Patreon changes in 2020

while i am working busy on next ezri set… just this small update about patreon so no one can complain later on :)

from now on this 3pledges-for-2years-of-content is dropped. even there people sit and wait for it for THREE months just to quit once they received the links :D from now on the last 3-6 months of download links will be available, others removed. dont worry… people that already started their 3 months period will receive their downloadlinks

2bucks patronage is a bit “difficult” at the moment as its hard for me to hand out regular gamestuff. too much other things to do :) but no worries, for that pledge you will get highres animations aswell in (hopefully) a few months. busy learning and training this aswell… but i wont ever hand out semi-quality so it needs some more months i guess until its good to go

thats it… stay tuned! :)