Do or Die part 2

Part 2/12

I woke up next morning alone in my bed. She had left before I woke up. It didn’t matter, but I wanted to know her name as last night had been just animalistic lust between us with no time for formalities. I felt a little guilty as I had cheated on Sue with this girl, but Emeka didn’t leave me any other choice. It’s weak to blame him for it, as I had fucked that young girl willingly. I had to think that it was the way of the life here. We had two days for rest and it was well earned. I took a shower and put on clean clothes. I should wash clothes more often, as I had used almost everything already and only rarely washed them. I had growing hangover and I didn’t know how many drinks I had taken last night. I guess plenty, as I was so out of control later on that night.

As I walked outside, my headache got worse as sunlight was so strong. I was glad that I didn’t need to go to the building site today, so I could just relax and rest that day. I noticed that Pete had also wakened up and was feeling a bit off too. Still he seemed to deal it better than I and he was drinking more local beer while he was walking towards me from his house. A few moments after, I found out that he also had gotten a”gift” from Emeka and he had fucked her brains out. Emeka’s style made me worry about things, but hopefully my worries were nothing. We sat there on my backyard and just relaxed. We didn’t even talk about work or buildings, just other things and planned our future after this gig was done.

A few hours later Emeka came to visit and asked us to come with him. He wanted to ask our opinion on future project as he was planning to make the vacation resort even bigger and he wanted to hear our opinion about the land that he was trying to get his hands on. I didn’t want to do”work” on my rest day, but he pays our wages, so he calls the shots. We jumped into his big land rover and the driver started to drive again. Emeka and I sat in the backseat while Pete sat in front seat, next to driver. Emeka asked if we had enjoyed the girls and we both had to say, that we did. He just smiled and was pleased to hear that. He started to talk about his visions again, how he wanted his vacation resort to be biggest in whole country and I couldn’t believe his plans. He was dead serious about them and was going to do all that just like he imagined it.

He took us into the new site and started to tell us what he imagined would be in here. As the other side should stay for regular tourists, this side should be more for VIP’s and everything should be as luxurious as it could be. Pools, water fountains, maybe own spa and so on. I heard in his voice, that he was really serious about it and really planned to build his emporium in here. Normally I would have told my client to think again, but I didn’t say anything to Emeka. I didn’t want to make him angry, as we could have real big problems without him and his money. We gave our opinions about the land and it had some good and bad sides, but it was doable. He was pleased to hear it and we returned to his Bar to talk more about the current building site.

At least in the bar we could have something to drink and it was a much cooler in there. We sat at Emeka’s private table and he was talking a lot about his visions, while drawing more maps on paper. He noticed that Pete was looking at other guests outside the Bar. There were small shops and a market area for tourists where they could buy souvenirs and other things. He had noticed a nice looking redhead and Emeka saw her too. He laughed at Pete and asked if he would like to have her in his bed tonight? He can make it so if he wanted her and Emeka said, that he can arrange any girl, woman or even boys if someone wants. Pete was stunned about his statement, but wanted to see if he was just bluffing, so he said that he would love to fuck her.

Emeka nodded and smiled. I checked that redhead also and she looked like about 25 year old, nice round c-cup tits, long reddish hair, nice round bum and slim waist. Also she was there with a man and I guess they were married. Emeka asked then if I wanted a girl or woman. I didn’t believe that he was serious at that moment and I just pointed one girl within the group. A young blonde girl who was leaning on the bar counters drinking cola from a long glass. Emeka nodded and wrote something in his notebook. After that we just forgot all that and it felt like it could be just trash talk. Just for fun. Emeka was pleased as he had shared his visions with us and we had listened to his long talks He left us there as he had other things to take care of. Running a vacation resort like this took lots of his time and we could chat more later on.

We returned to our houses and tried to relax as much as we could for the rest of the day. I had already forgotten Emeka’s statement and I believed that he was just messing with us, having some fun. I was doing my laundry, when Emeka came into my home and when he saw me doing laundry; he laughed and said that he’ll send a maid to do that. He told me to come with him and have some drinks together. I started to be fed up with him and his drinks, but he was Boss and it’s his house I lived in. So I had to drop all my dirty clothes from my hands and leave it be and joined Emeka as he had demanded. He had asked Pete to come over and there we sat, drinking some local drinks from the bottles that Emeka had brought with him. I remembered that we had drunk the same stuff at the party and it had fruity taste. Quite good and not too high in alcohol, but still gave nice feeling. For the first time ever, we didn’t talk about work but talked about anything else other than work.

The sun was setting when Emeka’s cell rang and he answered just with few words. He smiled and told us that we should move to my house. As we walked in, Emeka’s driver walked in the front door and he had company with him, the redheaded woman and the young blonde. I was really stunned to see them and I asked how was he was able to do that, but he didn’t tell me and just smiled and said that his Driver would pick the girls up later on this evening. Pete was drooling over that redhead and I have to say, she looked really stunning. I felt little bit sorry for the blonde girl as she was younger, maybe 16 or 17 years old. Emeka pulled the girls onto his lap, kissed both of them and they answered to his kiss,. Then he just pushed them into our laps and left with his driver. The redhead was really stunning when we could see her more closely and she started to rub Pete’s chest.

I was about to stay away from the blond girl, but she removed her top and let us to see her small teenage tits. Her long blond hair hung freely on her back, her beautiful nipples were pointing at me and she started to open her jeans. I just watched how she pushed her jeans down slowly and the legs one by one. She stood fully naked in front of me and came to kiss me. She whispered into my ear, that she would like to be fucked by me. Pete and the redhead had forgotten everything around them already and he was pulling her bra off. Her round c-cup tits were looking really sexy. They looked heavy, but still had that sexy firmness in them and I thought that she had breast implants, but as I asked about it, Pete told me that they felt natural. She laughed and said she was fully natural and she loved her tits so much because guys loved to look at them.

The blonde girl pressed her body against my body and was rubbing my groin with her slender hand. I asked how old she was and she said 16 with loveliest smile ever. She was same aged as Alison. She could be Alison as both were blond, 16 years old and both had slim figures. She had just perky a-cup tits, but her tits fitted perfectly into her delicate frame. She went on her knees in front of me and opened my pants without asking me. She was pulling my cock out fast and then she was sucking me like a maniac. I trembled as I had mix feelings about this. I didn’t want to lay my hand on her, someone’s young daughter, but in other hand, she was already sucking my cock so I could just fuck her and make her scream from pleasure.

I noticed that Pete hadn’t wasted any time as the redhead was already riding on his cock, while Pete was sitting on my couch. She moaned softly and her lovely breasts were moving in time to her riding movement. Pete was playing with her nipples and she looked really sexy, while taking my son’s cock into her pussy. The girl in front of me sucked my cock and her slender hand worked my cock jacking me off as she sucked. It made me even hotter and I pulled her up, forced her to lean over the same couch where Pete and the redhead were. I took a firm grip of her slim waist. She was so tiny and it had my blood boiling with lust. I hadn’t got a girl as young for ages and hadn’t even dreamed of it before Emeka had pushed this girl into my lap. She pushed her hips towards me and she was ready to be fucked. I had planned to do this gently, but her eagerness to be fucked made me change my mind. I rammed my cock into her pussy and she screamed loudly when my cock slid into her pussy and I made sure that my cock would be fully in her. She trembled strongly and gasped for air. She felt really awesome and her young soft pussy felt so good around my hard member.

She groaned, moaned and begged for more as I fucked her hard from behind. I had heard lot’s of stories about old men who fucked young girls like her, but I didn’t ever dream that I would be one of them. Still I didn’t want to stop and all I wanted, was to shoot my hot cum into her teenage womb. I wanted to make her pregnant and wanted to hear her cries of pleasure. She did cry out loud from pleasure as I used her tight teenage pussy as I wanted and needed.

Pete had turned the redhead under him and had taken her smooth skinned legs on his shoulders, while fucking her pussy as hard as I fucked that young blonde girl. Both girls moaned loudly and I haven’t ever thought to be in group sex, gangbangs or share same fuck session with my own son, but there we were. Both had our own sluts and they begged us to fuck them harder. The blonde girl cried out loudly while I used her tight teenage pussy and watched how sexy that redhead was, while she was laying on her back on that couch. Her lovely round breasts were moving along with their fast paced fucking rhythm and I felt that I would want to try that girl later on. She seemed to be enjoying been fucked by Pete and I wondered, how Emeka got both of them in here to be fucked.

My thoughts were cut short as blond girl started to tremble strongly and she cried out sharply, when her orgasm just exploded her body went into wild trembling. Her pussy was tighter than before and she was a really wild little thing. I let her slump on the couch to catch some breath and moved toward redhead. I nodded to Pete and I wanted to fuck her too. He smiled and pulled her up from the couch. Her lovely round bum was right there, in my reach and I smiled widely when I figured out what Pete had in mind. I was behind her and she was panting heavily, Pete stopped for a while, so I got time to do my thing and the redhead just froze when she felt my hard cock at the entrance of her darker bum hole. I didn’t ask any permission from her as she was now our slut and we used them like we wanted. She gasped for air as I forced my cock into her arse and her slim body felt really hot, while my hands moved on her back. Her arse was tight and she got a strong orgasm when my cock slid into her hole. It felt really hot to fuck her with Pete and she cried out from her own lust. She took both of our cocks well and allowed us to use her just as we wished. I reached my hands for her tits and her lovely round breasts really felt natural. She moaned loudly while we fucked her in unison and that was new experience for me.

I haven’t ever before fucked any female with other males, or with my own son. It filled me with animalistic lust and we both fucked her with fierce pace. She was kept between us and the redhead was screaming from pain and pleasure. We were rough on her and we did make her beg us to use her as hard as we wanted. She submitted to our wills and we used her for a long time, until I was first to cum up her arse, but Pete didn’t last long after that as his hot sperm filled her cunt. She just slumped on the floor and she was panting heavily, her lovely round c-cup tits were sweaty just like her whole body. My knees were trembling so I sat down on the couch. Pete was panting also, but the blonde girl was ready and waiting. She moved to serve us and the young girl sucked our cocks hard again. She really wanted to have same treatment as redhead got. I looked at her and I felt lust for her. The young blonde girl served us fully naked and her slender hands rubbed our cocks while she was taking them in her mouth in turns. She looked so petite and such a delicate thing, that I feared that we could break her if we fucked her together.

She didn’t give us other choice as when my cock was hard again; she got up from her knees and came to sit on my lap. Her hand moved my cock into right position and she sat on my cock. I felt her hot and wet pussy again around my cock and she begged Pete to take her arse. It sounded really nasty from her mouth, but she really wanted to be fucked just like the redhead was. It felt so unreal to me, but Pete did what she asked him to do. I took firm grip of her petite body and she cried out from pain as Pete was forcing his cock into her really tight arse. He told the girl that she was so tight that he could barely get his cock into her, but then something gave out and blond girl gasped for air. Pete’s cock slid into her bit by bit and she trembled from pain. I saw it from her face that it hurt her a lot, but she didn’t stop him or even ask him to ease a bit.

I started to lick her lovely petite tits and her nipples were pointing towards me. She gasped for air, cried out from pain and she felt like tiny doll between us. She could have been my own daughter and Pete’s sister, something in that thought made me really horny and I started to talk to her, how we were going to make her pregnant tonight. Both of us were going to shoot our seeds deep into her womb and there was nothing that she could do to prevent it. She heard every word that I said and girl seemed to be waiting for it. Her hips pressed against our hips, like she was trying to get our cocks deeper into her holes. She was in pain, but still allowed us to fuck her roughly and soon she started to moan from the pleasure. Two cocks moved in her at the same pace and she gasped for air every time when we slammed our cocks fully into her holes. Her body was hot, slim, and really tender, her moaning grew wilder and she begged us to cum in her.

Pete forced her against me and started to fuck her arse harder. The girl was crying and I couldn’t even imagine what she was feeling at that moment. I noticed that the Redhead was watching her and rubbing her own clit while moaning softly. She seemed to enjoy seeing how the young 16 year old girl was being fucked by two older guys. I started to feel that I was about to cum and I said it to her, like she should prepare to get my load deep into her cunt. She nodded and begged me to cum in her teenage slut pussy. That sounded again so dirty from her mouth that I came right there into her womb and she moaned loudly, when she felt that hot flood of sperm inside her pussy. Pete didn’t let her to have time for rest and pulled his cock out from her arse. She panted heavily and was going to ask what he had in mind, but Pete didn’t answer any questions. He just pulled her away from my lap and pressed her on her back on the floor. The girl opened her slim thighs for him and Pete just jumped over her. She moaned again loudly when Pete’s hard member slid deep into her pussy and he started to fuck her really hard. The redhead came to suck my cock and it felt really nice. Pete was trying to fuck blonde girl’s brains out and he really kept that young girl in a firm grip.

Pete was like an animal while he took that poor girl who groaned under him and I just watched how my son seemed to rape her in front of me. Still she moaned from pleasure and her yells were more likely one long high pitched scream, as Pete really gave her the fuck of her lifetime. That sight had got me hard again and redhead wanted to be fucked again. I was tired and had cum twice already, but I did want to have private time with this redhead and she came to my lap. Her pussy felt sloppy around my cock, but I didn’t care about it at that point. She felt as hot as before and she started to ride on my cock like she was dancing. She looked so sexy while doing that and she rubbed her clit like a maniac while pressing her lovely round and firm tits against my face. I really loved that feeling and her skin was sweaty. She panted heavily, her riding pace had changed into intense rhythm and her moaning was much deeper. Her whole body shook softly and I noticed that she was going to have another orgasm. She was just like a sex crazed vixen and I felt her hot pussy pulsating around my cock. Her nipples were pointy and she loved when I licked them while she rode my cock on my lap.

Pete was taking that young blond girl to her limits as he fucked her pussy hard. The girl panted heavily under him and she had wrapped her legs around Pete’s back. She looked really sexy in that position and her tiny a-cup tits were insanely perky. Pete had been fucking her for a long time in that position and I noticed that he was going to shoot his seeds into her pussy. With a few last strokes he groaned loudly while unloaded his hot baby making seed into the poor girl’s womb. She laid there and she looked really tired. Her white smooth skin was sweaty, her lovely tits moved with her heavy breathing and Pete moved to lie on the floor next to her. She seemed to be satisfied and she just laid there like a broken toy. The redhead rode my cock and her sexy little dance had changed into a wild ride full of lust, but I didn’t stop her and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Pete got up and went to shower with the blonde girl. My redhead continued her horny ride and I was feeling that I was going to shoot my last load into her pussy soon. If she wants’ more, I can’t help her with that, as I wasn’t as young and strong as Pete was. I told her that I wanted to fuck her from the behind and she nodded. She got up and went to on her fours on the couch and her nice round bum was in nice position for me. She offered her pussy for me and I took her offer. Her pussy lips were reddish from all that fucking and she groaned when my cock slid into her wet cunt. She pushed her hips against my cock and I took firm grip of her slim waist, so I could fuck her hard for one last time. I began to ram my cock deep into her pussy with a fierce pace and she cried out loud from the pleasure. She pressed her face against the pillows and screamed into them, while I took her well used cunt with fierce thrusts. This redhead was a really sexy woman, nice round bum, slim waist, big firm and natural tits, but also long reddish hair. I had to come a long way out here to have experience like this. To have a chance to fuck a younger woman like that black girl, the young blonde girl and this redhead. I didn’t bother to ask their names, as I just wanted to fuck them.

I rammed my cock as hard I could into her and she was trembling in my firm grip. I hurt her, but I didn’t care about it. I pulled her up by her hair and forced her nice white back to arch, so I could grope her big tits from that position. She submitted to my will and allowed me to use her like a slut and just as I wanted, but soon my joy of it ended. I shot my load into her pussy and she panted heavily, with a satisfied smile on her face. As my cock slid from her cunt, my load of thick white cum ran from her pussy lips making a sperm trail down her legs. She reached down and scooped it up on her fingers and sucked it into her mouth swallowing it down.

I was tired, really sweaty and my cock was going soft fast. I had shot my last bullets for that night and I was completely out of the game. I had to catch my breath before I could walk again and my knees were trembling a bit. I walked towards showers and I found Pete and the blonde girl there. She was on her knees sucking Pete’s cock and soon he shot his load all over her face. I guess Pete wanted to use her mouth one last time, before they would be picked up. We showered in turns and later on Emeka’s driver did come to pick them up. Both were tired and well fucked, so I guess our needs had been taken care of again.

Pete went to on his house while I stayed in mine and I fell asleep soon after I lay on my bed. I woke up next morning, as I heard some noise from the other rooms. I got up, jumped into my trousers and went to check who was there so early. I was stunned to see that same black girl that I had fucked earlier, again in my house and she was cleaning rooms. She smiled to me and collected dirty clothes from the floor. Emeka had sent her to be my housemaid and I asked her name. It took a while, before she understood what I meant and her name was Zaza, a very beautiful name for a really beautiful young woman. She had only a thin white shirt on her and I was about to tear her shirt of and carry her into my bedroom, but I managed to keep my hands off her this time. I had work to do and Emeka would take his gifts away, if we didn’t make him happy with results on the building site.

We had to just keep building his vacation resort and try to keep him happy. Later on I found out that Pete also had gotten a housemaid for his use and I didn’t even ask what happened there at night. I did fuck Zaza like never before, every night after that and I loved to feel her young black body in my lap. She was so young, slim figured and really horny in bed. All tales about hornyness of black women were true, at least with Zaza it was.

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