Cosplay part 2.. and Rinil..

Just got the word from Hibbli.. Cosplay part 2.. are soon ready and Patreons will get their copies of it soon-ish.. maybe on coming weekend.. but hey, don’t sue me if situation goes sideways.. and messes Hibblis timetables again.. But FACT is.. Patreons will get it FIRST and soon!.. and it will be in Hibblis webshop.. around Friday, 8th of July..

Other thing. Rinils background story is finally added into her page. You all can blame me for this delay.


edit. 1.7.-16

Hibbli have left the building.. Sorry, no set releasing on this weekend. Hibblis dayjob is asking more hours than usually and she needs some time to recharge her batteries.. we can blame her sadistic boss for that, boss who took big project and tossed it onto desk of his slaves.. others are working with project material and boss is surfing in the net + drooling for new golf club set.. or new rims into his audi… HER words.. not mine. I have to say, sounds like hungarian boss guys are very similar as fuckwit bosses in here.. Finland..

Hibbli will be back at sunday evening..  HER words, not mine.

2 thoughts on “Cosplay part 2.. and Rinil..

  1. Toshirou

    I hope that this time we have anal first of Ezril !, which is different from the Good Deeds II, where the anal it was nothing nice!

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