Adara – Tome of Lust

Copyrights belongs to Lady Adara


As part of Katie’s training to become a sorceress she must perform tasks suited to her skills, which benefit the Mages’ Guild as well Katie herself. The guild gets a reasonably cheap “workforce” to run errands, while trainee members of the guild get opportunities to test their newly learned skills outside of the guild’s towers.

This time Katie had an easy task – Just collect an old relic and bring it back to the tower’s library for safekeeping. Amy and Nemi decided to join “her quest”, as they like to call it with smiles on their faces. Amy worked for Katie’s parents, so it’s her duty to accompany Katie on such travels unless forbidden to do so. Anyway, getting outside for a quick trip is much better than guarding the library or patrolling the family estates. Nemi is keen to see the world under the sun, especially after Katie had managed to make others believe that, despite being a drowses, Nemi isn’t their enemy.

The girls were on the return leg of the journey, when they decided to stop in a small village for the night. There looked to be a storm coming and that would make spending the night indoors much nicer to than staying outside. It was already late when the girls were walking around the village looking for a tavern and almost everyone was indoors for the night.

The wind was getting stronger when the girls noticed some promising lights at the far end of a narrow street, so with the storm getting closer by the minute they headed that way despite it feeling eerie on the empty street.

The storm hit the village full force just as they reached the door of an old tavern. The rain was almost on them and with no other choice the girls entered hoping they would get a good reception. The lanterns outside started swinging in the wind as Katie opened door, determined that one way or another they would get rooms for the night.

The tavern was surprisingly empty. The girls thought there would be more guests seeking shelter from the storm that night, but it seemed there were only three other people in main tavern area. One had already fallen asleep on his table in the corner. The girls couldn’t be sure if he was a local or not, but it certainly looked like he’d had enough wine that evening.

Another guest sat alone at another table, drinking and singing dirty songs. At first, he tried to catch the attention of the new female visitors, but once he figured out none of the girls were interested in him he started singing his joyfully dirty songs even louder. Maybe it was better for him to keep drinking and be happy, rather than trying his luck with the girls and possibly getting rougher treatment than he’d want.

The third person was the tavern keeper, so while Katie and Nemi sat at an empty table Amy went over to ask if he had any rooms for them. As the storm was now roaring outside the tavern, the girls were more than happy just to be warm and dry.

Amy sat down on a bar stool and asked about rooms. The innkeeper explained all the rooms were taken, then thought it over for a while and added ‘except for one small room’. He offered that to Amy for a reasonably price, but said they could spend the night in the bar area for free if the company of two drunken local heroes didn’t bothered them. He explained there had been a wedding earlier and he needed to clean the tables after the party. Many of the local guests had gone back to their homes, but the rest were sleeping upstairs.

While Amy was renting the room, Nemi was intrigued by the old relic Katie had in her bag. She thought that it too small to be important and looked more like a note book. Katie laughed and agreed to show it to the curious drowess. The sorceress had only glanced at it when she had collected it up from the local magistrate, so knew it had magical features but not what it contained. Anyway, the text inside was protected by special spells and Katie wasn’t skilled enough to defeat such encryptions.

Amy returned to their table with a key for their room just as Katie placed the old book on the table so Nemi could reach for it. It was small and slim while in travelling mode, but Katie waited to see Nemi’s face when it grew into a more useful size.

The drowess was extremely curious to know what kind of relic this might be and was most surprised when book turned to be a lot bigger and heavier than she expected. It had been so small and light at first. Katie silently smiled, remembering how surprised she had been a few days ago when she saw it change size for the first time.

Nemi opened the old book and let her fingers move softly over the pages as she looked at drawings and strange archaic text. Then she noticed something weird about the pages. Some symbols were familiar to her. Drow symbols! She told Katie and that made the apprentice sorceress curious. Nemi noticed more familiar things in the book and that made Katie start thinking things over. She had been told the book had been kept in a stone vault for decades, but the story was it had originally belonged to an old holy man that used to live there. While Katie and Nemi were curious to learn more about the book, Amy was more interested in finding out how soft the pillows were in their room. She even wondered what would happen if she just threw the book into the fireplace.

Nemi and Katie managed to partially crack the encryption spell and discovered that the book’s name was Tome of Lust. Katie wasn’t sure it was safe to read it anymore, but Nemi saw the text morphing into a readable form before her eyes and continued without noticing that something was starting to happen in the tavern. The more Nemi read, the stronger the charm became until it took a firm hold on every person within reach. Nemi, Katie and Amy had been having a weird feeling for a while and now it was getting stronger. They weren’t immune to the effects of this charm and the girls didn’t realize what was happening around them.

Suddenly, Amy felt someone’s arms wrapping around her and she was pulled from the table. At first, she was terrified to see it was a minotaur dragging her away from her friends, who in turn were being assaulted by other males. Her instincts were yelling at her to free herself from his hold and fight back, but the charm released from the book made her surrender to the male’s strongly aroused attentions.

Katie was assaulted by a dark-skinned male and wasn’t sure if he was drow or not. For a moment, the sorceress felt she should fight back and try to get free of his grip, but that became much harder as her mind became affected by the charm. Like Amy, she too had fallen victim of the ancient charm that clouded her mind and hid the truth from her eyes until all she felt was her body been aroused by this dusky man’s touch.

Nemi was dragged from her seat by a red skinned orc. He groaned in joy at feeling the young lovely drowess pressed against his crotch, then carried her into a corner of the room as if he were making sure the other males couldn’t try anything with his female. The old book was left open on the table and it kept feeding the lust charm with all the energy it needed to be fulfilled as originally planned.

None of the girls realized that the males attacking them were in fact the men previously in the bar. The charm had warped them into more sinister forms and made girls submit themselves into the hands of those beasts. Resistance in Amy’s mind melted away as the minotaur bent her backwards and kissed her passionately. She was completely lost in the sinister charm and forgot everything around her.

Katie felt how strong the silver haired male was as he carried her away from her friends. His muscular body was unlike anything she’d seen before. The charm had done its work in the sorceress’ mind and her only desired was to feel him near her, inside her, taking her however he wanted. Everything else disappeared from her mind, there were only the two of them left.

The charm had changed the tavern’s third customer into a red skinned orc, and now he pulled Nemi into another corner. The drowess wasn’t any better at resist the powerful charm than her friends, so Nemi also believed everything the spell made her see and that the orc was her lover. She was overjoyed to feel his hands on her body and loved receiving his full attention.

Amy went down on her knees and started giving the minotaur’s spear some gentle attention, which certainly woke it from its slumber. While eagerly rubbing its length, Amy opened buttons and undid various straps to get her gear off so she could sate her sudden hunger to have this glorious cock inside her.

The apprentice sorceress started groaning with pleasure just from feeling her lover’s hands moving over her slim body. His touch made her body get even hotter and she didn’t resist in the slightest as he removed parts of her dress so his fingertips could access more of her hot smooth skin. Katie just moaned softly and enjoyed rubbing herself against his strong body.

The drowess had been sat on the edge of a table and immediately started removing her clothes with help of her lover. Nemi was eager to feel his thick member between her thighs, but for the moment had to settle for his hands roaming over her body and his lips on her neck. Then she felt his fingers opened the clasps of her clothes and, as he undressed her slowly, she started panting in aroused anticipation of his lewd plans.

Amy served her lover with hands and mouth. Taking his rapidly hardening spear between her lips and letting its tip slide into her warm mouth. The minotaur’s raspy voice groaned as he watched her doing lewd things with his pride and joy. Her hands moved back and forth on his shaft, while her soft lips pressed around the knob of his tool. Amy was satisfied at feeling how hard and thick it had become and hoped that it would soon be buried deep in her womanhood.

Katie panted even harder as she felt a strange heat welling up deep inside her. She was happy to shed her dress, which only left her panties hiding her womanhood from her lover. The sorceress felt how wet her sex had become and realised her panties were soaked through. She trembled with lust as he pressed kisses on her neck and licked her soft skin, but the thing that made Katie even hornier was when his hard member brushed against her inner thigh. So close, yet so far away.

After the clasps were open, the orc removed the top of Nemi’s outfit with one swift tug and that thrilled her for some reason. She leaned backwards and opened her legs for him, but he wanted to have a taste of her before he’d allow her feel his rod.

The minotaur was growing impatient and his lust for the blonde woman’s flesh had grown so strong that he barely allowed her to keep playing with his cock. Amy got rid of her jacket and stood up, still rubbing his hard member back and forth as that seemed to be the only thing keeping the minotaur in check. She only had her shorts on now, but their laces were already undone so there wouldn’t be any problem when it was time to push them off.

Katie leaned backwards on the table and opened her thighs for her dusky man, his thick member hard and ready to impale her. The apprentice sorceress felt him teasing her clit with his hard tool, making her wait for it a bit longer, making her beg to have his pole thrust inside her.

The drowess gasped for air as she enjoyed the orc’s tongue dancing all through on her most sacred area. She groaned in pleasure as his tongue moved between her lower lips and did its infernal dance over her most sensitive skin. Her whole body trembled from carnal lust and she made her pleasure clear to everyone most vocally. Her enjoyment filled gasps, moans and squeals would have made a blind man shoot his load on the spot.

Amy’s shorts were pulled away and the horny minotaur made her bent over. The blonde didn’t resist as she wanted to feel his hard pole going deep inside her, and was about to get her wish granted. The minotaur held her at a suitable angle for penetration and soon she felt his hard member pressing against her womanhood. Slowly his thick knob slid into her and then, with a powerful thrust, sank deep inside her. Amy exhaled as his tool penetrated her, then started groaning in pure lust. She could do nothing other than think how hard and thick his pole felt inside her silky passage. The minotaur’s raspy groans filled her ears, as he obviously also loved the feeling of her womanhood around his pride and joy.

Katie looked teasingly at her dark and mysterious man, hinting she’s ready and eager to get him inside her. He takes his time with the sorceress and just nudges his thick staff against the entrance to her temple of joy. She feels him getting a firm hold on her and realises she can’t back out anymore. For Katie the point of no return passed long ago, so she starts taunting him to ram his pole into her womanhood and make her scream in carnal pleasure.

Nemi’s orc decided that as he’s serviced her it was now time for her to do the same for him. The drowess didn’t have a say in the matter and before she realises what is happening she’s spun around on the table. It is made clear that she should open her mouth as wide possible. Nemi obeys without complaint and the orc slides his member into her mouth, moving it back and forth several times for lubrication. Then he forced his cockhead to the back of her mouth and with every thrust it goes deeper down her throat, causing the drowess to use all her self-control not to panic. The orc’s raspy groans were dark and deep as he enthusiastically throat fucked the slim drow girl and Nemi just meekly submits to the orc’s every lustful wish.

Amy cried out loud in pleasure, tinged with a bit of pain, as the minotaur’s self-control started slipping and his lust for the blonde had him ramming his cock into her again and again. Taken from the behind Amy couldn’t do anything other than endure it, but she rather enjoyed his roughness and the energetic way she was being fucked by her minotaur lover. His fierce thrusts pistoned his weapon back and forth inside her pussy and soon the young woman was having her first orgasms of the night while she was still standing. Her body melted in pleasure, but there was no danger she’d fall to her knees as the minotaur had a firm hold on her. Indeed, she couldn’t move at all without his permission.

The sorceress exhaled sharply as, with one strong thrust, the dark-skinned male rammed his pole into her. Katie’s body quivered at the shocking assault and the fact he kept his pace fast and demanding. She just lent back and let waves of pleasure rock her. The young sorceress panted heavily and admired his strong body as he kept thrusting inside her. His hips moved at such a demanding pace that he appeared to be made of something other than flesh and blood. His tool was rubbing all the right spots inside her womanhood and ensured she was pushed nearer to orgasm with every thrust he made. The man grunted noisily in appreciation of sinful pleasures her body gave him as he wondered what other treasures were hidden in the dusty library of her body.

Nemi was finally released from the heavily panting orc’s grip, but being weakened by the enthusiastic throat fucking the drowess couldn’t stop him from moving things forward. Her womanhood had been ready for him for ages and soon he’d be taking that prize. The drow girl panted softly and enjoyed the feeling of his hard member kissing the entrance to her silky passage.

As the minotaur’s thrusts became deeper and fiercer, Amy was lifted onto the barstool platform and lent against the counter for support. The minotaur grunted lustfully at getting better access for his thrusts and Amy enjoyed them lot more now she wasn’t being lifted into the air every time he hilted her. The blonde gasped as her fierce lover’s cock went especially deep, then squealed as she reached the first of several orgasms she would enjoy at his hands. His hard thrusts were getting even deeper and more demanding in every way, making her understand exactly what it meant to be a sheath for such a massive sword.

Katie’s moans became louder with every thrust her dusky lover made. His tool made her feel even hotter than usual and waves of pleasure were rolling from one side of her body to the other and back again. His grunts became more urgent and the sorceress had to grab the edge of the table to stop being pushed backwards as his cock slammed into her. Her perky tits to rhythm of his thrusts and the sight of that seemed to make him even hornier. Katie groaned and moaned like a common whore as another orgasm made her body spasm uncontrollably. The young sorceress had lost count of how many orgasms she’d had already, nor did she care about such things at that moment. The only thing in her mind as she wrapped her legs around her lover’s waist was giving him more pleasure and receive it back.

For a moment Nemi was unsure about the situation, but then the thick knob of the orc’s rock-hard member slid into her womanhood and she was unable to think about anything else. His red pole was inexorably stretching her tight sex to accommodate its great size and the drowess had to concentrate on relaxing her lower body as much as possible to relieve the sensation he was splitting her open. His massive pole felt like a tree branch going deeper and deeper inside her and Nemi was gasping for air by the time her muscular beast properly took his prize. By then, the drowess was shaking with lust and wasn’t sure what thrilled her the most – Watching his thick hard cock slid into her delicate pussy or the feeling it triggered with every slow thrust as it went deeper inside her.

Amy panted and groaned more noisily than she’d ever done during sex. Then again, she’d never experienced something as big as the wallbreaker her Minotaur lover was ramming into her either. Lust for the blonde’s flesh made the horned beast behind her growl and redouble his efforts. The warrioress felt every thrust as it hammered home, but could do nothing other than try to enjoy the ride. He grabbed her shoulders with both hands and started pulling her backwards as he slammed his hips forward, forcing his lance an inch or two deeper into her while making it feel like he was tearing her sex to pieces. Fear, pain, lust and pleasure swirled around inside Amy’s mind until they combined into one big frighteningly arousing mess.

Katie just sprawled on the table with her hips over the edge and enjoyed the man fucking her at a much slower pace. She loved the tremors coming from her stuffed pussy as he moved back and forth inside her. He loved how her vaginal muscles pulsating around his pole as he plundered the young sorceress’ womanhood, accompanied by girlish moans that were sweet music to his ears. Her smooth skin became sweaty and hot under his fingers and he could clearly see a lust for base pleasure igniting in her eyes. Katie’s firm breasts were pointing upwards and as the dark-skinned man watched her nicely round tits moving along with her fast breathing he decided he wanted more.

The drowess screamed in agony as orc forced his pole frighteningly deep inside her. He was keeping a tight hold of her and his raspy grunts were all she could hear as they kept paced with his thrusts. The red skinned orc had Nemi where he wanted her and set about making her take as much of his cock as she could. Every time his tool went a little deep into her he groaned noisily and Nemi cried out sharply. The tool’s crude movements produced a pleasure she’d not experienced before, but ramming it into her caused great pain and inevitably the two mixed inside her mind. The orc just grunted with pleasure and enjoyed feeling a tight woman around his rampant member, his only thought being to make this drow his property.

Amy’s legs had become too weak to keep her standing up, but the minotaur wasn’t keen to hold her like a ragdoll the whole time. That was ruining his fun, so he fixed the problem by tossing her onto the bar, rolled her onto her back and stepped forward. She loved the way his determined hands controlled her and soon enough felt his spear penetrating the depths of her womanhood again. Amy was beginning to adore the things the bull’s cock was making her feel. Initially he made long slow thrusts in her pussy and Amy could almost swear she could feel the prominent veins on his rampant tool teasing her sensitive sex. However, once he decided she’d got used to his size, and his cock fitted quite nicely inside her pussy, his lust quickly had him giving her a hot, hard fucking.

Katie was in the middle of yet another orgasm with waves of pleasure roaming inside her when the dark-skinned male pulled her from the table and demonstrated he could keep her in mid-air without any problem. The young sorceress hooked her legs around him and grabbed his shoulders for stability as she started bouncing up and down on his pole. The new position allowed his thick cock to go even deeper into Katie and soon she was moaning even louder. At first, he kept the pace moderate, teasing her towards another orgasm without letting her cum, then his pace became fiercer and she screamed as his rampant member tried to go all the way through her. The pain was terrible and Katie feared he was damaging her, but her overwhelming carnal lust kept her humping back as she allowed him to use her body anyway he liked, however much it hurt.

Panting heavily, the orc lent over Nemi and tried to decide what other position to take the drow in before flooding her womb with his seed. The drowess was panting as well, but relaxed a bit when she felt him pulling his pole out of her. She was still dizzy from the rough ride he’d given her and needed time to recover her strength after that fierce session. Indeed, it felt like she’d been nailed to the table by the big brute’s cock and Nemi was sure her womanhood had been permanently stretched to accommodate his great size. Her body was aching, she was sweaty and her knees were shaking, but the worst was not knowing what he planned to do next.

Amy’s voice was getting hoarse after all that cries that had escaped her lovely lips, but that didn’t stop or slow her bull-headed lover in the slightest. The blonde was positioned perfectly for him to ram his spear into her as hard as he wanted, and he took full advantage of that fact. Her skin felt hot and he could feel tremors racking her body as he kept her under tight control. Amy started to howl in fear, terrified that this male wanted to literally impale her on his spear, to ram his member impossibly deep to reach his goal regardless of what he might break inside her. He was like a real beast rutting her, taking her with unrelenting thrusts, making her feel every inch of his hard member as it slammed into the deepest recesses of her womanhood.

After a while, Katie was released from her lover’s grip and dropped to her knees on the floor, eager to please her master with hands and mouth. Her body was aching after the fierce beating he’d given her pussy and her legs weren’t strong enough to hold her up anymore. She hoped her master wouldn’t be angry at her display of weakness and set about worshipping his thick pole with mouth and hands. Perhaps he would reward her with more orgasms if she treated his member as if it had been blessed by all the most divine beings.

Nemi finally got into a sitting position on the edge of the table, but straight away her orc lover demanded she dropped to the floor on all fours. The drowess shook with fear. She’d been taken roughly on the table, so how harsh would her treatment be once he got her on the floor? While fearing his aggressive side, the fire in his eyes made her comply meekly. That, and her own body betraying her with its yearning for the pleasure his thick cock gave her.

The minotaur pulled Amy onto his lap and soon the blonde was bouncing around like a piece of meat on the end of a stick. His mighty lance was almost teared her apart now, stretching her in new ways and she became certain he wanted to spray his seeds directly into her womb. To do that he would have to force his thick knob through her most sacred narrow passage and into the holiest place of her body. A passage that proved too narrow for his mighty wallbreaker, but that didn’t stop him trying. The pain of his cockhead slamming into her cervix was unbearable, but must have been painful for her bull-headed lover too, as after a while he gave up. He’d obviously deciding it was impossible for him to perform that particularly vile defilement of her body.

After demonstrating her oral skill to her master, Katie was pushed back onto the floor and her lover took his place between her lovely soft thighs again. The young woman cried with pleasure as his hard staff slid in her once more. For a while it had felt strange not having his cock filling her womanhood and her body wanted it back inside her. She openly lusted for his glorious spear and moaned softly as her body started to tingle again with ever back and forth movement it made.

Nemi went on hands and knees in front of her brutish lover. The orc made sure the drow mate was positioned exactly as he wanted, then he lined up to take her again. Her perky tits made the front view of her body really sexy, but she wasn’t bad looking from the rear either. The pleasant view of her pert backside made the orc grunt in pure pleasure. The white haired drow was an obedient and sexy female. Too slim for his tastes, but that could easily be fixed.

From her lover’s urgent movement, the blonde realised he was on the edge and soon his thrusts weren’t quite as deep, but his pace became much faster. Amy had to rest her hands on the edge of the bar for support as her muscular lover set about driving both of them to one last orgasm. To her it would be just one amongst many tonight, but for him it would be the one and only. A spectacular conclusion, at least for that fuck session. Amy was gasping for breath as she heard him growling hard as he made his lasts thrusts as if his very life depended upon impregnating her.

Katie lifted her hips for her lover and was rewarded with the waves of pleasure his thick pole filling her womanhood gave her. She noticed how easily she could control how deep he could go into her in that position, and with that small detail was able to maximize the pleasure she received. He was already groaning and panting heavily, and Katie hoped he’d soon flood her womb with hot seed. That became the only thought in her mind – To have his sperm fill her womb, to have his child grow inside her, to bear her dark-skinned lover’s offspring.

Nemi felt the orc’s hands taking a firm hold on her waist, then his pole’s knob being slowly directed towards the gates of her womanhood. The drowess trembled as her lust was reawakening by her predicament. She was unable to move away from him and soon enough his spear would be sliding into her again, filling the void in her, making her body sing with carnal enjoyment, splitting her apart.

To Amy’s dismay the minotaur wasn’t planning to dump his load into her womb, and moments before he blew his load pulled his weapon out and made Amy sit down in front of him. Then he took matters into his own hands and shot his load over her face and tits, tarnishing her “honour” with his slimy sperm and marking her as his property.

Across the room the same thing happened to Katie. Her lover didn’t fulfil her dream of having his seed inside her. Rather, he pulled out, shuffled forwards to sit on her stomach and ruthlessly sprayed his load over her face and into her mouth. The sorceress started coughing as bitter tasting sperm filled her throat, but her lover just forced her mouth further open to receiving even more of her salty reward. She was feeling dizzy and every inch of her body ached, but at least now there was a chance he’d stop fucking her and she could get some rest.

The orc groaned loudly as his mighty sword slammed into the drowess again and again. It felt even nicer being taken that way, even if Nemi trembled with fear every time soft moans of pleasure escaped her mouth. It was thrilling for both of them, as the drow’s sex felt even tighter than before to the orc, while Nemi revelled in the way his pole rubbed all the right pleasure spots in her pussy. Her body was betraying her utterly and yearned to feel his member even deeper inside her, even though the shreds of Nemi’s reasoning mind feared she’d be torn to pieces by the male that was grunting brutishly into her ear.

With the first deed done, the charm’s work was partly complete and as it started to fade away the minotaur dropped to the floor out cold. It took Amy a few moments to understand where she was, what had happened and why there was a naked minotaur on the floor in front of her. It was a shock for her mind, but her body remembered the extreme pleasures she had experienced during the fierce sex session with him. Then, before her eyes, the minotaur started to morph into his original form and it turned out her lover had been the tavern keeper in minotaur form all along.

Katie felt her dizziness ebb away as the charm faded from her mind and she too awoke in the real world. She wasn’t at all pleased to find herself covered with cum with an unconscious man lying next to her. Her dark-skinned lover had been interesting enough that she’d have happily spent days fucking him if the situation was different. Now his ducky good look started to alter and Katie was truly disgusted when he turned out to be the old drunk villager.

The drowess’ body almost sucked the orc’s thick member back into her pussy and Nemi groaned in pure carnal pleasure while scratching the floor with her fingernails. His pole was going so deep into her that it felt like it was pushing the air out of her lungs. Her body was shaking with a confused mix of sensations and she felt like she was going to faint as the fear of her womanhood being torn apart fought an overpowering lust for carnal pleasure inside her quivering body.

Nemi battled the urge to faint and concentrated on his thick cock moving back and forth inside her again. Her womanhood was pulsating with pleasure at every move he made. Her most intimate parts were sore after their rough use earlier, but perversely that made it easier for his massive tool to stimulate the pleasure spots inside her sex, and soon Nemi was squealing with pleasure as much as she screamed in pain. She begged him to be gentle, mewling that she couldn’t handle his rough use anymore.

The orc seemed to understand her pleas, as the pace of his thrusts became slower. That turned out to benefit to him as well, because the drow’s body reacted even more intensely to a slow and steady fucking, than it did to having a pole rammed deep in her pussy at a fierce pace accompanied by deep manly grunts. On cue, Nemi’s body started trembling and he could feel her inner muscles tightening around his pride and joy, making the sex extremely enjoyable. Her body might be slim, but it was stronger than it looked and very responsive. Nemi was nearing yet another orgasm and the way every muscle in her body had started spasming gave an extra boost to the orc’s carnal pleasure, just as Nemi’s soft moaning confirmed she was enjoying the fucking too.

The drowess knew she was going to orgasm soon and her lover seemed to sense it too. Both lovers realised her body was building to an explosive orgasm and with that everything around them vanished from their minds. There was only pleasure from the pounding orc cock being shared between them. The orc tried to control his base urges, but he failed badly and Nemi that he was just a few thrusts away from shooting his load and Nemi realised she wouldn’t be able to ride his wonderful cock fast enough. She needed just a little more time for reaching her climax, but sadly his race to orgasm ended much sooner than she needed.

The orc grunted as noisily as he shot his slimy seed deep inside Nemi’s pulsating womanhood. She’d not been able to reach that one final orgasm, so had to be satisfied with knowing her lover’s seed was filling her. Its work done, the charm started to lose its grip on orc and drow. He slumped to the floor and held his head as if a terrible pain had suddenly hit him. Nemi was unsure what was happening and it took some time for her to remember where she was.

The drowess looked at red skinned orc lying on the floor. He was out cold and his glorious pole was rapidly losing its hardness. She ached in every part of her body and tremors of unfulfilled lust kept roiling around inside her for a while before fading away. The only thing she could say for sure was that something had made her lay willingly, nay eagerly with that beast. Her body was sore all over, but her temple of joy felt like it had been ruthlessly demolished by a wrathful god. Without herbs to dull the pain she wouldn’t be walking very far in the next few days. Then she remembered her friends, Katie and Amy.

All three girls were still in the tavern where they’d arrived earlier that night and all told a similar story. Being taken by a male they saw as their perfect, if darkly ‘wrong’, lover. The charm had transformed the men in the bar to look like studs of the ‘evil’ races when it had was accidently released from the ancient book. Katie doubted anyone would know how that book had originally found its way into the holy man’s hands, but it had been hidden from sight for decades under his protection. There were plenty of whispers about that holy man, but none of locals would have revealed the truth about their local legend, even if they knew it. Nemi had found the way to unlock its protective spells, but now they should put book away and figure out how to make the three men keep their mouths shut about what had just happened.

The girls came up with several ideas for dealing with the problem, but the one they liked best made them all smile. After what they’d thought up the guys wouldn’t be talking about that night to anyone, even if they were tortured for details.

Katie and Amy dragged the naked men towards the fireplace and Nemi positioned them to give the impression the three had been shared some sexy moments, with each other! The village wasn’t that big, so they would undoubtedly want to protect their reputations as virile men by staying very quiet about that. No one would believe tales they’d been fucking beautiful women all night only to wake up embracing another man. At least the girls hoped that’s how the plan would worked.

After everything had been done in the tavern, the girls thought about their other belongings. Katie shut the book and made sure no other charms had been activated during their wild night. Amy picked up the key for their room and for a while thought that the tavern keeper was kinda handsome. She might have shared glass of wine with him and if he’d seemed OK perhaps some tender moments too. Now she was too tired and sore for anything like that, but she’d certainly had a very intimate time with him anyway.

Gathering clothes from the floors the girls grabbed the rest of their gear and staggered towards the room as quietly as they could manage. They were dying to see the men’s faces in the morning if they could manage it without giving the game away. Of course, the big question was would the men manage to wake up before someone found them? Would they all be able to keep their, “dirty little secret?”