FREE! The Old Chapel Remake (103 pictures, 83 pages story pdf)

here we go for freebies today! :) enjoy all three chapters of my very first chapter rerendered and refined with octane render :D long story short… all of these 103 pictures have been completely redone, rerendered and are handed out now for free. same goes for the storyline, redid 83 pages of story pdf aswell :)

pictures can be found from the gallery
OR you download the complete bundle file (pictures + story pdfs size 166mb) from here:

well thats it, basically. if that isnt a candy for everyone… what else? :D i hope you all enjoy this… it was done with looooove :)

whatsup next?

I. in a few days, Rewards Chapter3 will be released regularly

II. then i am going to finish our first small game, should be available in around 2 weeks, depending how much more we decide to bump in :) atm its around 15 pictures that are used… plus several smaller ones like character pics and so on… we will stick to this game thingie regular from now on

III. in may we will have a Commission Draw for patreons… what that means? 4-6 commissions that are already paid will be done for the best suggestions i get… more details about that on patreon page during the next days

thats it for now… enough textwall to read…. stay tuned! :)