Time for alot of FREE stuff! :)

looong story short, the best way to say thank you for all the years of support! :D
they are still selling but it isnt my quality standard anymore… so it feels a bit strange to take money for my old (but kind of legendary) chapters any longer :)

here you go, everything from 2014 available for free from now on

simply click the covers for download or check out the free section :)
if you still want to flip a coin for them you can use our SHOP as usual

planned to revamp at least the ezri chapter this or next year if there is some time left… and whenever my patreon amount is high enough one day i could do that for all of them :)

but for now… thanks again for your support, enjoy and stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Time for alot of FREE stuff! :)

  1. Rainer

    Again very cool work. And it Looks great when Ezri was used like a doll.
    Happy that you didn’t listen to renderotica. She mustn’t look older!! Perhaps some days younger…

  2. Jakob

    Hey just wanted to say a big thanks for making your older chapters available for free! The rendering may not be as refined as your work these days, but they are still enjoyable and the scenarios are quite good. I noticed many chapters used to be quite a bid longer too…a bit more detail in new chapters like the old ones would be nice even if it costs a bit more.
    It was cool to discover “dark eyes in the Forrest” and never made the connection to “Untold stories 3” Really liked that one and always wondered what happened after the Troll slung Elayne over his shoulder :P
    Would love to find out and hope this time Elayne gets some enjoyment too, not just get it in the rear ;p
    Anyway keep up the nice work!

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