Elayne isn’t a knight and couldn’t ever to be a knight of the realm. As she was born into noble family, who’s one task was to keep dark forces out from their realm, she was forced to put on the armour and take up the sword, as she is now only one who could do it. Elayne had three older brothers, so she was arranged to be married to a young lord from another family, while her brothers kept dark minions out from the human realm.

Over the years, one by one her brothers were killed by dark entities while they had started to gain more and more control of human realm. All three brothers were slain in the battlefield and their bodies were torn to pieces. Some parts were never been found. The priests claimed that demons had taken their souls as well as some vital parts of their bodies.

Now it was Elayne’s task to defend their realm from these same dark forces who have already taken her three brothers. She wasn’t fully trained fight, but if she won’t do her part to keep realm safe, her whole family would be disgraced and their belongings would be confiscate by the Crown. She wasn’t as strong as her brothers and she wasn’t very strong to hold a sword but it should be strong enough to do battle with these dark minions. Elayne would just have to do her best and find the way to keep their realm safe. With all the things she has to contend with some evil tongues whispered that her father wasn’t her father at all.

As Crown and Church are breathing on her neck with demands of results, this 18 year old noble blooded woman had to step into the path what could lead into the glory and might, or just into her own shallow grave. Time will tell..