, wanting another go with this lovely female. He pulled Nemi’s legs up and made her hold them. Soon, the drowess felt his hard member slide back into her womanhood, and heard his groans deepen. Nemi moaned loudly as well, lying there on the altar, being taken by this brutish being. She felt certain his sword would reach her throat, as he rammed it into her with fierce thrusts.

Even a demon like him had his limits; he knew he would soon shoot his seed into this woman. And who could be better to receive it? Drow females were known to be proud and strong, almost too headstrong to work with and always venomous to handle, until their will was broken. Drow females were able to withstand more punishment and abuse than human females, so drowess acolytes were valuable for them. Some demons had rougher games in mind for willing and eager acolytes. A few last thrusts, and the demon’s growls filled the altar room alongside Nemi’s long cries. Wave after wave of his seed pumped into her womanhood, filling her womb with it.

Now satisfied, he pulled his member from the heavily panting drowess and ordered Gia to help her new acolyte sister back on her feet. Nemi was still shaken from that rough ride. Dizzyness kept her firmly on that altar. She still felt the effect all over her body, aching everywhere. Gia obeyed her orders and started to pull the weakened drowess up.

Nemi’s legs were still shaking when Gia helped her up. The demonic creature smiled while watching these two lovely women, new acolytes for their cult. His hand moved up and he continued the ritual spells. The drowess felt the air around herself grow colder, and Gia holding her still. Without her support, Nemi would have slumped on the floor like a ragdoll.

The demon and Gia chanted final words together, and Nemi felt smooth fabric against her skin. The shaking of her legs faded as her strength returned. Her body aches faded, too, and the drowess smiled while looking at her new acolyte robes. Now she was a member of their cult, proud to be serving dark lords. The demonic creature was pleased to see two women dressed so. His brothers would go over the roof with joy when he presented three new girls into their cult. It was now time to make this third girl join them.

Maggie had been alone in her cell since the demon dragged Gia and Nemi away. She had heard plenty of voices, panting, moaning, crying, growling. Voices that echoed from those stone walls and filled this otherwise silent hiding place. She feared what this demon had done to the other women, and when they went silent, she feared the worst. Maggie was shocked to see the demonic creature return to her cell, completely naked. She was even more shocked at his large manhood. She hadn’t seen a member as big as that before, and she now understood why she had heard so many cries of pain, and then moments later, lustful moaning.

The demon didn’t care if she was in shock or not. The bars lifted, and he pulled the third girl out of her cell. Maggie felt him partially push, partially carry her forward. Her weight was no problem to him; he manhandle Gia and Nemi easily earlier, and she was even smaller. The young woman didn’t know where this creature of darkness was leading her. Fear gripped her soul.

When they arrived at the altar room, the demon threw Maggie onto the floor in front of him. He stood there looking as strong and big as he could be. The young woman saw Gia and Nemi standing at his side, motionless, wearing odd looking black robes, like they didn’t care what happened to her. Maggie felt even worse, trembling from horror as the demon’s intentions towards her were clear.

The demonic creature was pleased to see this young woman fear him, lying at his altar. It would be pure pleasure to make her part of their cult and see her lovely slim figured body used by other creatures from the dark side. With a small movement of his hand, she was pulled back to her knees, and the demon directed her face towards his pole. There was no doubt about what he wanted from her. Maggie shook with fear as she was forced to please this monster. His tool was massive looking; it felt so hard and strong in her hand, and was too big for her mouth. The sight of his tool on her lips thrilled the demon, giving him even more pleasure than her hand and mouth were.

Another spell from the demonic creature, and Maggie felt her clothes dissappear, leaving her completely naked. For a while she hoped this beast would settle for just this kind of pleasure. But she had heard the moanings and cries of Gia and this drow woman, and knew it would be miracle if this demon left her untouched. He was groaning from pleasure, eagerly looking at her naked body. Maggie put all her effort into pleasing this monster with her hands and mouth, hoping it would be enough.

Her hopes were crushed when she heard his raspy voice order her onto the altar. The young woman felt a cold fist of horror choking her as this demonic beast stared at her with black eyes. His manly member looked menacing; Maggie was unsure if she would survive it. Soon, she would get more of it than she wanted.

Maggie moved onto the altar, and the demonic creature eagerly pulled her into position. He could feel the fear this young woman felt inside her soul as he opened her legs. The demon groaned from lust while watching how lovely this one was. He was happy that he had left this little bird for last. She was like icing on the cake after the two other women. An idea popped into his mind to hide this one from the others and keep her just for his own private fun. None of the others knew about this outpost. It would be so thrilling to have this young woman for his needs alone.

The demon started his initiation spells for her, and Maggie was pushed on her back on the altar. The young maiden felt her mind grow cloudy, almost forgetting her fear of the demonic creature. She looked at her friends; they stood there like statues, doing nothing to help her or him. Both looked at her, waiting for something. For the demonic beast to slide his hard member into her womanhood. Maggie lay back on that old altar, while the spells calmed her down.

Maggie cried out sharply as the demon’s hard member stretched her wide open. He kept pushing his tool futher in her with short thrusts, and bit by bit, he was able to stretch her as much as he wanted. His charm on that table allowed him to take any female without tearing her apart with his monstrous sized pole. But it didn’t change the pain that she felt. He enjoyed feeling her tight silky passage around his hard member, and her cries were like a symphony of carnal pleasure to his ears. The demonic creature groaned while moving deep inside this young woman’s tight womanhood. If he brought her into the cult and let the other demons use her as well, her lovely tight body would be ruined fast. Now, as he felt her tightness around his spear, he decided to hide Maggie. She would be his private slave, and he alone would enjoy her company. He would make these other women forget Maggie completely. No one would know about her.

The demon took his time with Maggie, and his spells kept her uninjured as long she was on that altar. His thick member slid deeper into her with long thrusts, and she panted heavily, crying out loud from every lust filled thrust he made. Maggie’s hips were kept up in the air by this horny beast, as he rammed his monstrous tool into the young woman’s body. She couldn’t understand how that could be possible, but it was. She was being mercilessly taken on that stone table. Maggie’s firm tits moved along with the long fierce thrusts, and he enjoyed making her cry out with every movement. She was like a doll for him, an item to use, property to own; he didn’t care whether she enjoyed this or not. His own pleasure was on his mind, and her body gave a lot of it. Her moanings, cries and heavy panting mixed with his groaning and growling as his pace stayed high. Her weight offered no challenge as he manhandled her on that table.

The demon had been blinded by his own lust and forgot his purpose here. Her lovely young body offered such wonderful pleasures for him that he gave in, and drank from that cursed carnal cup that made demon males lose their minds. Maggie was pushed further on the table, and he climbed on it too. He wanted to ram his pole fully into this slim figured woman and feel her tight silky passage around his entire member. His lust demanded he stretch her to meet his size in length and in width. She was lying under him, back against the altar, legs between them. She couldn’t bend her legs, and she could barely breathe. His fierce, owning thrusts didn’t help her as he rammed his spear as deep into her womanhood as possible. Maggie tried to gasp for air between the sharp cries she made from the force of those thrusts. She felt his body weight over her, slowly crushing her.

Meanwhile, in the cell corridor, a portal opened up, and Katie came through it. She had managed to crack the spell on the old stone disc and discover its destination. She used her knowledge to transport herself there, hoping to find Nemi. It was a big risk, not knowing if any enemies awaited her, but she took the risk anyway. She knew her teachers would say that she was too reckless and someday she would die because of that.

As the portal closed, Katie dropped to the ground. She barely managed to keep her balance while making an ugly landing. She was glad none of her teachers were there to see it. She got up fast and checked the surrounding area, to see if she had been detected.

She moved forward and found the cells where Nemi and the other women had been. Katie was unhappy to see those empty cells, hoping Nemi was still here somewhere. She had to find another lead. She heard echoes of moaning and cries from the corridors. It was hard to say how far away they were. Soon the sorceress noticed another voice, much deeper, and male. There were at least two people here; maybe they knew where Nemi might be.

The apprentice sorceress found her way to the altar room and saw a horned demon over a young human female. Katie tried to survey the room before making her move, hoping to drop that demon with one strike. She noticed two other figures next to a big statue, silently watching the demonic creature and that girl. She couldn’t see for sure whether one of those figures were Nemi. She to think fast what she would do next. The demon got down from the table, turned the heavily panting girl around, and pulled her towards him. He was setting her up for yet another round of rough sex, and she sounded pretty beaten up already. Katie tried to see if there were other demonic creatures lurking around, but saw no more than those four persons.

The young sorceress waited no longer and made her move. She stepped into the open and cast lightning strike upon the demons back, causing him to scream sharply from the pain in his inhuman voice. Her aim could have been better, she thought to herself. It could have knocked him out or maybe even killed him, but now it just wounded him. Maggie, barely conscious, didn’t know what was happening; she rolled down from the table as she felt his hold weaken. Nemi and Gia were about to attack Katie to defend their master.

Katie’s attention turned towards the two robed women. The sorceress released another spell against them, shaking their minds with shock waves. As the spell did its work, Katie recognized Nemi, and hesitated. She resolved to make them unable to fight, so she could draw information from them. While Katie attended to her friend, the demon, in no mood for a fight, limped away into the safety of darkened corridors. He was out of sight by the time Katie noticed.

After the sorceress was sure the area was clear, she helped Maggie from the floor and treated her bruises with small healing spells. Gia was out cold, and Nemi was largely helpless. Katie inspected both women with her tools and sensed the initiation spell the demon had planted on them. She was sure it could be removed, but it had to be done soon.

Katie got Maggie dressed while her spell that knocked Nemi and Gia out wore off. Katie and Maggie helped their friends into a circle so the sorceress could transport them to safety. There was no telling whether the demon would return, and Katie had plenty to do to treat Nemi and their new friends.

Back in the safety of Katie’s library, they had the chance to breathe more easily. The sorceress sent word to Amy that she had found Nemi and that they were home again, and promised to tell her everything that had happened when she returned. After checking for suitable spells from the library books, she told Nemi, Gia and Maggie what she had learned. If the spells planted on them were not removed properly, they would take full control, and the person that they were before would be erased, leaving them puppets for the cult.

Katie started removing the spells. It changed their clothes back again, lifting their spirits. Maggie smiled when she saw her friend look normal again, although she kinda liked the look of those robes on both of them.

After the outer charms were removed, it was time to get rid of the more deeply planted spells. Katie asked both of them to sit down on chairs. Parts of those spells tried to hide deeper in their victims’ minds, but Katie was able to dig them out one by one. It drained the rest of her magical energy, but they were now clean and safe from the demon beast’s influence. The charms placed on Maggie were temporary, and were dying out as soon as rose from the altar.

Girls got to know each other better after the spells were dealt with. Katie was curious about why Gia and Maggie were out there alone. Maggie was less keen to reveal their true identity, but Gia felt that maybe Katie and her friends could help them in the future. Gia admitted, to Katie’s stunned surprise, that she was from a royal blood line. They were just having some fun and adventures out there. They had read about areas like that forest from old books, and wanted to see if there was anything true in the old legends. Her father was king of a large trade city in the south. There were many other cities there with their own rulers – kings, if one liked to use that word. Irrenia had been like that long ago. Those days weren’t filled with proud moments.

Gia had two older sisters who took care of royal duties, while Gia was less needed, and free to explore places where she wasn’t recognized. But while Gia liked her adventures, she always had to make sure not to create scandals for the royal family. Now she had an idea to hire Katie, Nemi and Amy to keep her true identity secret here. Katie smiled. While she needed little money, she knew how much Amy loved a good adventure. She would most likely say yes. And it would be nice to have some friends in high places.

Maggie was originally Gia’s maid, but had become more close friend than ordinary servant. Every princess needed a partner in crime, and in this case, it was Maggie. If Katie accepted Gia’s offer, it would make Maggie time easier.

Katie promised to send word to Gia once she got Amy’s answer. Gia thanked Katie for her help again, and declared to return to her home now. She could be away from her royal life for only short periods; while she had fewer actual duties, she still needed to be seen there. Katie offered her family’s portal room for her usage, a benefit of being in the mages’ guild. And then she waved goodbye.