Rewards Chapter 2 bonus pics released & Unity & Instagram

ok… so here we go for the bonus pics :) almost a complete chapter, few days more and i could have sold it in shops aswell… but bonus is bonus :D aaaaand here you get some public previews

as you can see… mostly ezris turn, but elayne also got a few pics, dont worry about her :D

whatsup next?

well, going instant for Rewards Chapter3 now… how to pay back ALL that money? just a hint… its getting some kind of courtesan chapter… just with both girls :D heading for around 50 pics… but lets see where this rampage ends then :)


ok… i discovered that its not THAT hard to program all those funny little games even without programming skills… seemingly there are lots of tools around that make regular actions pretty easy :)

will dive into this during the next time a bit to see whats possible… seemingly there are more and more of those minigames around and people go crazy for them… so… why not :) animation is a horrible loooong path to go, that is more fun :D maybe any of my patreons/fans/followers is a bit expierienced in those thingies and can guide me a bit? if yes… let me know :)

oh and btw… kicked out tumblr from sidebar as they censor now… so pretty useless. replaced it with an instagram account that will get filled pic by pic during the next weeks, nearly 400 to go meanwhile… so feel free to fav&follow there :)

but thats it for now… enjoy and stay tuned!