meanwhile in the blog 36

ok… faster update pace atm :) still busy with rendering the next rewards chapter while adara is sweating over our first rpgmaker game

first of all… patreons already got their first prepreview of our little testgame called “birds in the cage”.. atm i am rendering some images for it while adara puts in more and more stuff. that first chapter will be partial or completely for free when its done, we havent decided that yet :) preview will be available soon for public, dont worry

beside that i am going on in the next chapter of the rewards series, as already told in last post :) here you finally get some previews AND one very nice commission i made the last days… turned out well in my opinion :)

no worries about too much ezri in chapter3… it will definitely be an elayne chapter… around 50 pics to go for her from now on :D

and last but not least… this week will show up another story of Adara! :) finally she decided to finish the next chapter of the succubus series (which sold pretty good, way better than we expected at release)

False promises Chapter2: Unholy deeds

preparing another succubus coverpic for that during the next days aswell :)
guess thats it for now… hope i havent forgotten anything… back to rendirendifarm now

stay tuned!