meanwhile in the blog 40

heyhey, since a few days i am working hard on my paladine revamps, and i am pretty sure a few days more will be needed :D

alot of stuff to do in overall… had to revamp those ooooold old badguy models aswell… rerigged them for better posing and brought the textures to nowadays 4k resolutions. paladines armor is almost a perfect copy to the original ones, few parts missing still :)

thats how it looks like if you adjust stuff to the genesis8 basemodel in blender… most things really worked out fine by now… fullytank himself supported me with obj and sourcefiles. no worries, those vendors simply dont exist anymore today so you cant buy most of those old props any longer… alot is released around 2008, 5 years before i even started my career in this business :) and yes… you WILL notice… check second pic… that waist chain… absolute crap quality and have to redo this one completely for example. plus the sceneries… hopefully i can manage all this until next week but i doubt it :)

renderotica was my second host where ALL my stuff was available for years… until now. seems these times are over with their new management. i was told from now on the rules will be enforced. means all chapter below 50 pics AND/OR containing ezri arent allowed any longer. i have nooooo idea what could be the problem with ezri, have to be bad rumours of course :D

ofc i wont change anything in my workflow and my girls exactly stay as they are, from now on i can release just maybe half of my stuff over there. so my own shop will remain the last bastion for everything available. just for information if some people wondering whats going on.

now back to my renderslavepit :)

stay tuned!