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Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter3 Part2 released :)

here we go for part2, 35 highres pictures for the usual 6 bucks. this time its Elayne´s turn to get her potion of fun :D

aaand ofc a few previews :)

as usual… you can get it from our webshop or simply click HERE!

whatsup next? well… going for a few more commissions for the rest of the week. meanwhile there is a bunch of commissions waiting to be revealed for public, lets see when it happens :)

and working on game updates in last week of april then. that will be BitC v0.05… adding Rinil, many more “options” how to treat her and the other girls and so on… you will see, got some great input meanwhile what can be improved :D

next REGULAR sale set will be something with angels, demons and a lot of (handcrafted by my own) tentacles! :) but that will happen in may, so no need to drool yet

and dont forget… we pull of our COMMISSION DRAW in may! six commissions that have been already paid will get raffled between patreons. the donor suggested those for gold badge patreons only but finally gave me free hand on this. what should i say… not that bad idea as there have to be some advantages from time to time for my goldies :)

ok thats enough textwall for today, enjoy and stay tuned!

FREE! Birds in the Cage v0.04 released! +Patreon Badge Updates

heyhey :) time for some updates!

I. Birds in the Cage v0.04

finally we finished our first (small) game. its made with rpg maker as this fits best to our way of storytelling. way more possibilities… let players dive into our worlds and play the stories live! :) our story pdfs have been useful, but this gives so much more possibilities… also allows us to put in results of voting polls and other small candies.

and… its free! :) from now on, the majority of our games will be free for public 2-3 months after we released them. in the beginning there has to be a bit faster pace… you know, advertisement :)

but enough talking… here you go for the downloads:

there will be some more updates for this first little adventure, including all of the girls in the end :) Adara is already busy working on our next game, called Escape… and that leads to the start of our rpg adventure series in the future. as i said… way better to build up our world and adventures this way

that leads to next point

II. Patreon Badge Updates

you may ask… is there a way to get that stuff instant? of course :) check out our revamped patreon system…

WOOD BADGE (worth 2$)

  • instant access to new game releases & updates

BRONZE BADGE (worth 5$)

  • instant access to new game releases & updates
  • all used gamepictures will be provided in highres
  • access to small sets (sold for 4-6$)
  • access to bonus pictures

SILVER BADGE (worth 10$)

  • instant access to new game releases & updates
  • all used gamepictures will be provided in highres
  • access to ALL sets
  • access to bonus pictures

silver badges get access to all stuff of the actual and last year after the third pledge arrived

GOLD BADGE (worth 15$)

  • instant access to new game releases & updates
  • all used gamepictures will be provided in highres
  • access to game votepolls
  • access to ALL sets
  • access to bonus pictures

gold badges get access to all stuff of the actual and last year after the third pledge arrived

PLATIN BADGE (worth 50$)

  • instant access to new game releases & updates
  • all used gamepictures will be provided in highres
  • access to game votepolls
  • access to ALL sets
  • access to bonus pictures

platin is just an option for people that wanna pledge a bigger amounts of money :)

if i ever make it to a stable 2000+ amount on patreon i would prefer to completely focus on game stuff, but for now i still need those sales to fill the pirate gap

so much textwall to read… but you finally made it! :D thats it for now :)
hope you enjoy the game, next week part2 of rewards3 will hit the shops, then some commissions to do… then going for first game updates in last week of april. so… not that long to wait for new stuff :)

enjoy and stay tuned! :)

Knight Elayne – Rewards Chapter3 relased :)

here we go again for business as usual :D First part of Chapter3 is out now… 55 highres pics for 8 bucks, same same as usual :)

aaand the previews…

i know… you have seen some already in earlier post… just to complete it :) as usual… can be bought from our webshop… or simply click HERE!

what else is going on? well… some more patreon updates soon as the game thingie is soon ready to roll out :)

there will be an additional 3$ patreon badge in future. you get all actual and upcoming game chapters… nothing more… but also nothing less :D
after some amount of time… dunno yet… 2-3 months those older game releases will go public, maybe partially… maybe complete. resolution will be 1280x960pixels as i wanna keep that 4:3 ratio

my fiver patreons will get all gamepictures additionally in highres

and… there will be some smaller chapters from now on here and there… 20 pics… 4 bucks… squeezed in whenever it fits. fiver patreons also get these. too often i start a few funpics for testing or whatever reasons.. but never really continue to work on them later on. will just be sold on my own bmt store… this is maybe a nice bonus income to close the pirate gap a bit better :) AND the fiver badge has FINALLY some sense :D

i will write down all these patreon changes in detail when i roll them out, just a little upfront info what will change next months

stay tuned! :)

FREE! The Old Chapel Remake (103 pictures, 83 pages story pdf)

here we go for freebies today! :) enjoy all three chapters of my very first chapter rerendered and refined with octane render :D long story short… all of these 103 pictures have been completely redone, rerendered and are handed out now for free. same goes for the storyline, redid 83 pages of story pdf aswell :)

pictures can be found from the gallery
OR you download the complete bundle file (pictures + story pdfs size 166mb) from here:

well thats it, basically. if that isnt a candy for everyone… what else? :D i hope you all enjoy this… it was done with looooove :)

whatsup next?

I. in a few days, Rewards Chapter3 will be released regularly

II. then i am going to finish our first small game, should be available in around 2 weeks, depending how much more we decide to bump in :) atm its around 15 pictures that are used… plus several smaller ones like character pics and so on… we will stick to this game thingie regular from now on

III. in may we will have a Commission Draw for patreons… what that means? 4-6 commissions that are already paid will be done for the best suggestions i get… more details about that on patreon page during the next days

thats it for now… enough textwall to read…. stay tuned! :)

meanwhile in the blog 36

ok… faster update pace atm :) still busy with rendering the next rewards chapter while adara is sweating over our first rpgmaker game

first of all… patreons already got their first prepreview of our little testgame called “birds in the cage”.. atm i am rendering some images for it while adara puts in more and more stuff. that first chapter will be partial or completely for free when its done, we havent decided that yet :) preview will be available soon for public, dont worry

beside that i am going on in the next chapter of the rewards series, as already told in last post :) here you finally get some previews AND one very nice commission i made the last days… turned out well in my opinion :)

no worries about too much ezri in chapter3… it will definitely be an elayne chapter… around 50 pics to go for her from now on :D

and last but not least… this week will show up another story of Adara! :) finally she decided to finish the next chapter of the succubus series (which sold pretty good, way better than we expected at release)

False promises Chapter2: Unholy deeds

preparing another succubus coverpic for that during the next days aswell :)
guess thats it for now… hope i havent forgotten anything… back to rendirendifarm now

stay tuned!