meanwhile in the blog 40

heyhey, since a few days i am working hard on my paladine revamps, and i am pretty sure a few days more will be needed :D

alot of stuff to do in overall… had to revamp those ooooold old badguy models aswell… rerigged them for better posing and brought the textures to nowadays 4k resolutions. paladines armor is almost a perfect copy to the original ones, few parts missing still :)

thats how it looks like if you adjust stuff to the genesis8 basemodel in blender… most things really worked out fine by now… fullytank himself supported me with obj and sourcefiles. no worries, those vendors simply dont exist anymore today so you cant buy most of those old props any longer… alot is released around 2008, 5 years before i even started my career in this business :) and yes… you WILL notice… check second pic… that waist chain… absolute crap quality and have to redo this one completely for example. plus the sceneries… hopefully i can manage all this until next week but i doubt it :)

renderotica was my second host where ALL my stuff was available for years… until now. seems these times are over with their new management. i was told from now on the rules will be enforced. means all chapter below 50 pics AND/OR containing ezri arent allowed any longer. i have nooooo idea what could be the problem with ezri, have to be bad rumours of course :D

ofc i wont change anything in my workflow and my girls exactly stay as they are, from now on i can release just maybe half of my stuff over there. so my own shop will remain the last bastion for everything available. just for information if some people wondering whats going on.

now back to my renderslavepit :)

stay tuned!

Knight Elayne – Hangover released :)

the final part of the strip poker miniseries :) 36 pics for 6 bucks as usual. featuring the new genesis8 elayne model for the first time

and the prevs

can be bought from our webshop or directly HERE!

now heading for a “special” chapter… :D more for fun and as a tribute but i exactly know there will be more of these… well call them alternative chapters in a different universe or something like that :)

stay tuned, updates and peeks the next days!

Thief Ezri – Strip without Poker released :)

here we go again with another chapter of our young thief :) 60 pictures for 8 bucks as usual. also the first chapter with the revamped genesis8 model

and the previews

as usual you can buy from our webshop or directly HERE!

hope you like Ezris new model :D there will be slight adjustments here and there but in general i am fine with her and she will stay as she is.

whatsup next? i am going to work off some commissions during the next few days and start with Elaynes revamp, patreons will get previews of the process and can judge and suggest their ideas about it.

also starting to render a following chapter for this one here, new model is too much fun to get a break that soon :D maybe even a bad ending one… who knows yet :) aiming towards 30+ this time… previews more frequent in gallery from now on… but not pasting them to blog each time so simply check gallery if you are interested :)

stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 39

just a little update in general and about ezris new set… its going on and its going fine :) 35 pictures done, lets see how many we get after the scenery changed now… maybe maybe maybe its going to be a 70pic set this time… but cant tell for sure and wont promise anything. completeley rebuilt her old attic room from ages ago… i think it was… 2016? or something and ofc i built a slightly updated version of it :D patreons already got first part of the pics as usual

going to update those preview pics more in time for public in future, thats a better way than slamming all 4-6 previews  out on release day :)

and another thingie that i wanted to tell about. during the last months more and more people asked/complained about why there are no more text stories and layouted stuff just picture sets. now i saw even a pirate complaining about and that honestly made me laugh a lot :D seems those guys are not the brightest candles in the box

short explanation: it is told by the elders that a month has 4 weeks. i always cut out 1 week to learn new stuff, 3 weeks remained earlier to relase one set + story layout. as pirating got more and more i decided to change this. 1 more week cut off to work on some commissions to close the financial gap.

that made 2 weeks on each set and 90% of commissions stay private. there is simply no reason for me to put any time in more detailed sceneries or writing/correcting and layouting those stories.

dont get this wrong its no rant. for me things stay the same with that commission week as i reached green zone in terms of money long ago. i still improve my skills and thats what i care for most. i have the story in my mind that i am rendering and having fun while on it… its simply a lost week for detailwork on sale sets each month. but i am pretty sure you still prefer to get b-movies instead what it could be in future. just do me the favour and dont complain about it :D

longtime patreons still get some candies here and there the good old fashioned private message way :)

stay tuned!

meanwhile in the blog 38

small update: working on Ezris revamp to Genesis8 and ofc… improving her :) oh i can see some people cry but nevermind… i have to move on again :D patreons already had some good ideas that i used… but long story short… here you get a comparison screenshot. a few small ajdustments have to be made on weekend and on monday i am starting with first renders for “her” new set

YES the bright skin will remain for the moment as it adds way more grace to her… and scales way better with different lights in sceneries. YES she maybe looks a bit younger again, but i am sure that is just a mistake and not intended :)

anyway… gen8 will be helpful for animation and makes so many things so much easier for me to work with in future… elayne is next on my list after this chapter will be finished in june. then step by step all the other remaining girls

stay tuned!