Adara – Dark night

copyrights belong to Lady Adara


Amy and Katie were sure that the weird piece of something on the desk looked like a big gem, but it wasn’t anything they’d seen or heard about before. Local peasants had found the blueish crystal in a muddy forest pool, but claimed it was cursed. They hadn’t dare touch it after pulling it from its watery grave and got rid of it to the first person mad enough to buy it.

Amy, an inquisitive guard employed to keep interlopers away from rich students, had heard about the “cursed gem” on her day off and acquired it for a handful of silver. Katie, an apprentice sorceress who had become close friends with the blonde guard, felt the weird crystal had magical properties of some kind and was interested in discovering its secrets. Nobody had come forward to claim the gem, so two girls had plenty of time to investigate it on the sly.

The pair had been working with it in Katie’s private library for several days, but so far it hadn’t revealed any of its secrets. Katie believed it might be a key for a magical doorway and nobody could be sure what lay behind the door until it was opened. It’s a thrilling idea for both girls, perhaps an old mage’s lost library or someone’s treasure vault hidden between dimensions. It was lighter than real gems of the same size, its colour wasn’t pure and it looked like it had been made by someone, but for what purpose? That was the puzzle.

Amy wasn’t keen on finding more old books in another dusty library. A treasure room would be her choice, however, anything other than an old forgotten library would suit her.

Amy was getting fed up with all the careful testing Katie was doing to keep things safe. She was sure that if they inspected this weird gem more aggressively it would give a clue to its origin or purpose, maybe both. The blonde picked up the gem and took a up close looked at it. Its surface was cloudy and Amy could feel small tingle on her hand while holding the gem. She didn’t believe claims the gem was cursed, but there must be some reason why it had been thrown into a muddy forest pool.

Katie wasn’t sure about the path Amy wanted to try, but she’d already tried every passive test she knew to discover the gem’s secrets and all she was sure about was that the gem didn’t contain any curses she could detect. The apprentice sorceress was becoming just as fed up with failure as Amy, so eventually agreed to her friend’s suggestion and cast an active probe spell on it.

At first nothing happened, but slowly the gem started to glow. The girls were stunned to see anything happening. At least this was something new and the girls just stared as the glow kept flickering inside the gem. Katie wasn’t sure if it should be doing that, but if it was a key for a dimensional portal it probably needed more energy to work properly.

Suddenly the gem started to spit out sparks and looked like it was going to explode. The sparks looked nasty, but didn’t damage any nearby surfaces or hurt Amy’s hand in any way. Katie told her friend to put the gem on the table and move away, as it might be about to do something other than just spit nasty looking sparks.

The pair hid behind a stone pillar and watched as the gem balanced point down on the table, spitting sparks all around it the whole time. The girls started to worry that they’d somehow messed things up. Maybe they’d ruined it and after this the key wouldn’t work anymore.

Eventually the gem rolled back onto the table as the sparks and glow slowly disappeared. The girls waited for a minute to be sure, then slowly moved closer. The gem looked to be as dead as it had been before the probe spell.

Katie was puzzled that this gem was keeping its purpose so well-hidden and tried to think of some new way to find out how it worked. It felt stupid for an apprentice sorceress to be beaten by some stupid fake gem, so she tried yet another passive inspection charm without any luck. The gem kept its secrets hidden and the girls must decide if it’s worth taking the risk of blowing Katie’s library to pieces just to crack the protection on the gem.

Amy wanted to put the gem in a magically secured box overnight and then continue the tests tomorrow. Katie, however, felt this gem was dragging her honour as a trainee sorceress through the mud and wasn’t going to give up just yet. Maybe a little more magical effort would find a way to get the truth out of it.

Before either girl could act on her idea the gem sensed both coming close to it and activated. Rising above the table, it started to glow and flicker again and, while the girls were wary of it, they hoped they were right when they guessed it would open a door to somewhere else.

A sudden burst of light exploded from the gem and the girls desperately tried to cover their eyes. The gem didn’t open any door to a hidden library or treasure room, it just threw the pair of them into the middle of darkness. The blonde and brunette both disappeared from the library within that flash of light and then the gem dropped back onto the table, its purpose fulfilled.

In the midst of darkness, the numbness slowly faded from Amy and Katie’s minds, and as the shock lost its hold over the girls they realised they were on a cold stone floor in a dark cavern.

Both are also shocked to discover they only have their panties on. All their other clothes and every item they had with them when the gem threw them into the well of darkness were gone. Talking quietly to avoid drawing attention in case something was near, Katie suggested that taking everything from them must be part of the spell that brought them here. No weapons, no spell items, no armour and stuck in a dark cavern where they couldn’t see much of anything was an effective trap. The girls weren’t properly recovered from their shock, but they realised they couldn’t stay in one spot too long as most likely something had heard them arrive or sensed their presence in some other way.

Unable to see what was around them, they picked a direction at random and hoped they’d find something to use as light source. Amy wasn’t sure if they were alone as she kept hearing shuffling sounds around them, but in that cavern every sound felt louder than it should. Katie tried to remember how the light spell went and looked for something she could cast it. It should be something they could carry, but her thoughts were disjointed as she could also have sworn she’d seen something move in the middle of the darkness.

Amy and Katie hadn’t got far from where they’d woken up before they were ambushed by two creatures. Their attackers knew the area well, could see in darkness much better than humans, and knew that nearly naked human females were always easy targets in dark underground caverns. Katie screamed as arms suddenly wrapped around her torso and a strong hand grabbed her breast. Then, with one attacker holding the squirming brunette the other moved to prevent the blonde from escaping. The warrior inside Amy wanted to rush to her friend’s aid regardless of being unarmed, but common sense said she should try to escape and find help.

Then, the other creature stepped in front of Amy and she realised they were orcs, creatures that live in dark caverns like these and were strong enough to tear human girls to pieces if they wanted to. Without a weapon, she knew any kind of resistant was futile and from their crude commands in the common tongue it seemed their captors wanted the day’s catch in an easily movable form. Other options were mentioned if the girls wouldn’t go with them willingly, but they were all distinctly unpleasant for one or both females.

The orcs could move in darkness without problems, but the girls weren’t so lucky and having to walk on rubble slowed them down. This displeased their captors, who kept hurrying them along, so by the time they arrived at a point where several corridors opened into the cavern their bare feet were hurting after walking over all kind of junk.

The two girls were pushed into a corridor and forced to walk forward without any knowledge of where they were going. Amy and Katie nervously started imagining all sorts of things that might wait for them at the end of that corridor.

Finally arriving at their destination, the girls found themselves in what looked to be an old fortress. It was unclear who had built it and when, but it was now long forgotten by everyone other than the underground dwelling creatures that had taken it as their base. There was light coming from up ahead, and while Amy worried about what would happen to them, Katie’s mind was occupied with questions of architecture. The walls looked to be part of an old fortress and the room could have been the place where civilians would hide during attacks. Unfortunately, all the ways up looked to be blocked and anyway the upper parts of the fort might had been destroyed ages ago.

The girls’ eyes were drawn to a large old looking male sitting on a fancy stone throne at the far side of the room. It obviously didn’t fit in with its surroundings and had probably been added when these evil creatures claimed this place for themselves. The grey bearded male looked to be a troll or some similar race and on the steps of his throne’s dais sat a virtually naked female drow. She had a collar locked around her neck and a demeanour that marked the dark-skinned elf as the troll’s personal slave.

One other thing scared the girls more, the piles of bones they could see everywhere. Some were obviously very old, but others looked fresh and there was no way to know if they belonged to recent victims or peasants that had sought refuge here ages ago. What Amy and Katie did notice was that some newer skulls looked human.

The orcs pushed Amy and Katie forwards and their leader got up to inspect the gifts his warriors had brought him. He seemed really pleased with the fact that both were beautiful young women and that obviously started him thinking about the many things that could be done with females like these.

The drow looked away and stayed silently in her place next to his throne. She was sad to see any female been dragged into this cursed vault after falling into the hands of these dirty creatures. Worse, from personal experience she could imagine all the vile things that awaited the human girls in their immediate future. She had only stayed alive by serving the old troll “king” as his slave, pleasuring him and pandering to his every disgusting whim, whatever he wanted. Now the old troll was obviously eager to sample the charms of these pale skinned females, and it was Amy’s blonde hair that had caught his eye.

He spoke the common tongue only slightly better than his orcs, but Katie and Amy had no trouble understanding what he wanted. The old troll’s demand that they get on their knees and suck his manhood shocked them, but they dreaded the alternatives more and so they reluctantly yielded to their fate.

The orcs made sure girls obeyed their king’s command, but they didn’t really have any choice. The old troll explained that if they served him willingly they would stay alive and be kept safe from all the other creatures in this dark world. The other option is to be forced to submit to his will anyway and then be given to his servants for their use, before experiencing a most painfully death. The old troll used words Katie recognised from old books and realised he was threatening to sell them to sadistic beings that lived deeper underground. Foul creatures known to keep their prey alive for years while feeding off them, torturing them in appalling ways and then, when they were no longer any use, finally murdering their broken slaves in most disgusting ways. The apprentice sorceress stayed very quiet about that and prayed Amy followed her lead reasonably willingly, as every other option was really bad.

The girls removed the troll’s loin cloth and were certain of one thing, the troll before them and the orcs behind didn’t have any word in their language for ‘bath’. It took all of Katie’s willpower to keep from gagging as she took the troll’s member between her lips. She tried to keep her mind from thinking about the foul stench and vile taste as her head moved forwards and she started sucking, but all she could hear was the orcs behind them impatiently waiting their turn. The troll obviously had first pick of female captives and both girls tried to please him as much they could, fearing that once he chose a favourite the other would be thrown to the wolves, or in this case two horny orcs.

While Katie and Amy serviced the troll with hands and soft lips, the drow woman got up and silently walked towards the orcs waited impatiently for their ‘king’ to decide between the human females. She removed their loin cloths and started expertly massaging their manhoods with her hands. The orcs started groaning quietly and the drow felt their members rapidly hardening in her hands.

She kept the orcs happy enough that they would wait for the main action to start, and Amy noticed that the pair didn’t mistreated her in any way. After all, she was their leader’s personal slave, and it was always a very bad idea to kick your master’s pet. The drow girl had obviously done this before and she knew how to tease the orcs and keep them fully aroused, but at the same time satisfied enough that they didn’t seize any opportunity to topple the old ‘king’ from his throne.

It became obvious the troll had made up his mind and was keen to play with Amy in the most intimate of ways. It had been the colour of her hair that had sealed the deal and the old troll was overjoyed at having a new, and pleasantly young, human female in his hands. Her soft smooth skin was lovely, the smell of her hair made him groan in excitement and he just had to have her body. He could play with the brunette later, if his orcs didn’t tear her to pieces. This was despite the fact the apprentice sorceress had been servicing the troll with hands and lips the whole time, working her slim fingers over his manhood, taking its knob into her mouth and working her tongue around the troll-meat as she moved her head back and forth.

The troll’s eagerness to feel his lance impale the pale skinned blonde was intoxicating and despite her best efforts Katie was pushed aside so he could pull Amy in front of him. He turned her around, made her bend over and she felt his hard member searching for the proper angle to enter her sex. The young blonde was scared. What would happen after this? Would these creatures kill them?

Meanwhile, the drowess had dropped to her knees and was keeping the orcs happy with her hands and mouth. While one enjoyed the feeling of her lips around his pole, her hands worked on the other’s hard shaft. By alternating how she pleasured them she kept the orcs patiently waiting and fully primed for their fun. Now the troll had chosen Amy, Katie was free for other things.

The green skinned orc moved first and snatched young sorceress before his mate had a chance to do the same. He let out a deep growl that told her without words that she was his property now. The brunette realised she had to submit to his will and hoped that, if she performed willingly, he wouldn’t hurt her too badly and definitely not kill her in the end. The bone piles lying everywhere had made her that worried.

The reddish orc turned his attention to the petite drow and he started enjoying her undivided attention. He didn’t have permission to enjoy her in other ways, but she was quite effective at serving males with her mouth and hands. Every orc in the place wanted to fuck the dusky elf, but it was safer to stay within the rules than take a huge risk and end up paying for a short period of pleasure with your blood.

The old troll pulled Amy backwards and his lance slid into her womanhood. The blonde whimpered both in pain and at the humiliation she felt about being ravished in front of so many witnesses. The troll behind her groaned in obvious pleasure and started to move inside her at a leisurely pace. Amy felt his strong hands grip her arms, pulling her backwards as he pushed his hips forward. With every thrust his hard member went further into her. The young woman couldn’t have imagined this morning, that before day was over she’d be being raped by an old overweight troll in front of two orcs, a drowess and her friend, Katie.

Despite sucking his cock most eagerly, Katie was soon pushed onto her hands and knees on the stone floor as the orc took his place behind her. The young sorceress looked lovely from that angle and the green skinned orc was eager to feel her warm sex around his member. He just needed to position her just right for what he intended and soon enough she’d be lustfully moaning just like her friend.

Amy was already panting and moaning loudly before the old troll started thrusting his lance into her womanhood at such a fierce pace that his grunts filled the room. The troll didn’t hide the fact the female felt good on his cock and that he was enjoying taking her in that position. Amy was forced to stay bent forwards 90-degrees as the troll twisted and pulled her arms if she was leaning too much or too little. The troll had total control her and knew to keeping her in a particularly awkward position where she had to keep certain muscles tight the whole time, thus making his pleasure even greater as they clenched around his member.

The drow woman was allowed back onto her feet, but her hand kept rubbing the reddish orc’s rampant cock just the way she knew he preferred. The orc eagerly watched his friend set about mounting his prey for the first time. He’d have to wait until the old troll had finished for a chance to play with these humans, but soon the blonde girl would be his and one way or another he was hungry for the human female’s flesh.

Old king troll didn’t disappoint the reddish orc and soon his grunting became more laboured. Then he suddenly pulled his member out of Amy’s womanhood, backed up to sit on his throne and indicated the blonde should finish the job with her mouth.

Amy hadn’t had time to think while being manhandled from one position to another like a piece of meat. She was, however, surprised at her innermost thoughts about being used as a personal slave. She actually had mixed feelings about all this. Her leg muscles were thanking her for getting a rest and she was happy to be able to control her posture, but she also realised that her sex wanted to feel that hard member back inside it. Amy was shocked, but had no time to think it over as the old troll obviously wanted her to get busy with intimate oral services.

Enjoying relaxing on his throne, the “king” enjoyed watching the blonde’s head moving back and forth in his lap. The feel of her soft lips around his pride and joy was perfect. He would get great pleasure from using both these new human playthings in many future entertainments. Just the thought of such pleasure filled sex-games made the old boy shoot his load into Amy’s mouth. Perhaps age was catching up with him as his load wasn’t so big that Amy couldn’t handle it. Or then again, he might have already had fun fucking the drowess before girls had been brought in front of him. Either way, she was happy she’d swallowed his entire load.

The green skinned orc lent over Katie, placing one hand on her shoulder and the other hand on the stone floor for support as his phallus slid into her silky passage. Katie unintentionally mewled softly as the orc’s hard member found its way into her pussy and started thrusting forward with brutal determination. The young sorceress had heard stories about what happened when beasts like orcs ravish human females in various ways, but those had just been stories without any proof they’d ever happened. What she did know was that women caught laying with males of other races carried a stigma that followed them their entire lives. Worse, those bedded by orcs, trolls and worse were usually branded or marked in certain ways to ensure their name and families were forever tarnished by the shame. Now she was being taken by an orc and, while her scholar’s mind was frozen in shock, her natural instincts had taken over and made her body relax. In her darkest imaginings of such a situation she’d always reasoned that she’d survive by doing all this willingly and then accept the shame, but when it was actually happening her mind hadn’t been truly ready and she almost panicked at the wrong moment.

As the old troll was now satisfied, the reddish orc claimed Amy as his plaything and roughly pulled her into his lap. The old goat on the throne wasn’t going to stop his warriors getting their share of the fun, but he did order his boys not to injure the girls. The orcs could use these new slaves however they wanted, but damaging them was forbidden. By now the drowess had silently returned to her master’s side and awaited any command he had for her. For a while he watched the human females being fucked and thought about their value. Fresh slaves like these would bring a nice stack of gold and silver or even fine steel weapons.

Amy didn’t stand a chance against the strong orc that had roughly pulled her off the troll when he’d finished with her. Close up, she sensed how horny the creature had become now he was allowed to grab her. His touch was fierce, his breathing heavy and his pole felt harder than rock as it repeatedly plunged into the depths of her passion.

Katie groaned and panted softly as the orc took her from behind at a pace that kept getting faster while his every thrust felt stronger than the one before. His staff slid as deep into her as humanly possible and she yelped sharply every time his tool hit bottom. Then the apprentice sorceress felt her body becoming ever more aroused with pure carnal lust with every thrust. The orc grunted and groaned from enjoyment, as the hot slim female felt amazingly good. She was easy to control with just one hand, so he had no trouble keeping her positioned exactly how he wanted as his depraved mind imagined how much more pleasure he could feel if only his spear had her cradle of life tightly squeezed around it.

For a while the old troll sat on his throne and watched his orc warriors having their fun with the pale skinned females. It would be useful for him to have slaves like these to reward his orcs, but with good weapons they could take pretty much anything they wanted. Should he keep these two or sell them? He wondered, as he got up and headed towards his sleeping chambers. In the end, he decided to think about it overnight. His drow slave followed without needing to be ordered. She just hoping that the pleasure he’d had violating the blonde human would offer her an easier night for once.

The reddish skinned orc pushed Amy against the wall and the young woman, already well used by the troll, felt the orc’s hard member finding its proper entry angle before sliding easily into her from the behind. She desperately gasped air into her lungs as she was kept pushed against the wall. The drowess had done a great job keeping the orc’s pole hard while he waited his turn and now he was really horny. All he wanted to do was feel the human’s silken passage around his spear and to shoot his load into her womb. The orcs considered themselves lucky tonight as they were getting to fuck the two girls first as a reward for finding them. The troll king’s other servants wouldn’t be so lucky, as the girls would be popular entertainment for everyone over many days and nights.

The orc groaned loudly while ramming his member deep into the blonde’s womanhood. That made Amy pant heavily, and her moaning becoming louder as she felt her body responding to the pleasure the thick orc cock was giving her. His hold on her was demanding and every touch was made as if he owned her. She and Katie were only playthings, slaves to be used for the orcs’ enjoyment, but only if the old goat of a troll allowed it. Amy’s hands were pressed against the wall, but she felt one of the orc’s hands on her waist and the other moving over her thigh. His pace was fierce, his thrusts sharp and strong. She cried out in pain, but also from the odd pleasure this situation was giving her. Something utterly primitive about being fucked this way was hitting a nerve and making her body submit to the mating.

Katie’s voice melded her friend’s, as she was now moaned just as much as Amy. The green skinned orc had changed position and was now in a half sitting position on the floor with the sorceress riding on his member. His strong grip meant the young woman was unable to fight back at all, while gravity helped him control the pace and depth at which he took her. Katie’s body started spasming wildly as waves of orgasms rolled around inside her and her ability to reason was again frozen with shock. Her scholarly mind was unable to deal with anything like this. It wasn’t the gently love making she’d imagined with her future husband, nor was it the energetic sex she’d enjoyed with the handsome warrior she’d met in town. This was just raw feral mating. This orc was fucking her like piece of meat and Katie’s body loved every second of it.

The orc’s rampant member was stretching her pussy quite nicely and Katie realised she was lucky he wasn’t bigger. Now she’d adjusted to the sizable weapon she had to admit she was beginning to enjoy it even more, and that made her feel utterly ashamed. None of ladies she knew would willingly admit to going with brutes like these orcs, but she was getting a weird pleasure from it. Katie felt all kinds of new feelings inside her. Some turning her stomach, others intrigued her, but her strongly aroused state made everything seem much easier to accept.

The old troll had gone away and left Amy and Katie to the mercy of his orc warriors. Amy was pushed forward and manoeuvred into a standing position with her left leg pulled up by the reddish skinned orc. In that unbalanced position, she had to get more support by leaning against him and the orc used that to his advantage. As she leaned against his torso for support his hard member was driven even deeper into her sex, making Amy moan and groan in carnal pleasure. Her body shook gently with several small orgasms as his tool rubbed all the tender spots inside her and triggered pulse after pulse of pleasure. Amy was panted heavily now and squealed in time with every forceful thrust he made. Every penetration felt like it was slashing at her most tender flesh, but time after time her body responded lustfully as his pole filled her fully.

The green skinned orc had changed position again, this time mostly laid on the stone floor with his arm on Katie’s shoulder to ensure his tool was going deep into her womanhood. The apprentice sorceress was adrift in the middle of a sea of confused feelings. Being forced to impale herself on his member was almost pure agony, but another part of her was ecstatic because her body was so utterly aroused. Only the pain of been stretched to her limits and the terrible sense of humiliation dulling the highest peaks of those thrills.

Finally, the reddish orc released Amy as he had something else in mind for her. With more space to move, her instincts were to yell, scream and try to push attacker away. However, in her mind the blonde knew that wouldn’t have much effect on this orc and it was futile to attempt escape. Even if she had the luck to get away, where would she go? Amy couldn’t free herself from an orc that didn’t cared anything for her weak defensive moves.

Katie’s mind was clouded by carnal lust and she couldn’t think straight anymore. She was like ragdoll in the green orc’s hands and he bounced her up and down on his cock however he pleased. The brunette had given up and, groaning and moaning, she submitted entirely to his will. Waves of orgasms made every muscle inside her twitch and pulsate while her body shook in pleasure. She’d already had several smaller climaxes in a row, and now a few bigger ones were ensuring the scholarly side of her mind was completely out of the picture. The apprentice sorceress had turned into a willingly sex slave eagerly riding her master’s cock and crying in joy whenever she felt it go a little deeper inside her.

Amy was now pinned against the wall and the reddish orc took his place between her legs like a proper master. The beast easily overpowered her and soon the blonde felt his pole sliding inside her yet again. The cold stone wall against her back didn’t stop Amy feeling the lust inside her grow as his strong body pressing against hers and his hard tool moving back and forth inside her womanhood. She was enjoying being taken by such a strong male and, for few moments, forgot where she was and what was between her legs.

Katie, however, realized exactly how far she had gone towards accepting the fate of becoming the creatures’ sex slave and relished the joy she was feeling from that perverse thrill. A big part of her mind was glad about it and demanded she surrender to her fate, while a much smaller part of her soul begged her to keep fighting so as to keep her mind together. It was difficult for her to even think straight while the orc bounced her up and down on his pole and her barely coherent thoughts started to revolve around how good his hard member felt buried inside her womanhood. Suddenly Katie realized he was grunting heavily, his thrusts were going deeper and his cockhead was punching her innermost places harder than before. Her fears came true quickly enough as, groaned loudly, the green skinned orc underneath her released his hot load deep within her pussy. The sorceress felt a warm sensation spreading inside her and imagined how his seed must be filling her womb. Again, she had extremely mixed feelings about this, with one side of her nature being pleased she’d been found to be suitable slave for her master’s pleasure, while a creeping fear chilled the rational parts of her thoughts. She could become pregnant by this orc and have his half-breed child. If that happened she could never show her face in any civilized human area.

Amy knew just how horny the reddish skinned orc was from the eager way he rammed his pole deep inside her. Thrust after thrust, she cried out loud when she felt his spear filling her fully, then she realised it wasn’t entirely inside her. He certainly wanted to feel the full length jammed inside the blonde human, but their troll master had forbidden damaging the girls so he had to settle for less. Maybe over time and with proper stretching she’d become a suitable scabbard for his sword. Then, with a throaty grunt, the orc grabbed her by the hips, pulled her away from the wall and started fucking her in mid-air. Only the orc’s brute strength kept the blonde in position as his cock hammered at her tender pussy, but that wasn’t a problem as he had muscles to spare. It was more draining and unnerving for Amy her as some part of her refused to wrap her legs around his hips and so she had to trust the orc kept her steady without added support. He grunted like a beast, but his pace stayed fierce and his thrusts strong and that really impressed Amy as he ravished her in mid-air. Then she felt her inner muscles tightening and the orc’s groans became more satisfied at the same time. He seemed just as thrilled at that feeling and had decided to prolong his ‘run’ as much as he could.

Once the green skinned orc had been properly satisfied he pushed Katie to the floor. He seemed pleased to see his slimy semen leaking from her womanhood and placed his hand on her shoulder as if he were thanking her. Katie didn’t feel honoured, she felt ashamed and violated. Her honour would be forever ruined if she’d actually been impregnated by an orc. The only good thing was that, at least for a time, the orc was finished fucking her.

Amy was still in mid-air and the centre of attention as the reddish orc kept defiling her temple of pleasure with his wall-breaker. She knew that soon enough he’d erupt and fill her up like the other orc had done to Katie moments before. The orc’s deep grunts and the blonde’s tired moaning filled the throne chamber, combining to create an almost animalistic sounds of rough mating.

Katie watched her friend bouncing against the other orc’s hips and worried for her safety. If the reddish orc suddenly let Amy go she would drop to the floor and could hurt herself badly, so in one way it was good that the orc didn’t have any intentions of doing anything so silly. The orc who had so recently filled Katie’s womanhood with cum then said something to his fellow rapist, but didn’t get any response.

The reddish orc finally let Amy off his cock and dumped her on the floor to receive his load all over her face. He liked to tarnish every pretty human female’s face with his semen, as he thought it would somehow mark her as an orcish sex slave for the rest of her life. Katie’s moment of peace came to end when, quite suddenly, the green orc grabbed her arm, pulled her to her feet and dragged her towards the others.

After painting Amy’s face and tits with his slimy sperm, the reddish orc pulled the blonde back to her feet, forced her hand behind her back and pushed her towards a shadowy corner of the throne room. The other orc just threw Katie over his shoulder and followed them through a shadowy opening in the stonework. Not knowing what to expect, the girls were lead down some steps into the darkness. Were these two orcs planning a second bout of fucking, or are they about to be forced to pleasure all the other creatures who serve that old troll “king”?

The storage room at the bottom of the stairs was almost filled with dirty water, but that couldn’t hide the garbage and bones scattered around the room. However, the remains of various humanoid prisoners revealed it had now become a jail pit. The orcs pushed Amy and Katie inside and in rough common told them to get some rest, because there’d be plenty of visitors once their mates found out there were two new sex slaves to fuck.

Laughing, the orcs slammed the door and left the girls alone in the dank room. With the door locked from the outside Amy and Katie had no way of escaping, but at least they were finally alone. They might be totally naked and exhausted after their vile abuse, but they were still alive and in a place that almost felt safe at that moment. Of course, they knew that could change in an instant, so they talk quietly while trying to get some much-needed rest. In reality, the walls were so thick it wouldn’t have mattered if they’d been yelling at each other, and even if someone had heard them it was unlikely they would have understood much.

Katie rested her head in her hand and tried to put her thoughts in order so she could think of some way of escape. Firstly, they had to get through the strong wooden door, but the apprentice sorceress has been so weakened by events that she barely had enough energy for a single spell. If she expends it on the door they will need to find mundane ways past any other dangers they met. Worse, she didn’t have enough energy to teleport them away from their prison and to regain that energy she needs a proper rest. In fact, both need as much rest as they could get, as it might now be the difference between life and death.

Amy and Katie avoid discussing what had happened in the throne room in any detail, they just agree it was something they’d needed to do to stay alive until they could find a way to escape. Both knew how shaken they were at the revelations they had discovered about themselves. How their bodies had betrayed them and made them submit to the will of these evil creatures. A scholar by trade, Katie knew she should have been able to control her urges better, but she failed in that just like her friend. Amy was more adventurous at heart and too free spirited to last long as a lowly guard, but even her tastes shouldn’t naturally run to orc lovers. Now both had ended up in a cell planning how they would handle being raped by the next batch of orcs and it was all because of that weird gem.

Much later, the girls woke up at the sound of an opening door. Katie feared the worst and covered her head, as she thought it was time for another round of pleasuring the servants of this troll ‘king’. Opening the door slowly to keep noise at a minimum, the drowess pokes her head into the room. As the human females didn’t immediately attack her, she silently steped into the storeroom, keeping her eyes on the girls the whole time. Amy is surprised to see the drowess at the door and realises from the way she is moving as silently as she can that she shouldn’t be here at all.

Katie and Amy were getting up from the floor when the drowess started talking surprisingly fluently in their own human language. She said she would be willing to help them escape, but only if they promised to take her with them. She offered to guide them past the guards and into the troll king’s forbidden room, where she has seen many magical objects. She didn’t know how to use them herself, but perhaps the human captives could.

The offer gave a sense of hope to Katie and Amy, who gladly accepted the deal and promised to take the drow girl with them. If what she said about troll’s special room was true, they might actually have a chance of escaping from there. The drowess is thrilled to hear Katie’s answer. Finally, she will be able to escape her enslavement and might even get the collar off her neck.

The dark-skinned elf eases the door open and tells the human girls to move as quietly as possible. most of the orcs are sleeping, but guards are still doing their rounds and if they see an escaping slave and raise the alarm death will be preferable to the punishments that would follow being recaptured. Amy and Katie know there is a chance this drow is betraying them, but despite being a scared they realise they must take this chance to escape. If they don’t take the risk they might never get another chance to leaving this place behind them.

Amy and Katie nod to the drow, and she starts leading them along the darkened passageways. The drow girl sneaks them past three guards and soon they are outside the old troll’s forbidden room. As she unlocks the door, the dusky elf explains she stole the key from her master before going to see if his new slaves wanted to escape.

As soon as they walked into the room Katie understand why it is forbidden to all but the troll ‘king’. For some reason, the old goat has collected piles of magical items, books and other objects that resonated with every sort of magical energy. Some are wreathed in dark energy when Katie used her mage-sight to look at them, while others emit lighter auras. There is more than enough power available for them to escape this place. Distracted by such magical riches, Katie forget everything else and started looking through the collection of items.

Amy let her friend do her sorceress thing and the drow girl stood quietly to one side trying to look trustworthy. Every so often there are footsteps outside the door and the three girls have to stay silent until they are certain the guard had really gone away.

Katie inspected various items and started drawing energy from them, which will take a bit longer now she needed enough energy to create portal for three people. While the young sorceress is working, Amy drifts over to another table and starts looking at some old books and other documents that looked valuable. Most likely everything had been here before the troll claimed the underground vault as his domain and he’s been clever enough to understands they were dangerous and so kept them hidden from his minions. The drowess must be the only other person who knows what the room contained, and she was equally unable to use the treasures for her benefit.

Drawing most of the spare energy from the old mage’s book on the table, Katie starts to cast the spell to create a portal. Something about the place is dampening her ability and she finds herself channelling more energy into the magical gate than expected. That isn’t a problem as there are enough magic items leaking power to get them out of there. Amy walks over to the drowess and asks if she has a name. Smiles shyly, the dark-skinned elf tells them to call her as Nemi. The blonde fighter nods in reply as Katie tells Amy and Nemi to move back a bit as she is about to open the portal. Forming a portal using stolen energy isn’t particularly good for anyone’s health at the best of times, but the magical storm of raw energy in such a small space would do nasty things to anyone who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Katie releases her spell and moulds the grey swirling cloud until the eye at its centre forms a portal large enough for all three of them. The self-satisfied apprentice sorceress smiles when she sees the portal is staying stable. Obviously, she did learn something during all those lessons when her teachers thought she was daydreaming instead of studying the fine art of spell weaving.

Once she is sure the portal is safe, Katie indicates they should all walk through. Nemi and Amy are just happy to be finally leave that place, but Katie plans to leave a little “gift” for the old troll. She quickly casts another spell on several of the darker items which will cause them to explode in his face when he comes close enough. Katie doesn’t like the idea of destroying things she is sworn to protect, but there is no reasonably way to explain all the magical documents, books and items appearing in her library if she were able to rescue them. At least not without revealing the fact they’d all been ravished by orcs and Amy had fucked a troll while they were ‘elsewhere’. Much better to leave a going away present for the troll than to have even more explaining to do when she got home.

The three girls appear back in the library from which Katie and Amy had originally been snatched. Nemi was overjoyed to arrive anywhere and Amy happily started explaining just how boring a place her friend’s library is. Albeit that is the only reason she now likes it. Katie notices the gem is still on the table and starts thinking what she can do with it, as she doesn’t want to end up back in that underground place.

Perhaps the gem should be destroyed or locked away in a secure box for rest of the eternity. Then the apprentice sorceress gets a much better idea and collects all her energy to make it happen. First, she casts a spell around the gem to prevent it activating in her face and then she channels the rest of her magical energy into sending it somewhere else. Space around the gem starts to swirl, then a small portal opens and swallows it whole. Once the gem has disappeared from the table the spell end and Katie is visibly happier.

Nemi softy asks what she has done with it and why? Katie laughs and explains it was the reason they ended up in that underground place. As to what happened to it, the smirking Sorceress isn’t telling. The only thing she is willing to say is that it’s now someone else’s problem…

Elsewhere, Elayne walks into Lori’s library after a long relaxing bath and notices a weird blueish gem on the table. It looks weird enough to be there, but when she asks her friend about it, the Sorceress says she don’t know anything. Nobody visited while Elayne was having her bath, so neither woman has any idea where it came from or how it got there…