Thief Ezri – Interrogations Chapter2 released :)

here we go again, next part of ezris little voyage… 36 pics for 6 bucks as always :)

and the previews

can be found from webshop or directly HERE!

took alot of time, those tentacles are not difficult but timeconsuming to do as they are pathed and morphed for every single picture. means 2 or MAX 3 pics a day… even if its fun… it takes really long :)

so… next will be to finish up all needed gamepics (around 20-25 more) then first beta version can be bumped out to public :) that should happen within march as adara already finished most other things on it. next week i am starting to work on next commissioned mini series…

that all for now, crawling back into my render pit :D

stay tuned!