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Adara3D – Gifts from the Gods is now released

Old gods had sinister plans for humans, Katie and Gia will find one of those old secret themselves and are placed into trial where they have to satisfy emissary of old gods.. Prove their worthiness and recieve gifts from the gods. They weren’t told, that they have to use their bodies to satisfy lust of these minions of emissary.. If they are judged to be not worthy, they’ll perish on that remote island.. All this because they inspected old statue too closely and triggered old charms in it.. or was it their fault after all?

Around 78 pics, Story in pdf form (37 pages)..  for 6 dollars..

can be bought from webshop or HERE!

Adara3D – Double Release!

Adara releases her two latest stories, each for just 6 bucks! :)

Traps, 76 pics + story pdf

Easy task, get the message scroll into hand of magistrate. Take your friends along the trip and eventually find fresh footprints leading deeper into woods, towards old ruins that are rumored to be cursed.. None knows what lurks on that area, something evil maybe? Or just old traps that belongs to demons.. They are always keen to meet beautiful female adventures..

can be found on our webshop or directly HERE!


Message Runner, 59 pics + story pdf

Hurry makes things even worse, you might wanna do your job as fast as you can, but get tangled into depraved deal and become a pawn in someones game.. To be used by others and then thrown away without hesitation.. Sometimes messenger is made to serve others more arousing ways..

can be found on our webshop or directly HERE!

enjoy and stay tuned! :)

Adara3D – Tome of Lust released!

While Hibbli is working hard with her next chapter of Demon kingdom and Ezri chapter..  more halfbreed demons having fun with Hibblis favorite girl.. and can’t be sure when her set is ready for release.. but anyway.. most likely she is having too much fun with it.. big halfbreed demon guards making small halfelven girls day so much harder..  but that’s the way you like it..  but just need to wait a bit longer.. 

So, my own set.. called Tome of Lust..  is pretty much ready.

and previews:

Katie, Amy and Nemi finds themselves having some fun with total strangers.. Someone forgot to tell that, some books have certain charms tied to them and it transform ordinary tavern guests to be.. not so ordinary, but still a lot more eager to spend some time with willing girls.. Will it be just harmless fun or not.. that will be seen..

73 highres images + story pdf for 8 bucks, can be found from our webshop or directly HERE!


Adara3D – Dark Night released!

New set.. Dark Night …three new girls jumps into the action…. 87 highre pics and a a story pdf included for just 6 bucks! :) Get it while it’s hot or not… your call..

Amy and Katie plays with odd blueish crystal and end up into old dungeon where lives old troll and his servants.. They are more than eager to have their way with these new slavegirls they have caught.. Girls might think twice about playing with items that they don’t know, if they are able to escape from the dungeon..

As usually.. you can get it from our webshop or click HERE!



Change into plans..

Hey  all..

I have mentioned Other Side -storyline before.. most likely it will be renamed when Hibbli start to work with it.. Thing is, chapters are huge in size.. pages after pages of text and plenty of stuff in those, several sexing scenes per chapter..

As it would take 1-2 months to cover all the scenes per chapter, I offered an idea to Hibbli, that her Patreons could be able to pick their favorite sexing scene and give their vote for that.. So scene that gets more votes than other, Hibbli will take that into her worklist…

It should work like this, Chapter of the story is provided upfront to Patreons.. they can read it and then cast their vote for options that Hibbli gives.. and Patreons only can vote on it.. so no public voting about that and no public revealing for chapters.. until it’s pics are done and Hibbli is happy with it.

If you wanna comment on this …little change into our plans.. do join into our forum and I have added this info into there too.. If you want to be able to tell what you wanna see (Elayne, Lori or Ezri scenes).. Join into Hibblis Patreon group..


Thank you all..