Bullied in the Bar

Modern era, interracial themed story.. If you don’t like modern/IR, please don’t read futher.

I had a bad day at work. Everything was messed up, the boss was yelling at everyone and I guess it must have been “that time of the month” for him. I felt like I needed a drink. Maybe a few of them and also I wanted to relax and dance. So I decided to go to a bar that I had seen a couple blocks away from my home, and try to have some fun after my bad day. Luckily it was Friday, so I could just forget the job and relax for the weekend.

I stood in front of mirror and looked at myself in it. A 26 year old woman, called Mary was looking back at me. Where had all those years gone? I have tried to keep myself in good shape. I’m five feet five inches tall and 120 pounds. I have c-cup tits and blond hair and usually get lots of attention from the men wherever I go, and I used to like it. I have kept my body in good shape and I’m happy with it.

I smiled, finished my make-up and then left to have some fun. It seemed to be typical Friday night and people acted like it. Younger guys were whistling at me as I walked passed. I guess they thought that I’m younger than I am, but anyway, it felt nice and I just smiled and waved at them. I had just regular black short skirt that showed a little bit of my thighs, black undies under my skirt, black jacket, and tight dark blue top to keep my tits in where they belong and a black bra under that.

As I walked towards the bar, it seemed nice, but I when I entered, it seemed to need either a good scrub, lots of paint or a big wreaking ball to smash it to pieces. It really smelled like someone had puked, smoked and pissed on the floor over a long time, while nobody cared enough to clean it up. There were lots of people and I needed a drink. I didn’t care anymore what kind of place it turned out to be, I wanted to have some fun. I moved to the bar and asked for a drink. I took two shots straight up and bartender laughed at me and said that I should take it easy with that stuff. I just smiled and we chatted for a while. Then I noticed that a couple guys were hitting on me, so I played along to make them sweat. They offered some drinks and shortly after, I pulled them up to dance and they were so sure that their luck was in.

It was fun to tease them. These two guys were brothers and older one was 35 and the younger was 29. Both were tall and quite handsome, but maybe it was the shots that made them “handsome”. There was also one other group and in the middle of that was younger female, a little bit taller than me, brunette and she seemed to be typical loud mouth. I tried to have fun, but I heard her yelling something to her friends and some words were really offensive. She wasn’t a lady at all and it’s sad, as most younger women I have seen are more or less like her. They drink, yell, act like they own the whole universe and have zero respect for others. I just tried to forget about her, but it was hard as she made so much noise, that everyone noticed her.

I had several drinks and I felt like it was enough for me, but guys kept me there and tried to get me to go out with them. I hadn’t planned to go out with anyone as I just wanted to dance and have some drinks. After the guys figured it out, they moved on and left me alone. I sat on the bar stool as the loud mouth girl came to bar and told the bartender to give her more drink. He gave two bottles of vodka to her and she moved back to her party group. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but the bartender told me that she was the owner’s daughter and he stays out of everything whatever she might do. I looked at her over my shoulder and it was a bad move. She noticed me and started to stare on me.

The bartender noticed it too and told me that I should slowly get up and leave before she does something. I wasn’t sure what he meant, but I did what he suggested and tried to get up. I guess I had taken a couple of drinks too many as my legs didn’t work as smoothly as I wished. I tried to walk away, but the girl was in my face so fast that I was a bit shocked. She attacked me verbally and pushed me back. She claimed that I had been looking her friends in a disapproving way. I tried to deny it but she didn’t give me a chance to do so and she hit my face with her hand. She hit me hard and I was pushed into her “party group”. Someone called her Sue and I guess she was about 18 or 19 years old, but still she was there and drinking like everyone else. She was drunk and I saw the mean look in her eyes.

She said that as I was looking at her friends, I should meet them personally. Soon I was surrounded by her friends and Sue seemed to be in a really nasty mood. She told me to get on my knees and open my mouth. I was stunned to hear something like that from her and she just slapped me again. She was angry but I was pushed down on my knees by her friends. I was so stunned by it all that I just did what she told me to. I opened my mouth and Sue told her friends to face fuck me. The first guy moved in and pulled his cock out his pants. It was smelly and dirty, but he forced me to take it in my mouth. Someone started to pull my clothes off and I felt my tits being grabbed from behind. My top and bra were next in their list and soon I was there, on my knees, my tits fully exposed and sucking a dirty cock. Sue had an evil grin on her face and she enjoyed watching how I sucked her friends cock.

She started to ask things like, had I ever been gangbanged, do I like anal sex and have I ever been fucked in the men’s toilet within the bar. I shook my head to all of her questions and I guess there wasn’t any ”right” answers, as she seemly planned to make me to do all that that night. She moved behind me and pulled me up by my hair, I begged her to stop and let me go, but then her friends grabbed my arms to keep me in place, as Sue’s hands were moving on my body. She played with my tits and especially with my nipples. I felt how her hands moved on my bare skin and her friends were watching me. Sue’s hands moved on to my skirt and she lifted it to show what I had under it.

I was trembling as I felt the younger girl lift my skirt and show my panties to her friends. Then she pulled my panties down and threw them to her friends. I was pulled into a backroom, where Sue smiled and removed her panties from under her very short skirt. She sat on the edge of an old table and told me to start licking her. Sue’s friends laughed and pushed me into position. She spread her legs and I saw her nicely shaved smooth pussy skin and she was already wet. I guess she enjoyed dominating others and my face was pushed onto her pussy. I felt her salty taste on my mouth and I tried to do my best.

Then I almost jumped up, as I felt someone’s fingers going into my pussy and ass at the same time. I wasn’t ready for it and it hurt. It felt like complete humiliation to me. I was there almost naked, my c-cup tits were hanging downwards and guys freely played with them, while I had to do my best and lick that young girl’s wet pussy. She moaned lightly as I moved my tongue on her tender pussy. She pulled my face strongly against her and started to pant. I felt also, how those fingers moved on my pussy and ass. They were warming me up for the next thing. I feared what she might make me do, but I guess there wasn’t anything I could do to prevent it from happening. I believed that if I played along, she might get bored and kick me out, rather than if I fight and she keeps tormenting me harder and longer.

I heard some noise behind of me, but I couldn’t look, as Sue was keeping me licking her wet smooth pussy. She said something to someone and soon after I felt how the fingers moved off and something bigger was pushed against my pussy. Someone was pushing his cock into me and I was panicking. I tried to ask them to use a condom, but Sue kept me licking and guy forced his hard member inside my pussy. I trembled from fear. Guys were playing with my tits; my nipples were teased, tweaked and pulled by unknown hands. Sue moaned softly while keeping my head in the right place for her pleasure. The guy behind me started to fuck me roughly and he pushed his tool deeper into me with every thrust. Sue seemed to enjoy the sight and she told someone to keep fucking me rougher. He surely did it as I felt how hard he rammed his cock into my pussy and as much as it felt awful, it also felt so exciting. I couldn’t do anything and I was just a sex toy to these people at that moment. Sue panted more and more strongly, as I licked her clit as best I could while been raped by someone. Sue might enjoy more to see me fucked roughly than enjoying my licking, but soon she started to tremble and she moaned loudly. She got her orgasm and I felt how her thighs pressed my head hard while her body shook from the pleasure. After a while, she moved off and I was pushed forward to lean on the table. I saw that there were several guys behind me waiting their turn to fuck me. First ones were Sue’s friends, but I saw that rest of them were other customers from the bar.

I was kept in my place and guys fucked my pussy hard. First two guys came fast in me and moved on. Then I was pushed on the table, turned on my back and I saw older black guy next in line. He pulled his cock out from his jeans and told me to open my legs wide. I watched him and fearing his big black cock as he was about to slide into my dirty pussy. I obeyed silently and opened my legs as wide I could and then I felt his big pole starting to slide into my pussy. It was something I haven’t ever felt before and it was so big that it easily stretched my pussy to its limits. I gasped for air and laid there like a rag doll. The black guy wasn’t very tall, but he was fat, ugly and had a really big cock. I would never think to have sex with him except in this terrible situation. Now he was tearing my pussy to pieces with his pole and his words about my tight white cunt were burned into my head for the eternity. He told me that my tight white cunt felt like I could be a virgin and I wouldn’t ever get as big a cock as his pushed into me than right now. My pussy was in flames, pain and pleasure made my body tremble and I panted, groaned and moaned like never before.

Sue was still in there and watched how the men were lined up to fuck my pussy. She grinned at me and her friends had their turn on me first and then other males had their chance. The black guy grunted with his deep voice and his long pole slid deeper into me than I would have believed possible. He just fucked me like I could be his mistress or pro whore in a brothel. He wasn’t’ making love, he was fucking my brains out and his cock really stretched my pussy to its limits. I have to admit that I got two or three orgasms while that black bull fucked me, until he unloaded his hot cum into my womb. I panted heavily and watched the dirty ceiling. That dirty dusty yellow ceiling disgusted me. Guys after that black bull were easier to take on now, as they weren’t as big as the Bull was. I just laid there and let the guys fuck me.

Later on they had me suck their cocks clean while one guy was between my legs. I got loads of cum deep inside my pussy, on my tits, in my mouth and on my face. After a while Sue pulled me up and I was dragged into men’s toiled. I haven’t ever smelled as disgusting a smell as there was in there. There were some guys making some room for more beer, but Sue didn’t care at all, as she dragged me in there.

I was tied by my hands to one open booth, so guys could have their fun with me from behind. My hands were tied on the pipes and Sue told the guys that my ass and cunt were for their use. Then she left and after a while it started again. I was fucked time after time in that dirty booth, while sweaty guys just shoved their cocks into my ass or pussy and had their fun.

I was helpless and defenceless while tied up that way and men really fucked my holes roughly. My tits were almost ripped off by two brutes, who seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on women. I had lost count how many men had fucked me in there and how many had cum in my pussy. I was in pain and really tired. I felt dirty and wanted to have a long hot shower to wash all this cum and sweat off me. Later on Sue came to untie me and shoved my clothes in my lap. I was told that if I went to the police, they would know about it right away, and films of me being fucked by dirty old men would be sold to porn freaks and put on the Internet. She showed me pictures of me being fucked by the bull. My face was showing and everyone would know that it’s me if they see that picture or the film.

I stayed quiet as I didn’t want to be next amateur porn star of the month, as Sue said that if tapes are sold, that my full name and address would be given with it, so what I got tonight would be easy compared to what others might want to do with me. I nodded quietly and Sue’s friends dragged me out through the back door. I sat there in the dark back alley for a long time and cried. I got dressed and went back to my home. I was too afraid to go to the cops with it and I had to admit that in a strange way, I had enjoyed it.

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