Paladin duties Chapter 1 released :)

here we go, 32 pictures in this chapter :)

and the previews

can be found in webshop or click HERE!

paladin duties will be a series of ongoing chapters, same as tamed&trained… just with paladines :D
vote result for next chapter was tentacles yes or no, patreons voted with 72% / 28% so be warned :)

enjoy and stay tuned!

One thought on “Paladin duties Chapter 1 released :)

  1. Anonymous

    Hibbli, I want to know if there is any way to read your stories that were on your story page and you haven’t released with pics? Now those stories are removed? Why? I waited for a long time to see if those stories might open up for viewing like those other ones. Other thing, if you render the pics, what Adara does for those sets? You have often said that you render and pics come from you, but what does this Adara do for the set while you mention her name in every picset ? I do hope that you would allow those unreleased stories to be free to read even if you won’t make pics for those anymore.

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