XMas pic series + updates

here we go for another multipic commission, released now for public :)

10 pics of xmas enjoyment for our humble little goblin: )
he was sooo alone at home, reading a book about the adventures of our ladies as they show up as xmas surprise :D

hope you like them, say thanks to the patreon that allowed me to put them public for everyone :)

beside that, i am busy workin on Rewards Chapter 2 these days… could be close to get it finished until new year but is possible. but you know… never trust on my schedules :D

as already mentioned, ezri gets her load in this chapter… or maybe both girls? we will see… :) Patreons already got their first peek previews, more will follow soon

wordpress got to version 5 now and seemingly has a new way to layout things… a bit weird for the moment but i guess its better in the end :) havent found a way to make thumbnails smaller but maybe this gallery type of preview is the new way to go… we will see

but now and first of all… enjoy your little upfront xmas present !

stay tuned! :)

One thought on “XMas pic series + updates

  1. Luna Loud

    Well I’m leaving a comment, I hope it’s visible:
    An excellent work Hibbli, thank you very much for the dedication of it, I hope we can do thousands of jobs more and that are to everyone’s taste.
    Merry Christmas to all.
    Luna was here.

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