Adara3D – Soiled Doves – Untold stories I released :)

New stuff from Adara.. following her ‘Soiled Doves‘ set.

‘.. While searching through dusty tomes Katie, Amy and Nemi, along with their new friends Gia and Maggie, found information about a long lost religious sect and decided to investigate. Unsurprisingly, everything went sideways and they ended up as slaves in a tavern catering to ‘Evil’ clientele.

Earlier tonight, an old demon called Gror violently deposed the former tavern owner, a sexy but cruel Fae called Azore, and now intends to give thanks to the dark gods for his success. The victims chosen for this ritual “sacrifice” are a couple of sex-slaves that caught his eye – Katie and Zyra – The fae sex-pet kept by the former Madam.. ‘

some previews:

And as Adara loves to get things complicated, we have three different version available:

Mini set.. Contains ONLY story pdf, 4$

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Regular set.. Contains story pdf + 55 pics, 6$

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Supporter set… Contains story pdf + text only pdf + 100+ pics, 12$
— not available —

REMEMBER the freebie ‘Meeting’ story…


previews here:

what else….
well some changes on my output speed and on patreon tiers soon, members already got the news just have to figure out things before it gets public :)
beside that, slowly starting with Ezris revamped chapter :)

thats it for now, Enjoy and as always..

stay tuned!

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